Solar Eclipse: Monday, April 8

Dear Island Creek families,

A solar eclipse is happening on Monday, April 8, 2024. It's a rare and exciting astronomical phenomenon, and one that requires important safety reminders.

Looking directly at the sun, even during an eclipse, can permanently damage your eyes. At Island Creek, we have been fortunate to obtain approved eyewear from the National Science Foundation so that Island Creek students in Grades K-6 can safely view the eclipse ONLY while wearing the eyewear. Grade level teams have planned learning activities for the students. Additionally, during Art Class the students will create simple solar eclipse images to commemorate this unique event focusing on the “corona” using chalk and smudging techniques with paper plates.

Here are some important reminders:

  • Don't look at the sun without approved eyewear. This applies to students and staff, and we encourage you to reinforce it at home. 
  • Regular sunglasses are not good enough. We will be providing eyewear that has been approved for viewing.
  • Eclipse timing: The eclipse starts around 2:04 p.m., peaks at 3:20 p.m. (which coincides with Island Creek's dismissal), and ends around 4:32 p.m. If you have concerns about your child walking or riding the bus home, please arrange for alternative transportation.

For more details, visit the FCPS Solar Eclipse webpage.

Please reach out to your child's teacher or me ( should you have any questions.

Your proud principal,

Jen Fallert