Optional Parent Input for 2024-2025 Class Placement


We are into the last quarter of the school year and are beginning our planning for summer programming and next year. 

One of the important things we do to get ready for the next school year is class placements. Multiple staff members (including current teachers, counselors, specialists and the administration) collaborate as a team to place students in an optimal learning situation each year. Creating balanced classrooms is a challenging task. We must take many considerations into account such as heterogeneous groupings, balancing academic abilities, and maximizing the support of our resource staff for students. 

One piece of this process is providing parents the opportunity to provide input. We ask that you do not request specific teachers as this does not take into account the many variables to be considered including staffing changes. It is far more valuable to share social/emotional or academic strengths and concerns. Be assured that, with or without a parent input form, each child’s strengths and needs are considered in this lengthy and complex process.

If you would like to share information that you believe would help us as we are making these placement decisions, please click on this link. Completion of this form is optional.

**Current 6th grade families, please do not complete this form. This is information for Floris planning. It is not information for Rachel Carson MS.**

Please note that the deadline for submitting this information is Friday, May 3, 2024.