News You Choose - 3/22/24

Dear Families,

We have almost arrived at spring break! I know it has been a busy March here at Louise Archer and our students have been hard at work learning together! Our items from the office, modular, and quad are packed and we are moving into new spaces. Stay tuned for an email that I will send the day before students return from spring break for updates on how walkers and bus riders will enter the building.

Everyone has earned the time off to rest and rejuvenate during spring break. Students are encouraged to relax and spend time with their families. While teachers may have long-term assignments that span over the course of the break, teachers should not assign homework, projects, essays, etc. to be specifically completed over the break. So, it is a great opportunity to rest and recharge before coming back to finish out the school year. Our teachers will also be on break and have been encouraged to enjoy this time with their families.

We look forward to seeing students back on April 3rd to begin our fourth quarter. As a reminder, April 1st and 2nd are teacher workdays, so there is no school for students. The main office will be closed next week for spring break. Enjoy your time together!


Michelle Makrigiorgos



SOL Schedule

Please save the following dates for our Spring SOL Schedule. Fifth grade families, please note the Integrated Reading and Writing (IRW) SOL is a part of the Reading SOL and will be administered in April. All other SOLs are administered in May.

3rd Grade
  • Reading SOL, May 16
  • Math SOL, May 21
4th Grade
  • Reading SOL, May 15
  • Math SOL, May 20
5th Grade
  • IRW SOL, April 16
  • Reading SOL, May 14
  • Science SOL, May 17
  • Math SOL, May 23
6th Grade
  • Reading SOL, May 13
  • Math SOL, May 22


Advanced Academics Update

Screening for Subject Specific (Level II) and Part-Time (Level III) Services:

Students can be screened for subject specific and part time AAP services at any time in the school year. In the spring, schools review data on all students to determine services for the start of the next school year.

  • Parents or guardians can initiate the screening process by submitting the AAP School-Based Services (Level II-III) Referral Form to our Advanced Academic Resource Teacher (AART), Tera Crenshaw, by April 15.
  • The AAP School-Based Services (Level II-III) Referral Form may be found at or by searching “AAP Forms” at
  • Parents or guardians who submit a referral will be notified by the local elementary school of their student’s eligibility status by early June.
  • For more information about Advanced Academic Services, please look for the Advanced Academics newsletter in your student’s Tuesday folder when we return from Spring Break.

Screening for Full-Time (Level IV) Services:

Screening for full-time (level IV) AAP services happens at the district/central level rather than by local schools.

  • If your student was referred for Full-Time (Level IV) Services this past winter, eligibility decisions will be sent via email to the enrolling parent by April 5, 2024.
  • If you wish to appeal this decision, appeals are due May 10, 2024 to the AAP Office. The appeal form may be found by searching “AAP Forms” at

For your planning for next school year, please know that screening for full-time (level IV) services occurs during two specific screening cycles:

  • Fall screening is available for students who are new to FCPS since January. Fall referrals are due October 15, annually.
  • Spring screening is available for any Grade 2-7 FCPS-enrolled student. The referral window is from the first day of school - December 15, annually.

Please contact our Advanced Academics Resource Teacher, Tera Crenshaw, if you have any questions about Advanced Academic Services.

Junior Optimist Club - Snack Drive

Please see the flier below for information regarding a snack drive that our Junior Optimist Club is leading from April 3rd through April 25th.


Yearbooks and Booster Ad Sale

Yearbooks are now on sale until April 19th. Order TODAY at   - Enter school code 717957

Booster ad sales have been extended until March 31st. There is still space to place a special shout out ad to your student. $25 per ad. Purchase an ad TODAY at end March 31st or whenever spots are filled.  Please refer to the LAES PTA website for submission guidelines.  If you have any questions, feel free to email us.

Upcoming School Holidays

March 25 - 29 - Spring Break, Front Office is Closed

April 1-2 - Student Holidays