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March 18, 2024

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Ms. Mirnaly Vega

Exciting New Program for Next Year: Early Childhood Special Education Program

Dear Sleepy Hollow Families,

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of a new program at Sleepy Hollow for the upcoming academic year: the Early Childhood Special Education Program. This program will cater to the needs of our three and four-year-old students and will provide invaluable support in their early developmental stages. The Early Childhood Class-based services will offer tailored instruction within a classroom setting, emphasizing crucial areas such as communication, early literacy, social development, and other skills outlined in each student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). We are committed to fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment where every child can thrive and reach their full potential. I am fortunate to announce that we have selected two early childhood special education teachers for the position of a.m. and p.m. teachers.

Staffing Updates: I am excited to share I have extended a request to hire for the fourth-grade position (currently held by Ms. Cheek, long-term substitute teacher) and a lower grade position (to accommodate our increasing enrollment).

FLES Language Change Discussion: During our recent PTA meeting, I had the opportunity to hear from families regarding the FLES Language change. We understand the importance of this matter and encourage further dialogue. Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions by reaching out to me via email at Your input is invaluable as we consider the best path forward for our school community.

Exciting Partnership with Congressional School: We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Congressional School for the upcoming academic year. Together, we will co-host the National Celebration of Reading, marking the beginning of numerous collaborative opportunities to serve all students in our community. We look forward to the positive impact this partnership will bring.

Equitable Access to Literacy: Last week, principals had the opportunity to preview the new literacy curriculum that will be implemented in Fall 2024. The curriculum, provided by Benchmark, offers a comprehensive overview of K-6 literacy education. You can access a 30-minute video overview of the curriculum via the following link: Benchmark Advance - Virginia. We are excited about the possibilities this curriculum holds for enhancing literacy skills and ensuring equitable access to quality education for all students.

We are excited about the upcoming changes and opportunities at Sleepy Hollow and look forward to continuing to work together to create an enriching educational environment for all our students.

March 14th Pie Day - a resounding THANK YOU from all the staff who enjoyed slices of scrumptious pies on Thursday. We are truly blessed to have such a supportive community. 


Warm regards, 

Mirnaly Vega and Tim Scesney

Principal and Assistant Principal

Principal Evaluation Questionnaire

On Monday, March 18, Sleepy Hollow parents/guardians will be sent an email containing a link to complete the online FCPS Principal Evaluation Parent/Guardian Feedback Form. This questionnaire is part of the VDOE-mandated Performance Evaluation Program for principals and offers parents/guardians an opportunity to provide anonymous input about various topics related to our school. These topics include how the principal demonstrates/impacts instructional leadership, school climate, management, communication and community relations, culturally responsive and equitable leadership, and professionalism within the school.

The questionnaire will be administered between March 18 and April 5. When you receive an email from FCPS Surveys, please take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire. Your feedback matters!


Important Upcoming Dates 

March 19 - 4th Grade Field Trip, Kennedy Center 

March 22 - End of Quarter 3

March 24 - March 28 - Spring Break, No School 

April 1 - Teacher Planning Day, No School

April 2 - Kindergarten Orientation for Rising Kindergarteners and Families, Time: 9:30 - 11:30. Bus Transportation will be provided. Please note there is no school on April 2nd. 

April 10th - Eid al Ftr Holiday, No School

April 17 - Curriculum Night for Families, 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Bus Transportation will be provided. 

PTA Silent Auction - April 22 - April 28



Throughout the year, as we celebrate and recognize various cultural holidays and observances, families are encouraged to contact Ms. Vega,,  regarding accommodations, including but not limited to those around lunch, prayer/meditation and silent reflection spaces and times, and instruction.


🧸 Kindergarten Registration: It’s as Easy as 1-2-3…

There’s an easy five-step process for parents wanting to register their child for kindergarten:

  1. Determine eligibility. 
  2. Identify your local school. 
  3. Gather documents. 
  4. Fill out forms. 
  5. Schedule an appointment.

After the appointment at the school (the student and one caregiver must be present), the student will be ready for orientation, Bridge to Kindergarten, or any other introductory events each school may host. Read more about the registration process.

💻 Try Online Registration

Parents may register their children online for kindergarten through 12th grade. Learn how to begin the online registration process

When registering, parents will create (or log in to an existing) SIS ParentVUE account. Please note that passwords should be more than 12 characters long. If you have an existing account and your password is shorter, please update it when you log in. 


Immunization Clinics

🩹 Measles Is Preventable

Measles is making headlines as the number of cases nationwide has topped 40, with three confirmed cases in people living in or traveling through the National Capital Region. 

The good news is that measles is preventable through vaccination! Vaccines help teach the immune system how to defend against germs, helping to build up natural defenses. Give your child the best protection against measles with two doses of the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine. Visit the Fairfax County Health Department website to find out more about measles.

Extended Hours at Immunization Clinics

To help parents/caregivers obtain vaccinations for their children, the Fairfax County Health Department (FCHD) will offer immunization clinics with extended hours:

Parents/caregivers should make an appointment but a limited number of walk-ins will be accepted. Please call 703-246-7100 to schedule an appointment.

Learn more about vaccinating your child and find community resources to support their health and well-being. 

Note: All students enrolling in public and private schools in Virginia are required to be adequately immunized per the Code of Virginia.





From Barksdale Yearbook Co.:

Student/Parent Information

Online ordering of your yearbooks has been activated. Your student families can now access to place their order using the access code: 0038404YB


Library News

Have you heard the terms “windows” and “mirrors” for books?  A mirror book is one that reflects the reader’s own experiences, which can be reassuring and validating; a window book gives the reader a glimpse into experiences different from their own and builds empathy and understanding of others.  Both are valuable to the reader!  The stories in our library’s books reflect a wide variety of settings, characters, and events so that ALL readers can find both windows and mirrors.  Reading widely brings so many benefits!  Please reach out to our librarian, Mrs. Oswalt, if you want insights into our school's book collection – yay reading!


Check out the FY 2025 Budget Toolkit for more content. #InvestInExcellence

#InvestInExcellence ✨ The average amount of funds transferred from Fairfax County to FCPS was 52.6% of county disbursements from Fiscal Years 2019-2023. It dipped to 51.6% in 2024. The county’s budget proposal for next year would transfer 51.4% of total disbursements. If the county returns to 52.6% for the upcoming year, that would be $63 million more as an investment in excellence for our schools.

We are in the middle of the annual budget process, which includes opportunities for you to give feedback.

Give your feedback on the Fairfax County budget: 

Contact your state and federal elected officials to provide feedback on funding for K-12 education: 

Learn more about the FCPS FY 2025 Advertised Budget:

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