February 2024 Newsletter

February 2024 Newsletter

In February, Bryant students and staff came together to celebrate! We acknowledged and applauded the dedication of our February graduates, expressed gratitude for our School Counselors and Bus Drivers, and took time to honor both World Kindness Week and Black History Month. And in between all this, a blend of learning, achievement, and fun took place at Bryant High School. 

Let's begin by celebrating our 24 proud graduates who walked across Bryant's stage, earning their well-deserved high school diploma.  We were delighted to have FCPS's School Superintendent, Dr. Reid, members of FCPS Leadership Team, School Board and School Government's presence at this joyous occasion alongside our very happy and proud families. Both our guest and student speakers conveyed stories of unwavering perseverance and dedication in pursuit of their high school diploma. We are very proud of all of our graduates!

Bryant Graduation

Bryant Graduation

School Counselors

We also celebrated and acknowledged the commitment and dedication of our  Caring School Counselors, Ms. Meletiche, Ms Veenstra, and Mr. Jackson.  Their roles extend beyond academic scheduling and advising, as they assist students with fostering social and emotional learning while helping them set meaningful goals for their future.  Additionally, our Career Center Specialist, Ms. LaCour-Williams, plays a pivotal role in guiding students through life after high school.   

Let's be honest. We just couldn't do it without our FANTASTIC Bus Drivers.  They deliver our students to and from school on a daily basis and deal with Northern Virginia traffic and all sorts of weather conditions.  We are grateful for their daily commitment to transportation safety.  All of our Bryant bus drivers received some of our Bryant swag and our administrative team expressed sincere gratitude for their work.  

Bus Driver

Bus Driver 2

Kindness Week

Did you know that just a small act of kindness can make a big difference in someone's life, especially if that person is going through a difficult time?  We marked Kindness Week with heartfelt expressions of gratitude among students and staff.  Adding to the spirit of generosity, a local church donated a surplus of brand new red Champion shirts, ensuring that every student received one.  The choice of red, symbolizing Valentine's Day, was the perfect day to hand out, resonating with the warmth and kindness of the holiday.  

Black History

Throughout the month of February, we honored the achievements, resilience and cultural impact of Black individuals who have played pivotal roles in various fields, including but not limited to art, science, politics, education, and civil rights.  As we celebrated Black History Month, we remembered the past, embraced the present, and looked forward to the future with commitment to fostering diversity, inclusion, and understanding. Classroom lessons highlighted the remarkable accomplishments of Black leaders and trailblazers, and acknowledged the struggles and triumphs of Black individuals and groups.  

Black History

SR and R

We are fortunate to have two exceptional Assistant Principals, Ms. Williams and Mr. Lee, who conducted a mid-year refresh and review of Student Rights and Responsibilities.  The safety of students is a top priority in the minds of educators as well as ensuring a positive and supportive learning environment.  We know that's where engagement, learning, and success takes place.  Please encourage your students to attend school consistently and to be good citizens by being respectful towards one another.  


Bryant has an incredible partnership with WISH (Workforce Innovation Skills Hub) and our Bryant students have been part of an exciting Welding Program.  WISH assists our community families and students by securing job skills, finding employment, and empowering them to maintain these jobs.  It involves many layers of job coaching, and opens doors for individuals to earn living wages and self-sufficiency. For more information, please reach out to Ms. Hisey at Ekhisey@fcps.edu 


The U.S. Department of Education is making big changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.  The FAFSA form is an application that students and families need to complete to apply for federal student aid, such as federal grants, work study funds, and loans. For more information, please reach out to our Bryant Counselors or Career Center Specialist.  

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Spring Break graphic

In March, we look forward to warmer weather, springing forward with more daylight hours, and Spring Break. School is closed for all students from Monday, March 25th to Tuesday, April 2nd.  Always reach out--we are here to help and partner with you for your child's success and well-being