RHES Community Newsletter | 01/22/24

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3rd Grade Field Trip to the Smithsonian

Field Trip


Friday, January 12th, the 3rd grade students had the opportunity to go to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. This was the first time many of our students had been to a Smithsonian Museum and everyone had a great time! The students were able to explore the various exhibits, have an opportunity for some hands-on experiences, and they all worked to complete their journals that had a few questions in it to help guide their learning. We are thankful that PTA is able to help offset the school bus transportation costs that are associated with field trips. 

RHES School Innovation & Improvement Plan

Every school year, FCPS schools are required to create a SIIP (School Innovation & Improvement Plan). The Rose Hill one was created in August by a team of people and it is based on various data points from the previous school year. The RHES plan for this school year has three goals centered on English Language Arts, Math, and Science. Our plan is posted on the RHES website and if you'd like to read more about the specifics, click here.

Indoor Sledding with the Preschool Team



Prior to the snow arriving, our preschool team gave their students an opportunity to go "sledding" indoors. With some tape, paper boxes, scooters, and some creativity, a sled was made and the students were able to experience going "fast" down the little "hill" we have inside the building. Walking through the pod and hearing their giggles was pretty amazing! You can check out the video here. Not only did the students have fun but so did the teachers!

Delayed Schedule Details

Winter is upon us and it is likely that there will likely be more 2-hour delays before spring arrives. As a reminder, when there is a school opening delay, arrival starts at 11:00. Please do not drop students off beforehand, unless they are a patrol. FCPS uses various modalities of notifications to let the community know of a delayed opening, school cancellations, etc. You can follow FCPS on Twitter, check the FCPS website, or more often, you'll receive an e-notify message (which you do not have to sign up for).



Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, Jan. 23 - Dual Language Immersion Parent Information Session, 6pm, RHES Cafetera, facilitated by the World Languages Office
  • Wednesday, Jan. 24 - GLOW Literacy Night at Rose Hill
  • Thursday, Jan. 25 - Early Release, school dismisses at 2:00
  • Thursday, Jan. 25 - Edison Pyramid Band Concert at Edison High School
  • Friday, Jan. 26 - Student Holiday
  • Tuesday, Jan. 30 - Edison Choral Concert at Edison High School
  • Tuesday, Feb. 6 - 6th Grade Orchestra Pyramid Concert at Hayfield Secondary School
  • Wednedsay, Feb. 7 - Signs of Suicide Caregiver Information Session via Zoom, Erin Monahan, Counselor is Point-of-Contact
  • Thursday, Feb. 15 - Celebrate Community & Culture event at Rose Hill

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