Welcome to 2024! - TJHSST January Update

Message from the Principal

Dear TJHSST Families:

I hope you enjoyed the recent winter break and all that the holiday season had to offer. As we usher in a new calendar year at TJ, we are grateful for the many milestones we have achieved and look forward to a bright future. I am so very proud of our TJ community's unrelenting focus on supporting our students' wellness, both academic and emotional, each and every day. We've seen tremendous growth in our students this past fall semester and have no doubt the trajectory will continue.

As we head into second semester, we invite parents/guardians to attend our Virtual Curriculum Information Night for Parents/Guardians of current freshmen, sophomores and juniors on January 17. I will kick off the evening with an optional preview starting at 5:30 p.m., presenting foundational concepts that drive our decision making and staffing based on student course requests.

Students will also attend a curriculum fair that day during eighth period, which will be followed in the coming weeks with counselors advising students on individual course selections. See reminders below regarding the virtual event.

A special note to our Class of 2024 families: the Federal Student Aid FAFSA form is now available (soft launch is working out glitches, so be patient with the website). The application is free and is the largest source of aid to help pay for college or career/trade school. Even if you don't think your family would qualify for financial assistance, you would still want to complete the application because some states and colleges use information from the FAFSA form to determine student eligibility for their grants, scholarships, and loans. If you need assistance, please contact Ms. Gilchrest in our College and Career Center or your child's counselor.

On behalf of the entire TJ faculty and staff, thank you for your support in making our first semester a successful one!


Dr. Ann N. Bonitatibus 

TJHSST Proud Principal

Curriculum Night Reminder - Join Us January 17

The following information is a "Cliff's Notes" version of information on the upcoming Curriculum Night on Wednesday, Jan. 17. Check your inbox on Friday, Jan. 12 for an E-Notify with full details on the evening's events.

Who: Current parents/guardians of Class of 2025, 2026, 2027

What: Curriculum Night

When: January 17, 2024


  • 5:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m. – Optional preview session with Dr. Bonitatibus as she explains how teachers and administrators work together to build the master schedule. She will also show why course selection is so important for planning and staffing the following year.
  • 6:00-8:00 p.m. – Visit with our various Academic departments over four repeating 25 minute sessions.

Why: Share info about course offering and program sequences to help students make decisions about classes to take next school year.

Mode: Virtual, via Zoom sessions

Where: Schoology All Parents/Guardians course.

Resources: By Jan. 12 Links to all Zoom sessions will be posted in the "Curriculum Night Parent Resources" folder in your All Parents/Guardians Schoology course. Current sessions planned include:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • English/Social Studies
  • Health and PE
  • World Languages
  • Theatre Arts and Tech Theatre

Sessions: Drop-in format. Visit any session you choose in any order. There will be information presented at beginning of each session with Q&A to follow.

What to do now: Please log in to Schoology prior to January 17 to ensure you have access to the All Parents/Guardians course. You will need that in order to access the Zoom sessions.

Sneak peek: Visit the TJ Website’s Academic Page as information has been updated and several departments have already posted their Curriculum Night preview videos.

Questions regarding the Curriculum Information Night for parents/guardians may be directed to Communications Specialist Mike Roth.

Class of 2025, 2026, and 2027 to Participate in Curriculum Fair on Jan. 17 During Eighth Period

During eighth period on January 17, members of the classes of 2025, 2026, and 2027 will participate in the annual Curriculum Fair. Similar to Curriculum Night, the Curriculum Fair allows students to hear from the teachers about possible elective courses they can take during the 2024-25 school year.

Eighth period that day will be divided into four sessions. Prior to the Curriculum Fair, students will be given a sheet listing all the course previews they can attend. They will pick a first and second choice for each session, and will be assigned a spot based on space available. 

Be sure to chat with your child prior to the Curriculum Fair and encourage them to pick sessions about classes that they would like more information about, so they can make informed decisions during Academic Advising season. 


Class of 2025 Parents/Guardians - Join Us for Junior College Kickoff Webinar on January 12

This coming week, counselors will kickoff the college application and admissions conversations with the Class of 2025! We will hold two important informational sessions – one for students, and one for parents/guardians.

Students: Wednesday, January 10 during 8th period

  • Students will meet their counselor in a designated location and learn the details about the college admissions process. Counselors will discuss the “junior packet” with students and share tips for finding the best “fit,” exploring scholarship opportunities, getting organized, and much more! Students are encouraged to come with questions.

Parents/Guardians: Friday, January 12 from 10:00 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. via Zoom Webinar

A link to the Zoom Webinar will be sent to Junior families next week via E-Notify. We encourage you to login and listen as counselors share details with you through the parent lens. If you cannot attend the webinar live, you can view a recording of the session which will be shared and posted in Schoology: Homeroom Grade 11.

Summer School to Be Held Virtually

As you can tell from the upcoming Curriculum Night and Curriculum Fair, we are entering the academic planning season for next school year, 2024-2025. This includes finalizing plans for optional summer school offerings.

As a STEM magnet school, our summer focus is to provide optional, accelerated, original-credit opportunities for courses fundamental to our STEM mission.

The course offerings for Summer 2024 will remain the same as in previous years: Foundations of Computer Science, Chemistry Honors, and Math 5. Also important to note is that the design of this year’s program will switch to a Virtual Summer School model that aligns with our goals for innovation, sustainability, and equitable access, outlined as follows:

  • Innovation: A virtual summer school model and the types of activities, including virtual lab experiences, are reflective of contemporary educational and STEM industry environments.
  • Sustainability: Revenues generated during summer programs struggle to keep pace with operating and personnel costs; therefore, we remain committed to supporting fundamental STEM courses and are unable to expand offerings at this time.
  • Accessibility: TJ serves nearly 1,300 square miles of Northern Virginia, and the TJ transportation models used by all sending jurisdictions during the regular academic year are not possible during summer months, resulting in commuting barriers for families. Therefore, a virtual model creates equitable access.

TJ was the first high school to successfully run its own stand-alone virtual summer school in 2020, and we continued with the model in 2021. Our demonstrated success with innovative virtual models will ensure an engaging educational experience for our summer school students. Here is a summary of expected summer program plans:

Virtual Summer School

Dates: Monday, June 24 – Friday, July 26, 2024
Courses: Foundations of Computer Science, Chemistry Honors, and Math 5

Additional details will be available on the website by February 1, 2024, with registration starting in late April.

Any questions, please contact the Summer School Principal, Volita Russell at vsrussell@fcps.edu. Thank you.

MTSS In Focus: Counselors: They’re Not Just for Picking Classes!

Note: This is part of a monthly series to help families understand TJ's MTSS system. To see other articles in the series, please visit previous News You Choose newsletters. 

In MTSS when we talk about “Tier 1 supports,” we mean supports that are available to every student. A great example of this is our fabulous counseling staff. Students and parents know that if you want to pick your classes or change your schedule, your counselor is the person to see, but did you know that counselors can do so much more? Counselors are the heart of TJ’s academic, attendance, and wellness supports for students. 

Is your child having regular trouble getting to school? Let your counselor know. Have you experienced a significant change in your lives that may affect your child? Tell your counselor. Is your child having social challenges that are affecting their learning? Contact your counselor. Is your child having a problem and you don’t know where to turn? Try your counselor. If they’re not the best person to help you, then they know who that person is, and they can connect you. 

That’s why when the MTSS committee considers how to best help a student, the first person they talk to is (drumroll please!) their counselor; because counselors know the whole student, from their academics to their social and emotional lives. So don’t forget this valuable resource. You might be surprised at how much our counselors know, and how much they can do!


Get Ready for Academic Advising Season!

Coming soon, your student will meet individually with their counselor to discuss their course requests for the 2024-2025 school year.  During this brief meeting, they will discuss required and elective course choices to ensure an appropriate balance of academic interest and rigor, review the student’s four-year plan culminating in a senior research lab or mentorship, and look ahead to ensure all graduation requirements are on track.

To support an efficient and effective meeting, we ask that you ensure that your student has entered their course requests, including at least 3 alternate elective choices, in SIS StudentVue prior to these meetings.

  • Rising Seniors, Class of 2025 – Meetings will occur in Physics or AP Physics between January 30-February 9
  • Rising Juniors, Class of 2026 – Meetings will occur in World History/Geography 2 between February 12-February 23
  • Rising Sophomores, Class of 2027 – Meetings will occur in IBEST between February 26-March 8

Following the academic advising window, parents and guardians will be asked to review and verify student course selections, submitting any final change requests by Friday, March 15. These verifications with help us finalize which courses we will run and the staffing models we will use as we build our master schedule.

New Faces, New Places

With recent retirements and resignations, TJ has brought on board some new staff over the past couple of months that we would like to introduce you to. Please welcome the following new employees to TJ!

  • Dr. Tiffany Wilson, Mathematics - Dr. Wilson comes to us with a wealth of experience. She most recently taught mathematics and AP Computer Science at West Potomac High School.  As a military spouse and an educator of 18 years, Dr. Wilson has had the opportunity to provide instruction to students throughout the United States. Dr. Wilson has degrees in Educational Administration, Instructional Technology, Elementary and Interdisciplinary Education (emphasis in English and math) and Network Security. 
  • Elizabeth Soteriou, Student Information Assistant (SIA) - Ms. Soteriou has been with FCPS for 21 years in both Elementary and High School and has been a SIA the last 5 years at Annandale High School. She is originally from Harrisonburg, Virginia and enjoys spending time with family and friends, working in her yard and doing crafts. She has two grown children that graduated from FCPS. Ms. Soteriou's husband is retired from FCPS and splits his time between the US and Cyprus.
  • Kendal Gilchrest, College and Career Specialist - With a background in both secondary and higher education, Ms. Gilchrest has over 14 years’ experience guiding students to academic success and empowering them for future endeavors. She has her Master of Science in Higher Education and Student Affairs from Baylor University and earned her B.A. in Biology and Spanish from Asbury University. She created the Career and Calling Initiatives Department at Judson College in rural Alabama, developed the first Spanish program at a Kentucky high school, created course curriculum on student success and belonging at Baylor University, and provided leadership and training for hundreds of student leaders on university campuses in Texas and Alabama. Ms. Gilchrest has lived in the U.S, Japan, and the Dominican Republic and currently calls Northern Virginia home with her husband and their three children.
  • Kristen Frostad, Office Assistant (OA) - Ms. Frostad is filling the OA vacancy split between Student Services and Internship/Mentorship offices. Raised in California and Hawai’i, she began her FCPS journey when her oldest enrolled in kindergarten and she started subbing. In 2015 she was hired as the transcript assistant for Herndon High School and has been in that role since. Fun fact: Her son Joel is a 2018 TJ graduate! In her spare moments, she finds a creative outlet sewing and quilting.
  • Wenjie Yao, Administrative Assistant (AA) - Ms. Yao is joining us at the end of January. She has served for three years as the Student Information Assistant at Lorton Station Elementary School. Prior to that she worked for FCPS since 2013 in various roles including office assistant and summer projects. 

Congratulations to our 2023-24 TJ Outstanding Employees!

We want to congratulate our 2023-24 TJ Outstanding Employees! The FCPS Outstanding Employee Awards program celebrates the efforts and accomplishments of exceptional school-based and non-school based employees from throughout the district. 

Each of the TJ winners will be our nominee in the FCPS pyramid level competition. Our winners are (along with a quote from their nominator):

Picture of Jonathan Osborne receiving Teacher of the Year honor

Outstanding Teacher - Dr. Jonathan Osborne, Mathematics

Dr. Osborne is known throughout the TJ community for his school spirit. One of his nominators wrote, “His explanations are concise, clear, and extremely funny. He makes us laugh a lot during class. In addition to his effective teaching style, he supports students mentally, encouraging them when we get discouraged.”

Picture of Samantha Hale winning New Teacher of the Year

Outstanding New Teacher - Samantha Hale, Science and Technology

Ms. Hale is one of our amazing biology teachers. One of her students wrote, “Ms. Hale fosters a very positive community within my IBEST rotation. She interacts a lot with our class and encourages us to help each other learn. All of us have gotten to be great friends. Mrs. Hale has been an incredible teacher.”

Picture of Dylan Forshay winning Leader of the Year

Outstanding School Leader - Dylan Forshay, Director of Student Activities

Mr. Forshay’s nominator wrote, “As DSA, he wears many hats, but Dylan excels at ensuring that everyone- students and staff alike- feel as though their voices are heard, understood, and respected.”

Chuck Lord winning Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee

Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee - Chuck Lord, Student Services

One parent wrote the following about Mr. Lord, “Mr. Lord is adept at working with teachers to check on students’ progress, brainstorm the best ways to navigate classroom issues, and make sure that accommodations are fully implemented. He works with the school’s social worker, psychiatrist, speech therapist, and other staff to bring a holistic approach to his work. His true skill, however, lies with his ability to connect with students and make them feel heard, valued, and respected, no matter their background or level of need.”

Tanya Holloway winning Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee

Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee - Tanya Holloway, Office Assistant

Ms. Holloway works as our office assistant in the main office. One of her nominators stated, “Tanya is the face that visitors to TJ see as they first arrive- and the face that they see is one that is kind, patient, and genuine. Tanya is always willing to help even if it extends beyond her duties as office assistant.”

TJ Welcomes 111 New Members to Our National Honor Society Challenger Chapter!

Leaders and Sponsors of TJ's National Honor Society pose for photo


We would like to congratulate the 111 students who were inducted into the TJ Challenge Chapter of the National Honor Society in ceremonies this fall. Here is a full list of inductees:

2023-24 TJHSST National Honor Society Inductees

Any TJ student interested in joining NHS in the future, please review our Selection Procedures.

Space to STEM, US Space Force Leader Visits TJ

Collage of photos from General Thompson of US Space Force visit


On Dec. 6, General David Thompson, the Vice Chair of the US Space Force came to speak to nearly 200 students during eighth period. He explained what the Space Force is and how it works as a military branch. 

The main emphasis of his talk was about how important space exploration and space research is to our country's future, and how they are depending on today's students to become the future leaders in STEM. After his talk, students were able to ask him questions and he went on to tour a couple of our eighth period clubs. 

Thank you to the US Space Force for arranging this visit and congratulations General Thompson on your recent retirement!

Cookiepalooza! Class of 2027 Learns About Student Services While Enjoying Sweet Treats!

Collage of photos from cookiepalooza


In December the Student Services staff held their third annual Cookiepalooza! Through their English 9 class, members of the Class of 2027 visited their office suite to make sure they knew everything that TJ's Office of Student Services provides.

The kids went on a fun scavenger hunt to get clues to solve a puzzle, learned where everyone's office was located, discussed what brings them joy, and of course topped it off by getting a delicious cookie!

Can They Crack the Code? - A TJ Educational Experience

Collage of photos from code cracking activity


Before the Winter Break, students in Ms. Laureen Nelson and Ms. Paige Highsmith's classes worked on a fun "escape room" project where they solved puzzles to get the code they needed to escape!

The Escape Room had 8 puzzles, two per location (4 locations). The puzzles involved all concepts from geometry honors. Students had to solve problems involving transformations, the distance formula (with lines) using radicals, trigonometry ratios and their inverses, special right triangle properties, similarity among triangles, inscribed angles and other angles and chords in circles, and surface area and volume problems.

Students had to solve the two problems in one room to get the code needed to escape and move on to the next room. Once they had escaped all four rooms, they were rewarded with a candy prize!

PTSA Hosts Hanukkah Celebration for TJ Students and Staff

Collage of photos from TJ PTSA Hannukah celebration


The TJ PTSA held its monthly cultural celebration for students and staff afterschool on Dec. 13. This time, they celebrated Hanukkah. Students were treated to an educational presentation of what Hanukkah is, got to enjoy some authentic Jewish food, and played a little dreidel!

Thank you, TJ PTSA for your continued efforts to celebrate the many cultures of our students!

Please Enjoy the Holiday Sounds of the TJ Orchestra

Screenshot of the TJ Orchestra holiday performance with YouTube play button on it.


Holiday season may be over, but this is too good not to share. On the Thursday before Winter Break, the TJ Orchestra set up in Nobel Commons and performed a medley of Holiday-themed music during lunch for students and staff. 

Click on the link above and enjoy the full performance from these talented musicians!


In each newsletter we want to give some quick shout outs to TJ staff, students, teams, and alumni.

  • The Computer Team Club went to Widener University's 16th Annual High School Programming Contest and took the top two places! Way to go team!
  • Congratulations to English Teacher Suzette Henry who recently earned her National Board certification in English. The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards recognizes the impact teachers have and the completion of the program opens professional doors for National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) who are recognized as experts at their craft. We are proud to have TJ represented by our newest NBCT!
  • Congratulations to School Based Technology Specialist Dr. Maria Cruz for being named to the FCPS Cares list in December! Maria's nominator said "Maria is an incredible colleague who came to my rescue when I had some specific questions about ESOL accommodations and programs.  She was able to guide me through many resources and provided her valuable input from the lens of an ESOL teacher.  Because of her, I am able to access the information that I need to empower teachers to celebrate ESOL students’ strengths and identify areas of growth. Thank you, Maria!” Read more about this award here!
  • TJ Alum Shan Lateef ('21) has been named a co-editor in chief of Yale’s Undergraduate Research Journal. He was one of only 10 Hahn scholars when he entered Yale a couple of years ago, which guaranteed him funding for undergraduate research at a lab of his choice.

Science Fair Judges Needed

Flyer requesting people to volunteer for FCPS Science Fairs


Are you a science, engineering, or computer science professional that would like to provide guidance to some of the top science students in the US? Our local Science and Engineering Fairs could use your expertise to judge student projects.

The TJHSST Science and Engineering Fair will be held in-person at 8:30 am on Saturday, January 20, 2024, and the Fairfax Regional Science and Engineering Fair will be in-person on Saturday, March 16, 2024.

To volunteer for the TJ fair, contact Science Fair Director Dr. Kathy Phillips, kaphillips@fcps.edu. To volunteer for the Fairfax Regional Fair or any of the other local High School Fairs, fill out the form at the QR code on the flyer above or visit here.

Make an Impact! TJ Looking for Mentors for its Senior Research Mentorship Program

Flyer for TJHSST Mentorship program 2024-25


Note: The Director of our Mentorship Program for senior research, Armond Bass, is currently seeking new partnerships in our community to work with our seniors. Please read the following note from him and pass it along to anyone you think might be interested. In addition, click the picture above for the full brochure on our program.

For over 30 years the TJ Mentorship Program has partnered with various agencies in the research community to allow our students the opportunity to expand their research capacity by working in a professional environment outside of the school setting. Our students’ continued passion for STEM research has led to a surge in the number of applicants to our program.

Currently we are seeking mentors to provide opportunities for students in one of the following areas:

  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Biotechnology and Life Sciences
  • Combined Engineering
    • Automation and Robotics
    • Energy systems
    • Prototyping & Engineering Material
  • Chemical Analysis and Nanochemistry
  • Computer Systems
  • Mobile and Web Application Development
  • Neuroscience
  • Oceanography and Geophysical Systems
  • Quantum Physics and Optics


  • Students complete 180 hours of research. The course is the full academic year.
  • They receive 2.5 days (Mon, Wed, and Fri) a week release time from school.
  • Students receive guidance from their mentor either in person or virtual.
  • The experience is unpaid. We are asking for time and knowledge.
  • The student’s research project can be independent or a part of their mentor’s research.
  • The student will complete a research portfolio that will include:
    • Proposal / Project Description
    • Research Paper
    • Presentation
    • Poster (optional)

If you have any questions, please reach out to Armond Bass at arbass@fcps.edu.

Conversation to Raise Awareness of Fentanyl and Other Drugs

Picture of the Fosters, the family who wants to talk about their son Cayden who tragically lost his life taking a half pill of fentanyl


In this video, Superintendent Dr. Michelle Reid interviews the Fosters, a family who tragically lost their son Cayden to a half pill of fentanyl mistaken for Percocet. This heart-wrenching yet eye-opening video of their experience is essential to raise awareness among parents/caregivers and students about the dangers of fake painkillers.

Please join Dr. Reid on Wednesday, January 10, at 6:30 p.m., at Edison High School for a community conversation about opioid awareness. You may register to attend. However, registration is not required; it is simply for space considerations. 

The evening’s program is appropriate for parents/caregivers and students in grades 6-12. All attendees will receive free REVIVE! Narcan training during the event and learn about support services currently available within FCPS and Fairfax County.   

FCPS’ website also has resources to help you to start the conversation and additional support for families struggling with substance misuse. 

Quick Reminders

Here a few quick reminders that TJ Families should be aware of:.

  • The Health Room would like to remind you to please check your student before they come to school. If they complain of not feeling well, check their temperature, talk with them, and assess their physical well-being. Just a minute or two in the morning may save you a trip to school later in the day to pick up a sick student. It is cold and flu season. Please help us protect students from exposure to a potentially communicable illness.

  • Lost and Found Being Cleared Out

    • Prior to the winter break a message went out that the lost and found closet would be cleared out. Due to the volume of items, we are still in the process of clearing out the closet. If you have any missing items, clothing or otherwise, they must be claimed by this coming Wednesday Jan. 11. 

      After Jan 11, the items will be donated or disposed of. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Frank McNulty (femcnulty@fcps.edu)

Come See TJ Theatre Arts Perform The SpongeBob Musical this February!

SpongeBob the Musical flyer


The TJ Theatre Arts department is currently rehearsing for the winter musical, “The SpongeBob Musical!” Our play involves 40 student actors and 35 student technicians. The family-friendly show follows beloved characters SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy as they work to save Bikini Bottom Bay from an impending volcanic eruption and avoid Plankton’s evil schemes.

Originally on Broadway in 2016, this musical features music written by The Flaming Lips, Cyndi Lauper, John Legend, Panic! At the Disco, David Bowie, and more well-known musical artists. Join us as we transform the TJ auditorium into an underwater world via lights, projections, and hulking sets, populated by endearing characters who dance and sing their way through adversity.


  • Feb 1, 2, 3, 9, 10 at 7:00 p.m.
  • Feb 3, 10 at 2:00 p.m.


  • General $15
  • Students $10

Tickets available at tjtheaterarts.com.

Still Interested in a Senior Yearbook Ad? Deadline Extended to Jan. 12

Yearbook News!

Herff-Jones has re-opened the acceptance of senior yearbook ads until Friday, January 12, 2024, so families still can celebrate their seniors by purchasing an ad. After that date, all senior ad sales will be closed.

To order a yearbook ad, visit www.yearbookordercenter.com and use school code 13621. All grade levels can also visit this site to preorder a yearbook as well.

If you have questions, please ask Ms. Hampton at lmhampton@fcps.edu

Class of 2026 Parents/Guardians - Join the 10th Grade Parent Book Club "The Emotional Lives of Teenagers" by Lisa Damour, Ph.D

Dear Class of 2026 Parents/Guardians,

We want to invite you to join us for the 10th grade Parent Book Club this year! We will be reading "The Emotional Lives of Teenagers: Raising Connected, Capable, and Compassionate Adolescents" by Lisa Damour, Ph.D. 

According to Amazon: "Parents who read this book will learn:

  • what to expect in the normal course of adolescent emotional development and when it’s time to worry
  • why teens (and adults) need to understand that mental health isn’t about “feeling good” but about having feelings that fit the moment, even if those feelings are unwanted or painful
  • strategies for supporting teens who feel at the mercy of their emotions, so they can become psychologically aware and skilled at managing their feelings
  • how to approach common challenges that come with adolescence, such as friction at home, spiking anxiety, risky behavior, navigating friendships and romances, the pull of social media, and many more
  • the best ways to stay connected to their teens and how to provide the kind of relationship that adolescents need and want

We are planning to have 2 in-person sessions for this book club.  The tentative book club discussions will be on Feb. 2 and Mar. 1 from 9:00-10:30 a.m. at TJ in the Franklin Commons.  More details to come.  If you are interested in joining the book club, please register at this link.  

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Important Calendar Reminders

Jan. 8: This is a modified Anchor Day - there will be a 60 minute advisory and no JLC.

Jan. 10: Winter Orchestra Concert - 7 p.m. in auditorium

Jan. 12: Class of 2025 Junior College Kickoff Parent/Guardian webinar 10:00 a.m.-11:15 a.m. via Zoom

Jan. 15: Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday - No school for students or staff.

Jan. 17: 2024-25 Curriculum Night from 6:00-8:00 p.m. (virtual).

Jan. 19: Religious or Cultural Observance Day (Orthodox Epiphany) - school remains in session with normal hours.

Jan. 20: TJ Science Fair - 8:30 a.m. at the school.

Jan. 22: This is a Red Day - Midterm Exams 5th and 7th Periods.

Jan. 23: This is a Blue Day - Midterm Exams 1st and 3rd Periods.

Jan. 24: This is a Red Day - Midterm Exams 6th Period and Makeups.

Jan. 25: This is a 2-hour early release Blue Day with modified schedule - Midterm Exams 2nd and 4th Periods.

Jan. 25: End of first semester/second quarter.

Jan. 26: Teacher workday - No school for students. 

Jan. 29: Second semester/third quarter begins.

Feb. 1: TJ Theater Arts Winter Musical, SpongeBob the Musical premieres in TJ Auditorium. Shows Feb. 1-3 and Feb. 9-10.

Feb. 2: February News You Choose newsletter is released.

Feb. 19: President's Day Holiday - No school for students or staff. 

Feb. 19: Start of Spring Sports

Feb. 21: Band Concert in auditorium 7 p.m.

Mar. 1: March News You Choose newsletter is released.