RHES Community Newsletter | 11/27/23

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We are thankful for YOU!



Thank you to everyone who came to each lunch with their kiddos during the Harvest Luncheon. The kids were bubbling with anticipation of this special day and the smile on their faces made it worth it. We know it can be challenging to find time to come to school in the middle of the day and know that your students absolutely enjoyed seeing and getting to eat lunch with you. ❤️

The Fun Run...Oh My!



The Rose Hill community is AWESOME! This year, in a mere few weeks, $21,385 was raised by our school families. Wow! Wow! Wow! We will be using this money to continue to replace furniture throughout the school. Much of the furniture is old, broken, or cracking, so it's important to continue to upgrade it. This includes teacher chairs, bookcases, and stools for the art rooms. 

The Fun Run also was a great opportunity for the students to get outside and burn off some energy. Thank you to the parents who volunteered, brought bottles of water, and to our incredible PTA for organizing this event. Mrs. Miller, our Assistant Principal, as well as our specialist team members, and Mr. Jose, our Assistant Building Supervisor, were setting tables, the PA system, signs, and everything else very early Friday morning to help make sure the event went off without a hitch. We have the best team!

Fun Run 1


Pictured above is Mrs. Miller, Assistant Principal, and Ms. Edwards, Principal, threw confetti and spread joy to Ms.Tlatelpa's Kindergarten students for being the classroom who raised the most money with $3,660. They have earned a pizza party and extra recess. Congratulations!! 

RHES Teacher Favorite Things

Have you ever wanted to express your appreciation to your child's teacher but you're not sure what to get them besides a mug with an apple on it? A parent suggested to the administrative team that maybe we have our team share what their favorite things are and then we can share that out to student families. What a great idea! If a teacher wanted to participate, they shared their favorite things, even some have an Amazon wishlist, and you can look at it here. It is organized in ABC order by the teacher's first name. If you are not sure who works with your child, let one of the administrative team members know and we can help you out.

Veteran's Day Celebration

As part of being a Purple Star Designated School, it was important for our school community to celebrate Veterans. Mrs. Pennington, Family Liaison, and Ms. Spangler, Kindergarten Teacher, spearheaded this effort and they did a fantastic job. Despite it being a rainy, cold day, the Rose Hill patrols helped to put flags out in front of the school building. We also welcomed several Veterans to read and share stories with our students. It was a great day celebrating those who have served our country!

Veterans Day

Advanced Academics Referral Deadline is Upcoming

If you were not able to attend the AAP Application Process information session faciltated by Ms. Edwards, Principal, and Mrs. Freeman, AART, the evening of November 15th, that's quite ok. All of the information you need can be found on the FCPS AAP webpage. Scroll down to the header Understanding the AAP Screening Process and you will see the referral forms, which are in multiple languages.The deadline for all referral forms to be submitted is Friday, December 15th. There is no wiggle-room with this deadline so please ensure it is on your calendar. If you have questions or need help with the application process, contact Mrs. Eileen Freeman, AART, at eafreeman@fcps.edu.

Girls on the Run Season Ends



This was the first year Rose Hill has had a Girls on the Run program and they just wrapped up their season by running a 5K. In addition to training for the race, the girls also learned about self care, self confidence, standing up for friends, and finding joy. They also did a community service project where they filled the community food pantry, which is between the Kiss & Ride entrance and exit. We have Mrs. Burris, Rose Hill parent, for bringing this opportunity to our community. She has served as their coach and we are so grateful of her!

The Book Fair is Coming!

The Rose Hill Book Fair will be held in the school library December 4-8, 2023. This event is a great opportunity for your student(s) to explore new titles and let you know what captures their interest. It can also be a great opportunity for a little holiday shopping as books make wonderful gifts!

To help make the event a success, our School Librarian, Ms. Millett, is in need of some volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering at the Book Fair, please click the sign-up link below to view the available time slots for each day. Volunteers will receive a 20% discount on their Book Fair purchases.

Please note that on Monday, December 4th, the Book Fair will be open for parents/guardians to enter the school library and browse/shop from 4:30-5:30 PM. (This is the only time parents and guardians who are not volunteering at the book fair will be allowed to enter.) This same evening, a chorus concert will take place at RHES, so you can buys some books, then stay to watch the concert at 6:00 PM.

We hope your students enjoy the book fair, and if you are able to volunteer, sign-up here.

Lost & Found

Lost & Found

The lost & found is growing so if your kiddo is missing something, please encourage them to check it out. With the cooler weather, we have seen an uptick in sweatshirts, jackets, hats, and gloves. It helps tremendously if clothing, lunchboxes, and water bottles have the child's name on them because we are able to return them almost immediately. You can use stickers like this if you'd like. For sanitary reasons, we don't keep lunchboxes or water bottles for very long.

Celebrate Culture

English Classes

A message from our Pyramid's Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist, Shawn Elliott.

Click here for some information regarding Alcohol & the Holidays that Mr. Elliott asked us to share.

Upcoming Events

  • Thursday, Nov. 30 - Preschool Cookie Night, 6pm
  • Friday, Dec. 1 - PTA First Friday Popcorn
  • December 4-8 - Book Fair
  • Monday, Dec. 4 - Chorus Concert, 6pm, gym
  • Tuesday, Dec. 5 - PTA Meeting, 6pm, online
  • Friday, Dec. 15 - Quarter 2 interim progress reports go home
  • Friday, Dec. 15 - Deadline to submit referral forms for AAP Services
  • December 16-January 1 - Winter Break
  • Tuesday, Jan. 2 - Students return to school
  • Friday, Jan. 5 - PTA First Friday Popcorn
  • Tuesday, Jan. 9 - Grades 4th-6th Young Scholars Field Trip
  • Monday, Jan. 15 - Martin Luther King Holiday, No School

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