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CogAT Continued Postponement for Schools

Dear Parents/Guardians - 

We are writing to let you know that the vendor’s testing platform for the CogAT assessment is still experiencing nationwide technical issues. Riverside Insights, the publisher of CogAT, is aware of an issue that affected CogAT administration. Under their guidance, we are still unable to resume CogAT testing for Fairfax County Public Schools. CogAT testing for the division will resume once a resolution has been deployed by the publisher (Riverside Insights) and they have confirmed that students may resume testing. 

FCPS staff continue to collaborate with the publisher to ensure your student receives accurate results in the best testing environment possible. We have been assured by the publisher that students will be able to resume testing where they’d left off, with their remaining time allotted reflecting the point at which they were paused. Please be assured that for tests during this period which have been completed, data can be successfully submitted for reporting. All results from these test administrations can be reliably interpreted.

As with any assessment, please bear in mind that the CogAT is a single data point used within the holistic advanced academics screening process. No data points in the screening portfolio, including an ability test score, has a minimum required score or a weighted consideration in matching students to available Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) services. 

For families who feel their student needs to be considered for full- time AAP, the next step is to submit a referral form no later than December 15, 2023. Families should not wait for the completion or reporting of CogAT scores should they wish to refer their student for Full Time AAP services.

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