Pep Rally on Fri., 9/29 - Adjusted Attendance Policies

Adjusted Attendance Policies for Pep Rally on Friday, 9/29

This Friday, 9/29, CVHS will run a modified bell schedule to accommodate the Homecoming Pep Rally.  Attendance policies for early dismissals will also be adjusted for the day:

Early Dismissals:

  • Please submit electronic (form or email) or telephone requests prior to noon. Requests will not be processed after noon unless done in person at the Attendance office by a parent/guardian.  Due to high volume additional time is needed for processing.  Also, keep in mind one hour's notice is required for all early dismissal requests.
  • We will not be able to process in-person checkouts after 1:20pm due to the pep rally at the end of the day.

Thank you!