Weekly Update from Irving MS

Upcoming Important Dates

August 29 & 30

Laptop Distribution through English Classes

September 1 & September 4

No School - Labor Day Weekend

September 11

First Day of the After School Program & Late Buses - Academic Week and Cross Country Practice

*No After-School and Late Buses on Wednesday, September 13*

September 12

Back to School Night! 

6:30-7:00 - Optional Sessions

  • Family Life Education Preview
  • ESOL Overview
  • Special Education Overview

7:00 pm - Head to your child’s first period class

  • Parents/Guardians will walk through their child’s schedule to learn about each class



We continue to grow (1214 students) & very close to being fully staffed! 

Be sure to take a look at our vacancies listed below and spread the word about our school. Our website is linked here

Greetings, Irving Families!

We have successfully completed our first week of school and I am so proud of our students and staff! Our students did a great job acclimating to an early start, multiple classes and transitions throughout the day, and figuring out the odd/even class days. We will continue to support students next week and anticipate they will have their routes to classes, lunch, and break figured out soon.

Today, we started our review of the Students Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R) by having students watch the county video located here. Next week, administrators will meet with students by grade level regarding behavior to ensure everyone is able to enjoy a safe teaching and learning environment. Lastly, after the Labor Day Weekend break, students will take the SR&R quiz in their Rock Block class. As you are speaking with your child about school, please be sure to review the SR&R with them. There is also a quick guide for secondary students, that we will make sure is linked in the All Students Course in Schoology so it is easily accessible at any time. 

To ensure our students get home safely, especially our students who walk or ride a bike to school, please remind your child that they need to take their earbuds out, put their phones down, pay attention to the crossing guard, walk in the cross-walks, and to get off their bike and walk it across streets. We have seen students very distracted with phones and not looking before riding across in front of cars, which is jeopardizing their safety especially when crossing Old Keene Mill Road. We appreciate your support in helping us stress the importance of safely walking or riding a bike! 

We are excited to share that we are very close to being fully staffed! We truly appreciate you spreading the word to those who may be interested in one of our open positions. Please continue to share our vacancies, we often get the best recommendations from our families. 

Lastly, below are notifications regarding upcoming testing and Family Life Education among other information. Please be sure to read through our entire newsletter as it is important information for all parents/guardians. 

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Take Care!

Cindy Conley


Math Inventory and Reading Inventory

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) uses the Math Inventory and Reading Inventory with secondary students in grades 7-12 to determine students’ strengths and needs in mathematics and literacy. All students in middle school and selected students in high school participate in these assessments.

The purpose of these assessments is to identify students who may benefit from additional support with literacy and mathematics skills. In addition, school teams will consider assessment results as they plan instruction for your student. Assessments are administered at the beginning of the school year. Depending on grade level and initial performance, students may participate in follow-up assessment in the winter and/or in the spring. 

Additional information about these assessments can be found at the following webpages:

If you have further questions about these assessments, please contact your student’s English or mathematics teacher.

You can access printable translations of this notification in multiple languages at https://www.fcps.edu/node/44059

Family Life Education Instructional Program Information

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) provides a comprehensive, sequential Family Life Education (FLE) program for students in grades kindergarten through grade twelve.  Instruction is seen as a partnership among parents and guardians, the school, and the community in supporting the learning essential to the development of strong families, positive relationships, and a healthy community.

Parents/guardians may choose to opt their child out of all or part of the Family Life Education program.  Students who are opted out are provided with age-appropriate, nonpunitive alternative health instruction, and every effort is made to foster respect for family choices.  If you wish to opt your child out of all or part of FLE for this school year, opt out forms will be included in your child’s back-to-school/orientation packets and are available online for Elementary (K-6), Middle School (7-8), and High School (9-12).  Please fill in the opt-out form and return it to your child’s school prior to Family Life Education instruction.

Detailed grade-level program descriptions are available online at Elementary (K-6) , Middle School (7-8) , and High School (9-12). FLE grade level-specific lessons and media that FCPS has streaming rights for are available for parents online in Schoology.  Parents/guardians login to Schoology using the same username and password as their Student Information System (SIS) Parent account.  Grade level-specific lessons are also available at the City of Fairfax Regional Library (this location does not have media).  Grade level-specific lessons and media that is not streamed online are available for review at your child’s school library.  Due to copyright permissions, we are unable to stream all media online.

Program questions may be addressed at your child’s school or by contacting Instructional Services at 571-423-4550 or fle@fcps.edu. 

Student Laptop Distribution

Student laptops and power cords will be distributed August 29 and 30 through English classes. Please assist your child with reminders to fully charge their laptop each night and bring their power cord to school daily in case they need it. It is recommended that students label the power cord with their first and last name on a piece of tape. If your child still has a laptop checked out from last year, please have them bring it to school and turn in on August 29 or 30. 


TalkingPoints is a safe and easy way for Irving teachers and staff to communicate with families in their home language for free. We will be using this platform to communicate with you about your child’s education and progress. There’s also a Mobile App! Visit the TalkingPoints page on the FCPS website to learn more. 


Did you know MySchoolBucks can be used to pay almost all student fees?  Lunch account, elective class fees, instrument rental, dance tickets, computer power cord replacements, etc.

Medication Authorization Forms

The FCPS medication authorization forms have been updated for school year 23-24 and older versions cannot be accepted.  Please use the links below for the updated forms:

For epinephrine: https://www.fcps.edu/sites/default/files/media/forms/se64.pdf

General medication form: https://www.fcps.edu/sites/default/files/media/forms/se63.pdf:

Virginia Asthma Action Plan for inhalers: https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/content/uploads/sites/58/2016/12/Asthma-Action-Plan-2019.pdf

Forms for all medications must be completed by a physician with the exception of over the counter medications (OTCs) for headaches, muscle aches, menstrual cramps or orthodontic pain. OTCs must be in original, unopened containers upon receipt.

Various language translations of the forms can be found on the FCPS website: https://www.fcps.edu/registration/forms

Please call our Public Health Nurse if you have any questions at 571-495-0011.

Irving Stays After - After School Program Registration

The After School program at Irving Middle School provides students access to high-quality activities in a safe environment for all students. The Program strives to improve academic performance, foster social, emotional, and physical well-being, all while reducing the potential for risk-taking behaviors. 


Monday, September 11 - will serve as the first day of the After School Program and Late Buses. Activities and Clubs will not meet, however, after school with their teacher, Homework Club and Hollow Lounge will be held, students are encouraged to attend and familiarize themselves with staying after. 

Wednesday, September 13 - No After School and Late Buses

Irving Middle School is Hiring!

We often find our staff members through recommendations by a parent/guardian so we are hoping you can help us with finding excellent candidates for the vacant positions below! If you know of someone who would be interested, please have them send their resume to the person listed next to the position. Thank you for helping us find the very best to teach and work at Irving Middle School!


Please send resumes to: 

2 Instructional Assistant Positions

Cindy Conley

Special Education Teacher (Social Studies and English)

Cindy Conley

Library News

The library is back in business for the new school year.  This week, twenty classes have been through to borrow a “choice reading book.”  Students select a book they are interested in and are expected to have that book in their backpack to read every third period for our school-wide “Take Time” For Reading period.  Students also may be asked to have the book on hand in English when silent-reading time is done in class.  Ask your student what book they chose to read!  We are hoping that with so much of the school day dedicated to reading, students will be breezing through many books in the course of the year.