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9/1-4  Holiday

9/5  Black Day

9/7  BTSN 6-8 pm

9/18  Lockdown Drill

9/25 Holiday

9/29  Bus Evacuation Drill

Digital Consent Needed 

How To Provide Consent so your student can use software needed for learning.

  1. Go to the Parent Digital Consent Application (https://digitalconsent.fcps.edu/ispb/is01/r/pdcp/login?session=11775769291739
  2. Log in with the same username and password you use for SIS ParentVUE.
  3. Follow the provided directions.

Transportation Patience and Safety

Thank you for your patience as we all get used to new routines this school year. We appreciate our families following Kiss and Ride procedures and being patient while waiting for your children’s buses. 

If a student’s bus is delayed, parents may access the Bus Delay Notification System or use the Here Comes the Bus mobile app to receive the delayed bus report. Email messages will be sent to announce significant bus delays. Contact the Transportation Office at 703-446-2000 with any additional questions. For any concerns after 5:30 p.m., contact Safety and Security at 571-423-2000. 

To make sure you receive email messages about bus delays, update your contact information in SIS ParentVUE

FCPS Internet History for Parents

Cedar Lane would like to remind you that FCPS does offer the ability for families to see their child’s Internet history through Lightspeed Reports that send weekly email reports to parents/guardians. From these reports you can see what websites your child is accessing on their FCPS issued device and how often they are accessing them. 


2023-24 Student Rights and Responsibilities

FCPS’ Student Rights and Responsibilities document (SR&R) explains expectations for student behavior and adult responses to enhance school safety and to create a fair, equitable, and supportive school environment. In late June, the School Board approved changes to the SR&R for the 2023-24 school year. Updates include a revision of dress code expectations, bystander expectations for students witnessing harmful or unsafe behaviors, bullying, and substance abuse responses. Read Superintendent Dr. Michelle Reid’s letter to families regarding the SR&R

Parents/caregivers should talk to their child(ren) about expectations for this school year. Also, please log in to SIS ParentVUE and sign to acknowledge your review of the SR&R, or sign and return the signature sheet to your child’s school by Friday, September 29.


Parent and Student Technology Support


Preparing for and Paying for Meals at School

Parents/caregivers need to provide their students with money to purchase meals at school, send them with a packed lunch, or apply (and be approved) for free and reduced-price meals benefits. School breakfast for students costs $1.75. Lunch is $3.25 for elementary students and $3.50 for middle, secondary, and high school students.

Free and Reduced-Price Meals

The application for free and reduced-priced meals is now available for the 2023-24 school year. Students who were approved for free and reduced-price lunch last year are eligible for the first 30 days of school this year (or until a new application is processed). Families should re-apply as soon as possible for the 2023-24 school year, so eligible students continue to receive meals at no cost. 

Paying With MySchoolBucks

The best way to purchase meals (and keep food lines moving!) is to use MySchoolBucks. Set up your student’s MySchoolBucks account today. Our front office staff can help with any questions. 

MySchoolBucks accounts can be set up to add money to the account automatically, as needed. Families with multiple children can use the same MySchoolBucks account. Visit FCPS’ Food and Nutrition webpage for more information. 

Join the PTSA!

We are asking for your help by requesting that you join the Cedar Lane PTSA. This organization helps to make certain there are funds for the quality educational activities that your student deserves. Your support is CRUCIAL to our mission of helping to provide the school with the resources it needs to help each child be successful!  You can help in 2 ways:

The Cedar Lane PTSA partners with the school to provide many resources and opportunities that would not otherwise be available to students to ensure student success. Your support is crucial to our mission!  You can help in 2 very important ways:

  1. Donate to our No-Fuss Fundraiser through PayPal at https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/supportCLPTSA or through Venmo @Cedar-Lane. Checks are also welcome and can be made out to Cedar Lane PTSA and mailed to the school at 101 Cedar Lane SW, Vienna VA 22180.  Your donation helps fund: senior scholarships, field trips, academic equipment, updated technology and so much more! And the best part- we won’t: try to sell you candles, giftwrap or popcorn, make you run in ask or attend a gala!

Join the PTSA!  Go to: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd-1w8HHzE0CbQf_tSo_wTbDBcrRO3SbXlMqvVj_O0mAiHAHQ/viewform?usp=pp_url and fill out the form then use the above payment methods to purchase memberships for parents/guardians and students.  For questions, please email (jmmin1@fcps.edu) or call Ms. Min (703-208-2420).

When a Nap Isn’t a Nap

Overdoses touch people and communities in many ways. International Overdose Awareness Day, August 31st, 2023, is the world’s largest annual campaign to end overdose and remember those who have died without stigma while also acknowledging the grief of their loved ones. An overdose means having more of a drug(s) than the body can handle. Unfortunately, opioid misuse is now the leading cause of unnatural death in Fairfax County according to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Don’t allow it to go unnoticed in your home, in our community.

Opioids are a class of drugs that include the illegal drug heroin, synthetic opioids such as fentanyl, and pain relievers available legally by prescription, such as Percocet, oxycodone (OxyContin®), hydrocodone (Vicodin®), codeine, morphine, and many others (NIH).

Opioids slow the central nervous system to produce a calming effect. When taken in excess amounts or in combination with other central nervous system depressants, they greatly suppress breathing and the heart rate.

Signs of an overdose include:  Loss of consciousness.  Unresponsive to outside stimulus. Awake, but unable to talk.  Breathing is very slow and shallow, erratic, or has stopped.  For lighter skinned people, the skin tone turns bluish purple, for darker skinned people, it turns grayish or ashen.  Choking sounds, or a snore-like gurgling noise (sometimes called the “death rattle”). Vomiting. Body is very limp.  Face is very pale or clammy.  Fingernails and lips turn blue or purplish black.  Pulse (heartbeat) is slow, erratic, or not there at all

A person may appear as though they are just napping. It may be difficult to tell if someone is napping or potentially overdosing, especially if they are snoring.

If someone is making unfamiliar sounds while “sleeping” it is worth trying to wake him or her up. Many loved ones of users thought a person was snoring, when in fact they were overdosing. These situations are a missed opportunity to intervene and save a life. Snoring and gurgling can indicate that a person is having trouble breathing. With substance use, especially with opioids which slow down the systems of the body, snoring may indicate a serious and potentially life-threatening obstruction of the airway.

In the context of substance use, snoring is not something that should be seen as “normal”. Don’t let someone “sleep it off” if they are snoring; this may be a sign of a significant and life-threatening emergency. You should attempt to wake them immediately.

If they do wake up, then the snoring (airway obstruction) will resolve. If they do not wake up, call 911 immediately.

As we are about to embark on another school year, it is important to bring awareness to our families and students about what to look for in regard to substance use. Take confidence in the fact that you know what is normal for your student and what is not in terms of their behavior.

Potential signs that something may be off with your student:

A student who starts acting withdrawn or seems tired, depressed, or mad for no reason • Changing friends • Not caring about personal appearance • Slipping grades, skipping classes • Losing interest in favorite activities • Behavioral or academic trouble at school or with the law • Changes in eating or sleeping habits • Not getting along with family members • Lying or stealing

 These signs do not always mean there is a drug or alcohol problem, but they may be cause for concern. Try to find out what is going on. Do not be afraid to have open and non-judgmental conversations with your student. Get to know their teachers, friends, and their friends' parents. A new school year means new opportunities. Let’s work together to make this year great.


Everything you Need to Know about Opioids

Spanish: Todo lo que necesita saber sobre los opioides en menos gracias a una hora

Narcan Training (English & Spanish)

Office of Student Safety and Wellness or  571-423-4270

Fairfax County Public Schools: Alcohol and Other Drugs

For further Information & support:Ken Johnson

Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist


The Parent Project Presents:

Empowering Parents and Transforming Teens


Learn how to build a positive relationship with your child and stop the arguing.

Prevent or intervene in alcohol and drug use, disruptive behaviors at home and possible gang affiliation.

Improve school attendance and academic performance.


10 Week training called Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior 

Dates: Tuesdays, 9/12/23-11/14/23 Class will meet weekly for 10 weeks from 6:00-8:00pm 

Where: 1st and 10th Meeting will be held in person (location to be determined).

Sessions 2-9 will be held virtually.


REGISTER NOW! Please use the portal link or QR code below to register. There is a $30 Material Fee per family. Scholarships available as needed.

Donation Link: https://educatefairfax.app.neoncrm.com/forms/43 or QR Code:


Please Contact: Mary Valad at mary.valad@fcps.edu or Dianne Stansbery at DEStansbery@fcps.edu if you have any questions.