Happy First Week of School! Bush Hill Updates - Wednesday, August 23, 2023

A Note From Mrs. Duffy

Dear Bush Hill Families,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you today to share my excitement about the wonderful first few days of school.

I was so impressed by the way our students, staff, and families came together to make this a smooth and positive start to the year. I saw students eager to learn and make new friends. I saw staff excited to teach and share their knowledge. And I saw staff working hard to make sure our school is a safe and welcoming place for everyone.

I am particularly proud of the way our students handled their first day of school. They were excited and nervous, but they were also excited to learn and make new friends. I saw them laughing and playing with each other, and I heard them asking questions and eager to learn.

I am also proud of our teachers. They have worked hard to prepare for the first day of school, and they are ready to provide our students with a high-quality education. I saw them greeting students at the door, smiling and welcoming them to our school. I heard them explaining the rules and procedures, and I saw them answering questions and helping students get settled in.

I am also grateful to our custodial team. They have worked tirelessly to make sure our school is clean, safe, and ready for students. All summer long, I saw them setting up classrooms, stocking supplies, and preparing for the first day. They really made sure our school shined!

Finally, I am so incredibly grateful to our amazing school community. This year, we have welcomed five Ambassador Teachers to our community. Our staff and families have gone out of their way to ensure that they feel at home here – by supplying furniture, books, and other things to make their apartments homey! We had several families who gave up time on a Sunday afternoon to pick up and move furniture. And we have had several families make connections with our Ambassador Teachers – helping them acclimate to Northern Virginia! I always say that the people make Bush Hill a special place, and this was a prime example of that coming to life.

I am confident that this will be a wonderful year for our school. We have a great team of students, teachers, and staff, and I am excited to see what we can accomplish together.

Thank you for your partnership in our school community.


Mary E. Duffy


Family Picnic Friday

Join us this Friday, August 25th at 6 PM on the field to celebrate the first week of school!   Bring your own blanket and picnic dinner.   This is a wonderful opportunity to meet and spend time with our amazing BHES Community.    This event is weather permitting and will be canceled if it rains

Kiss N Ride

For Kiss & Ride, our number one priority is to safely welcome kids to school and return them back to their families.  This requires families and staff to partner together to make Kiss & Ride safe for everyone.  

Display your Kiss & Ride Number

Families are required to display a Kiss & Ride Number in their vehicle to use Kiss & Ride.  The number is necessary to communicate that you will use the safety procedures outlined below and to maximize the flow of traffic in the Kiss and Ride line.  If you do not have your number, we will ask you to park and meet your child at the front office. Kiss & Ride Numbers can be picked up during our Open House or by contacting our Main Office. 

Stay in the Kiss & Ride Line

Vehicles are to follow the Kiss & Ride Traffic path.  Join the Kiss and Ride Line from Westchester St. in front of Bush Hill ES.  All families must enter the parking lot  by turning right off of Westchester St.  Pull forward as much as possible in the Drop Off / Pick -Up Zone.   Cars begin to line up in the parking lot next to Door #2. There are two lines. The line closest to Door #2 is reserved for families who have a student with a disability and for daycare busses. All other vehicles should be in the line to the left of the orange cones.

Load and Unload Safely

Adults should remain in the vehicle at all times.  Students should remain in the vehicle until the Drop Off/ Pick Up Zone.  Students should exit the passenger side of the vehicle. 

Keep the lining moving 

Be attentive; K&R is a hands-free cell phone zone.  Remain with your vehicle.  Be ready to load/unload in the Drop-Off Zone.  Keep “good-byes” brief.  If you need additional time to load/unload, please wait until you are at the first space in the K&R lane.   If your child is delayed in coming down, we may ask you to park and meet them at the front office.  Once the drop-off/pick–up periods begin the process usually takes no more than fifteen (15) minutes; this is not an unreasonable amount of time for the safety of our students.