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Cedar Lane Update


Twitter:  @CedarLaneHS

Facebook:  Cedar Lane HS

Upcoming Dates:

Full Calendar:  https://cedarlaneschool.fcps.edu/news-events/calendar  (continuous updates)


8/18  Open House 9 am - 12 pm

8/21  First Day of School

8/21  Gold Day

9/1-4  Holiday

9/7  BTSN 6-8 pm

9/25 Student Holiday

Summer Office Hours

Beginning July 31, Cedar Lane’s main office will be open from 9 am to 1 pm.

Open House

On Friday August 18 from 9-12 pm you can come meet your childs teachers.  You can walk the schedule of classes they will have for this year.

FCPS Internet History for Parents

Cedar Lane would like to remind you that FCPS does offer the ability for families to see their child’s Internet history through Lightspeed Reports that send weekly email reports to parents/guardians. From these reports you can see what websites your child is accessing on their FCPS issued device and how often they are accessing them. 


Electronic Student Online Verification/Updates in ParentVUE

The Department of Information Technology (DIT) and Office of Student Registration are excited to announce that parents can now update student information online using the Online Verification Update Packet (OVU). Parents can conveniently update phone numbers, emergency contacts, health conditions, and immunization dates for students in grades K-12. Accessible through SIS ParentVUE, the online update feature streamlines registration, improves efficiency, and enhances the digital experience for parents and staff.  For parent help with this process, please visit https://itweb.fcps.edu/itsupport/parent/


Welcome back to a new school year! This year students at secondary and high schools are receiving a new Chromebook as the student FCPSOn device. 🎉 We’re excited to tell you a little about your Chromebook and share some tips to help you get started using it.

Here are a few benefits of a Chromebook that we think you’ll love:

  • 🔋 The battery life is amazing and can easily last the school day.
  • ⚡ Chromebooks start up super fast and have quick website load times.
  • 👀 The selected HP Chromebooks have an improved, larger 14” display screen, as compared to the previous student device.
  • 🌐 Chromebooks save everything to the cloud and store files in Google Drive, which means you can get to your important files from another device anytime, from anywhere.
  • ✨Chromebooks provide built-in screen readers, screen magnifiers, and text-to-speech in multiple languages, making the learning experience more accessible for all! 

💡Tips to get you started:

  • Not sure how to do something? Visit the  Chromebook searchable help page. You may see features or settings that you won’t have access to update or use.

💻What if you would rather bring your own device (BYOD)?

If you prefer to use your personal laptop and it meets our minimum requirements, you are welcome to do so. Visit our student Chromebook FAQs for more information about BYOD, along with tips, resources, and answers to other common questions! 

If you run into any issues while using your Chromebook, please reach out to your school’s tech team for support.

Preparing for and Paying for Meals at School

Parents/caregivers need to provide their students with money to purchase meals at school, send them with a packed lunch, or apply (and be approved) for free and reduced-price meals benefits. School breakfast for students costs $1.75. Lunch is $3.25 for elementary students and $3.50 for middle, secondary, and high school students.

Free and Reduced-Price Meals

The application for free and reduced-priced meals is now available for the 2023-24 school year. Students who were approved for free and reduced-price lunch last year are eligible for the first 30 days of school this year (or until a new application is processed). Families should re-apply as soon as possible for the 2023-24 school year, so eligible students continue to receive meals at no cost. 

Paying With MySchoolBucks

The best way to purchase meals (and keep food lines moving!) is to use MySchoolBucks. Set up your student’s MySchoolBucks account today. Our front office staff can help with any questions. 

MySchoolBucks accounts can be set up to add money to the account automatically, as needed. Families with multiple children can use the same MySchoolBucks account. Visit FCPS’ Food and Nutrition webpage for more information. 

Join the PTSA!

We are asking for your help by requesting that you join the Cedar Lane PTSA. This organization helps to make certain there are funds for the quality educational activities that your student deserves. Your support is CRUCIAL to our mission of helping to provide the school with the resources it needs to help each child be successful!  You can help in 2 ways:

The Cedar Lane PTSA partners with the school to provide many resources and opportunities that would not otherwise be available to students to ensure student success. Your support is crucial to our mission!  You can help in 2 very important ways:

  1. Donate to our No-Fuss Fundraiser through PayPal at https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/supportCLPTSA or through Venmo @Cedar-Lane. Checks are also welcome and can be made out to Cedar Lane PTSA and mailed to the school at 101 Cedar Lane SW, Vienna VA 22180.  Your donation helps fund: senior scholarships, field trips, academic equipment, updated technology and so much more! And the best part- we won’t: try to sell you candles, giftwrap or popcorn, make you run in ask or attend a gala!

Join the PTSA!  Go to: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd-1w8HHzE0CbQf_tSo_wTbDBcrRO3SbXlMqvVj_O0mAiHAHQ/viewform?usp=pp_url and fill out the form then use the above payment methods to purchase memberships for parents/guardians and students.  For questions, please email (jmmin1@fcps.edu) or call Ms. Min (703-208-2420).