Our Impact In FCPS

How Did We Impact FCPS This Year?

As graduations approach, and schools prepare for summer break, we like to reflect on the many ways Educate Fairfax contributes to supporting students, teachers and programs in FCPS.

With our community's backing and financial commitment, we are able to do amazing things, so thank you!

Read on for the good news. 

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Teacher Grants

With your help, Educate Fairfax provided funding for 52 grants to classrooms this year, totaling over $82,000.

Projects ranged from college tours, STEAM activities, coffee carts, a theater program, and many more. 

Since 2018, Educate Fairfax has provided over $315,000 in direct grants to teachers for projects that support work-based learning for all students. 

Learn more about our grants on our website

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Literacy Programs

In partnership with Bookworm Central, Educate Fairfax is providing 165 second grade students with 5 books of their very own to read with their families over the summer.

This new program to FCPS supports students in retaining their hard-earned reading skills over the summer. We look forward to growing this program around the district next year! 


Kids in Need

With the support of our many donors in Fairfax, Educate Fairfax is able to provide necessary supports to our students in need.

At this time of year, we collect funds for school supply kits, so that every student can start the school year strong with the tools they need to be successful. Every year, Educate Fairfax donates between 2,000 -4,000 kits in FCPS. 

FCPS Hall of Fame

For the second year, Educate Fairfax presented the FCPS Hall of Fame, with 12 inductees to the group this year. To view photos and meet the inductees, visit the photo gallery on our website. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported this effort. 

FCPS Honors!

In partnership with the FCPS Human Resources Department, Educate Fairfax also supports Employee Recognition programs, including FCPS Cares and the highlight of the year, the FCPS Honors. At this gala event, we  recognize over 700 people, and award the 12 most outstanding employees in the district. 

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Your Donation Helps These Programs and More!

Educate Fairfax invests in long-term outcomes for FCPS students, whether through gap needs for disadvantaged students, recognition of stellar educators, literacy efforts for the youngest learners, classroom innovation, or direct grants for teachers to support work-based learning. We believe that strong schools are the bedrock of a vibrant community.

Your monetary donation will help students achieve their maximum potential and create lasting impact, one child at a time. 

Donate Today!

Our mission: Educate Fairfax energizes the power of the community to invest in educational excellence and prepare students for the future. 

Our vision: Every FCPS student has a path to success.  

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