Notification of Testing and Retest Permission Form, Grades 3 - 8


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State Assessments, Grades 3-8

Dear Parents and Guardians:

State assessments measure the extent to which students have learned the content and skills reflected in state standards and may also be used to measure growth in learning state standards. The format and timing of state assessments vary by grade level and content area, as noted in the table below. These include:

  • Fall and winter Virginia Growth Assessments (VGA) standardized tests in reading and mathematics. More information is available on the VGA webpage (;
  • Spring Standards of Learning (SOL) standardized tests in reading, mathematics, and science. More information is available on the SOL assessments webpage (;
  • Ongoing local alternative assessments (LAAs) including performance-based assessments (PBAs) completed as part of classroom instruction in science, writing, and social studies; More information is available on the LAA and PBA webpage (
spring assessment chart


The Grade Level Tests webpage ( provides information by grade level about the general assessment schedule and reporting method for each required assessment type in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). School staff will contact you with the specific dates your student is scheduled to take the standardized VGA and SOL assessments. If you have questions about state assessments, contact your student’s teacher or the school test coordinator. 



Parent/guardian permission is required for the school to retest any student in grades 3-8. If you believe that your student would benefit from a second opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills on the spring SOL test, please complete this permission form and return it to the school. A decision not to allow retesting will not impact your student’s course grade or academic record.

Directions: Return this permission form to your student’s teacher or the school test coordinator no later than May 1st , 2023. A form must be returned for each student in grades 3-8.

Student Name _________________________________________

FCPS ID #________________ Grade Level ________

Parent’s/Guardian’s Name (Printed) ______________________________________________________________

Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature ______________________________________________ Date ___________


_____ No, do not retest my student if their spring SOL score is between 375 and 399. I understand that this decision will not impact my student’s course grade or academic record.

_____ Yes, provide my student with the opportunity to retake any spring SOL tests if they score between 375 and 399.

_____ Yes, provide my student with the opportunity to retake only the following spring SOL tests if they score between 375 and 399. Spring SOL content area tests approved to retake (see table above for available SOL content areas): 



Lane Elementary 2023 SOL Testing Schedule

The SOL testing window runs May 2nd - May25th, 2023.

Retakes for eligible students (those scoring between 375-399) will be the week of
May 17th - May24th and May 26th – June 2nd, 2023.

Lane testing schedule


SOL Testing: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My student isn’t feeling well on the morning of their test. What should I do?

A: We want our students to do their best on their SOLs. If you student isn’t feeling well on the day of their test, please keep them home. We will schedule them for a make up test when they are feeling better.


Q: Can I schedule a doctor’s appointment for the afternoon on test day?

A: We request that you avoid any pre-arranged absences on your students’ SOL test day. Testing will start in the morning, and students have all day to finish. However, students must finish in one day. If students leave school and they haven’t finished their test, they will have to take an incomplete or start over.


Q: Can my student have their cell phone during SOL testing?

A: Students may only have a book for reading within the testing room. Student belongings will be housed in a sectioned off area in the hallway with monitors.


Q: Can my student have a Smart Device during testing?

A: Students may not have any electronic devices during testing.


Q: My student is in advanced math and will take the next grade level SOL. When do they test?

A: 5th and 6th grade advanced math students will test on the same day as their grade level peers. School Testing Coordinator will ensure they are assigned the appropriate SOL test if they are in advanced math.


Q: If my student doesn’t pass their SOL test what happens?

A: Nothing will directly happen to your student. The SOL test gives Lane Elementary, FCPS and Virginia Department of Education information and data that is used for instructional planning. A failing score on the SOL does not mean your child will not advance to the next grade level.


Q: How can I help my student do their best on the SOL test?

A: The best thing you can do for your student is to make sure they get good night's sleep before their test, arrive to school on time and with a good attitude on test day.

We want students to take this test seriously, but don’t want them to be overwhelmed or stressed out. Please don’t ‘study’ at home for the SOLs. Teachers are working hard to prepare your student and will send home review as appropriate.


Q: Who do I reach out to if I have questions?

A: You can reach out to your child’s teacher about SOL content and review. You can reach out to Allen Dickens and Teresa Perry, School Testing Coordinators, regarding questions about the SOL test.