Cooper News 3/29

spring break graphic

Schools and school offices will be closed Monday, April 3, to Friday, April 7. Students will return to school on Monday, April 10.

Need to Know:

  • ESSER Survey Coming Soon
  • Food Delivery Services
  • Reusable Water Bottles

ESSER Survey Approaching

April 17-May1

FCPS’ Office of Research and Strategic Improvement (ORSI) will gather information about FCPS’ teaching and learning efforts this school year from school-based administrators, teachers, students, and families this spring. These data collection efforts are part of FCPS’ ongoing study of what is working and what needs improvement following the pandemic. This includes FCPS’ use of $188.8 million in Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER III) funding to support the safe operation of schools and address the impacts of COVID-19 on students.

Surveys will be administered to students in grades 4 -12, all teachers, and all families from April 17 to May 1. 

Food Deliveries 

Students should not be ordering food from food delivery services during school hours.  This is a safety concern that also disrupts the educational process within our building.  Outside food is in direct competition with FCPS food services. Furthermore, these delivery drivers are often directed to use entrances that are not authorized for use during the school day. Please help us to support a safe and secure building by not allowing students food deliveries during the day. 

There has been a steady increase in the number fast food deliveries dropped off by families during the school day.   We would like to encourage students to utilize the healthy food choices available in our school cafeteria rather than receive fast food.   

FCPS Regulation 5003.4: Food Sales and Services: No food or beverages shall be offered for sale to students from midnight before to 30 minutes after the end of the instructional day on the school premises by a provider other than the individual school food service department.

No school or organization shall contract for, or offer on its own at other times, any sale or service of food or beverage to students in competition with an established school food services program.


Please help us keep our hallways dry! 😊  Students are encouraged to use a refillable water bottle at school but please leave at home the athletic water bottles with spray tops (water bottles that can be squeezed). 

Information to Support Parents:

  • Possibility Club
  • Band on the Run 5K
  • Replacement Chargers
  • No-cost teletherapy for students
  • Colvin Run Anniversary Gala
  • Summer VIP Camp
  • Langley Football Camp

band on the run

Possible Club Opportunity 

New after school club!

Possible Club has started and is available to every student. The idea of the club is that every week the members of the Possible Club match two students to help with any topic including art, academic areas, sports, as well as something like learning how to socialize! 

The following week the members match someone to get help from the last week's student who got helped. Which makes the club start a cycle. Also, helpers can get service hours for academic areas. Meetings are held on Mondays A+B sessions, and Thursday B sessions.

If your student is interested in being a helper, or receiving peer support, please ask them to complete the interest form.

Replacement charger

If your student has lost/misplaced the charger for their FCPS issued device, if they have searched high and low and still can’t find their charger, plesae go to MySchoolBucks to purchase a replacement charger for $28. Once the replacement fee has been paid Mr. Dabbondanza will contact your student and provide them with a replacement charger. Once your student has received the replacement charger please ensure that it is labeled with their name. 

No-Cost Mental Health Teletherapy for Students

Starting April 10 

FCPS has partnered with Hazel Health to begin offering virtual mental health services to high school students via live video sessions. Starting Monday, April 10, parents/caregivers who have been struggling to find a therapist for their child or who notice changes in their child’s behavior will be able to connect them virtually with a licensed therapist. 

Teletherapy services for students are short-term, evidence-based, and culturally-responsive. Teletherapy is available on any device, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Therapists will be locally-licensed clinicians; 50% of whom identify as Black, Indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC); and 40% of whom are bilingual. More than 15 languages are available.

Hazel Health’s licensed therapists can help students who are experiencing:

  • Mood/behavior changes, lack of motivation, grief/loss.
  • Anxiety, worry, fears.
  • Bullying, sexual identity challenges, challenging peer and family relationships.
  • Academic stress.

The first step for parents is to provide information through an opt-in form. Visit FCPS’ Teletherapy webpage for details.


Colvin Run Elementary School 20 Year “Dragonversary”

May 20

Are you a Colvin Run alum?  CRES PTO invites you to their 20 year Dragonversary Fundraiser and Gala.

summer VIP Camp 2023

Langley Football


  • Science Olympiad at States
  • Word Masters

VASO State Tournament 

Cooper Science Olympiad team competed at the State Tournament held at UVA this past weekend. They performed exceptionally well, winning overall 2nd place against 23 other competitive teams. Cooper Middle School is now qualified to go to Nationals Tournament to be held at Wichita State University on May 19th – May 20th. 

Awards were earned for top 6 placements in every event. The following are students along with placements in their events:

1st Place:

Arianne Almeida, Neethi Verma in Can't Judge a Powder

Hridhaan Banerjee, Krish Seonie in Crave the Wave 

Eshaan Sombhatta, Jason Pan, Nathan Liang in Experimental Design

Ellie Wen, Eric Zeng in Forestry

Jason Pan, Sidh Jaddu in Sounds of Music

2nd Place: 

Eshaan Sombhatta, Hridhaan Banerjee in Bio Process Lab

Arianne Almeida, Sidh Jaddu in Crime Busters

Jason Wu, Sidh Jaddu in Disease Detectives

Ellie Wen, Nathan Liang in Roller Coaster

Eshaan Sombhatta, Ethan Shan in Road Scholar

Ethan Shan, Neethi Verma in Wheeled Vehicle

3rd Place:

Jason Pan, Nathan Liang, Hridhaan Banerjee in Codebusters 

Jack Gao, Krish Seonie in Dynamic Planet

Eshaan Sombhatta, Ramkumar Babu in Green Generation

4th Place:

Abhay Nemani, Ramkumar Babu in Fast Facts

Abhay Nemani, Jack Gao in Meteorology

6th Place:

Kylie Rudinsky, Mythili Sudhir in Botany

Aliana Yee, Preenaka Dutt in Solar Power

cooper SO team

WordMasters National Recognition 

A team representing Cooper Middle School achieved Highest Honors in the recent WordMasters Challenge,a national vocabulary competition involving nearly 125,000 students annually. The eighth grade team scored an impressive 190 points out of a possible 200 in the second of three meets this year, placing eighth in the nation.

Competing in the Gold Division of the WordMasters Challenge, eighth graders Henry Ahn, Josephine O’Malley and Shveta Sunkar each earned a perfect score of 20 on the challenge. Nationally, only 68 eighth graders achieved this result. Other students from Cooper Middle School who achieved outstanding results in the meet include eighth graders Jordan Glover, Sabrina Kim, Inger Logan and Alex Rozsa.