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Important Upcoming Dates

  • Apr 1-5: National Assistant Principals Week
  • April 3-April 7: Spring Break
  • April 4: National School Librarian Day
  • April 13: End of 3rd Quarter-2 Hour Early Release 
  • April 14: Teacher Workday/Student Holiday/Orthodox Good Friday
  • April 21: Eid al Fitr/Student/Teacher Holiday-Schools closed
  • May 29-Holiday/Memorial Day-Schools closed
  • June 9th  9:30AM: Graduation Eagle Bank Arena
  • June 16-Last Day of School (Early Release)

Message from Dr. Khoshaba

Greetings, SoCo family!


This was a great week with the students! From the Marketing Day to various classroom activities, I was so proud of our staff and students for the interactive lessons and engagement levels throughout the week.

First, I had several classroom observations this week, but there was only one in which I left exhausted. As I observed Mr. Mallisham PE class, a few students invited me to play ping pong with them. As many of us would agree, ping pong is one of the greatest sports ever created. In fact, it’s so great that I have my own ping pong table at home, so I like to think of myself as a pretty good player. Well, I’m embarrassed to say that these students shook my confidence! Perhaps my strongest competition came at the end of the class, when freshman Nicole beat me like a rug! She had me running from the left side of the table to the right, then backing up with a fast hit followed by a soft tip over the net that I couldn’t reach. This athlete is only going to get better with time. I’m going to have to reconsider playing again if I ever want to regain my confidence. I also thoroughly enjoyed playing Gabriel, Andan, and Thomas. These are fantastic students who made my day!

During Mrs. Dillard’s marketing class, I observed three groups (Riya and Ann Marie, Grace and Katie, and Ava and Netta) who had outstanding travel agent presentations! Their presentations were professionally delivered and informative, and they had great responses to audience questions. Their presentations were so good that at one point I forgot I was observing a class and believed I was hearing real travel agents! Being an avid cruiser myself, I was especially interested in the cruises that were researched and presented. The trip to Italy was particularly informative. I traveled there in 2018, and the pictures and pricing presented were spot on! 

Marketing Day was on Tuesday and Wednesday. Our students did a phenomenal job with selling a variety of fun products during lunches. Coincidentally, I observed the Entrepreneurship class on Tuesday afternoon, and hearing the students reflect on what went well and what could be improved was very enlightening. 

Wednesday found me down at the gym area. One of the nicest young men at our school, Khalil, invited me to bench with him during class. Receiving an invitation from a student to participate in class with them is always the biggest sign of respect to me. Khalil (and classmates) and I had a great time working out together. I’ve said this to so many people in our community, but I continue being impressed with the kindness and respect that our students show to adults!

This past week I was able to spend time with our Boys Tennis team, as I was the guest announcer for our top six players. While I enjoy this sport, I’ve never had the skills to make a team, which makes me admire our players’ abilities that much more.  When I asked one athlete what he loved most about this team, he immediately referenced the support. As he recalled, he was losing one game pretty bad, but through the encouragement of his teammates, he was able to rally and win the match. That’s what I call teamwork!

The Science Olympiad is one of the nation's most prestigious and rigorous competitions of science, technology, engineering and math. Science Olympiad teams competed in more than two-dozen scientific and engineering challenges on topics ranging from human health, ecology, chemistry, cell biology, geology, logic, and engineering. Awards are given for the best overall team score and individual scores in each event.  SoCo has 45 competing members, 17 of which competed at the State Tournament at the University of Virginia on Saturday, March 25th.  This week I saw so many of our students who placed wearing their medals during the school day. They were proud of what they were accomplished, and we are all proud of them for representing our school community so well.

Below are the results from the State Tournament and Regional Tournament.



State Tournament:

  • 1st Place in Fermi Questions: Bethel Daniel, Matthew McCollum
  • 1st Place in Trajectory: Matthew McCollum, Ayaan Shaikh
  • 3rd Place in WiFi Lab: Lily Lai, Ayaan Shaikh
  • 4th Place in Botany: Jae Wan Jung, Jennah Raja
  • 4th Place in Codebusters: Diya Amat, Bethel Daniel, Siya Patel
  • 5th Place in Bridge: Lily Lai, Tiffany Ling
  • 5th Place in Write It Do It: Bethel Daniel, Pavi Gupta

Regional Tournament:

  • 2nd Place in Bridge: Lily Lai, Tiffany Ling
  • 3rd Place in Dynamic Planet: Lily Lai, Tiffany Ling
  • 4th Place in Trajectory: Matthew McCollum, Ayaan Shaikh
  • 5th Place in WiFi Lab: Lily Lai, Ayaan Shaikh

Congratulations to all of these outstanding Stallions!

We need your help:

On Wed March 29th between 8am and 8:15 am a total of 72 cars either pulled up and dropped off students at the bus entrance on Laurel Crest or pulled through and entered into the bus lane dropping off students at door 4. Please refrain from doing this, as it causes traffic problems for other parents and student drivers. The only areas in which students should be dropped off is the Kiss and Ride by door 12 and in the student parking lot.

We do not allow students to enter any other doors (besides doors 1 and 12). We appreciate everyone’s help in following these traffic procedures.

Finally, beginning on Monday, April 10, we will not unlock any perimeter doors before 7:30am. Students who arrive before that time will have to sit outside, as we do not have any adult supervision in the building prior to that time.

I want to thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.  




spring break

🌷As a reminder, April 3-7 is spring break. Schools and School offices will be closed. We wish our students and teachers a happy and restful Spring Break! Students will return to school on Monday, April 10, 2023. See the complete 2022-23 school year calendar.


In FCPS libraries, students develop knowledge and skills, experience a sense of belonging, find inspiration and support, and have the ability to freely pursue their personal interests and academic growth. Watch this video to learn how FCPS librarians make a difference.

senior corner

Senior Dues:

  • $100 – pays for graduation, cap and gown, diploma cover, etc.
  • Can be paid through My School Bucks or cash or check to Ms. Straughn (C240) and Ms. Storer (C231)
  • Checks will not be accepted after May 1st


  • May 20th 8pm-11pm at Westwood Country Club, Vienna
  • $60 – ticket sales begin May 8th during lunches
  • If you your student has overdue fees on their account, they will need to resolve those first before buying a prom ticket

Senior Class Trip:

  • Wednesday, June 7th Kings Dominion
  • More info to come


  • Friday, June 9th at 9:30AM Eagle Bank Arena
  • Students must arrive to Eagle Bank by 8:30 AM with only a car key in hand (no phones, no wallets, etc.)
  • No tickets required for graduation – unlimited seating
  • Required Graduation Rehearsals: Tuesday, June 6th 10AM and Thursday, June 8th 10AM in the bubble

Caps and Gowns:

  • Make sure your senior completes the Senior Caps and Gowns form to have the correct size ordered ASAP. Students will need to be logged into their FCPS google account to complete this form.
  • Caps and gowns will be distributed during graduation rehearsals.
  • If your student owes fees (textbooks, senior dues, missing chargers/laptops, etc.) they will not be able to collect their cap and gown until their fees are resolved.

Graduation Pictures:

  • Graduation will be photographed by Victor O’Neill Studios
  • You can create an account before graduation in order to view pictures after graduation.
event photo


The Junior/Senior Prom will be held on May 20 from 8-11 pm at Westwood Country Club.  

There will be more information coming shortly!    




Don't wait!


Order your copy of 2022-2023 Yearbook here


lorton spring fling

  Tickets for All Night Grad Party (ANGP) 

The night is meant to celebrate your student and their fellow classmates in a fun and positive environment.  We can’t wait to celebrate the Class of 2023 at the All Night Grad Party!

Theme: Final Stampede

Date: Friday, 9 June

Location: St. James Sports Complex (Springfield)

Price: $60.  Get your ticket now!

Follow the link to purchase a ticket, sign the waiver, and emergency contact form:  https://southcountyptso.membershiptoolkit.com/packet/24432443

The following registration information MUST be completed and agreed to by a parent/guardian.  This waiver and the purchase of a ticket allows entrance into the South County All Night Grad Party.

************   BE PART OF THE FUN *******

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Class of 2023: Class of 2023: ANGP Sign-Up (signupgenius.com)

Congratulate your South County Class of 2023 Grad with a LAWN SIGN!!! 

All proceeds benefit the Class of 2023 All Night Grad Party AKA The Final Stampede.

Order must be placed (ONLINE ONLY) by May 1, 2023.

Signs will be available for pickup at South County High School the week of May 15, 2023 (info will be sent out to those who purchased in May)


class 2023

mental health

No-Cost Mental Health Teletherapy for Students Starting April 10 

FCPS has partnered with Hazel Health to begin offering virtual mental health services to high school students via live video sessions. Starting Monday, April 10, parents/caregivers who have been struggling to find a therapist for their child or who notice changes in their child’s behavior will be able to connect them virtually with a licensed therapist. 

Teletherapy services for students are short-term, evidence-based, and culturally-responsive. Teletherapy is available on any device, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Therapists will be locally-licensed clinicians; 50% of whom identify as Black, Indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC); and 40% of whom are bilingual. More than 15 languages are available.

Hazel Health’s licensed therapists can help students who are experiencing:

  • Mood/behavior changes, lack of motivation, grief/loss.
  • Anxiety, worry, fears.
  • Bullying, sexual identity challenges, challenging peer and family relationships.
  • Academic stress.

The first step for parents is to provide information through an opt-in form. Visit FCPS’ Teletherapy webpage for details.


🏆 Students from 15 FCPS High Schools win DECA Awards

Two-hundred-three students from 15 Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) high schools were recognized as competitive event winners at the Virginia DECA State Leadership Conference. These students earned the right to compete at the DECA International Career Development Conference April 22-25. A complete list of winners is available on the FCPS website.


April is the Month of the Military Child! Every year we take the opportunity to recognize military-connected youth for their service and contribution to our community. Fairfax County Public Schools is proud to have over 14,000 military-connected youth as a part of our student body. We appreciate the varied life experiences they bring to our school community, and recognize their strength and resilience. Learn more about Month of the Military Child and FCPS’ resources for military families


FCPS is proud to celebrate National Arab American Heritage Month in April. This special month provides an opportunity to recognize the remarkable history and valuable contributions of Arab Americans. Arab Americans have ancestry in one of the world’s 22 Arab nations, which are located from northern Africa through western Asia. The people of these nations are ethnically, politically, and religiously diverse but share a common cultural and linguistic heritage. Learn more about the heritage months, celebrations, and traditions celebrated in FCPS.


April is Autism Acceptance Month. One in 44 children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder in the United States, according to the CDC. Our schools and staff play a vital role in creating and ensuring inclusive environments that accommodate and affirm autistic students.


Many Jewish communities in the United States celebrate Passover, a recognition of the deliverance of Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. Passover is also known as Pesah, Pesach, or the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Many Jewish families in the United States eat a ceremonial meal known as the Seder, which involves telling the story of the exodus from Egypt as well as eating various symbolic foods, such as meat of the paschal lamb and bitter herbs, recalling the harsh life of slavery. 

Learn more about Passover in NatGeo Kids


In countries where Theravada Buddhism is the most dominant religion, April is the month of celebration. It marks the end of the lunisolar calendar and the beginning of another, just like January 1 for most people in the world, and is why this holiday is termed the Theravada New Year. The Theravada New Year is celebrated for three days from the first full moon in April. Theravada means “the teachings of the elders.” Celebrations begin with people attending the local temple in the morning for chanting and meditation. In the afternoon they have a water festival in which they meet the Buddha image and pay respect to the elderly by watering their hands together. Building sandcastles is also one of the most popular activities during this day of celebration. 

good friday

Good Friday, the Friday before Easter, is the day on which Christians annually observe the commemoration of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Good Friday is a day of mourning. During special Good Friday services Christians meditate on Jesus's suffering and death on the cross, and what this means for their faith. Read more at Britannica.com

The school calendar recognizes many religious and cultural observances (O days) during the school year. There is school on these days, however, the School Board has directed that specific events that cannot be made up will not be held on these observance days.See the complete 2022-23 school year calendar.

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