Bush Hill Updates -- Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Outstanding Employee Awards

The FCPS Outstanding Employee Awards program celebrates the efforts and accomplishments of exceptional school-based and non-school-based employees from throughout the district. Nominations are accepted from colleagues, supervisors, students, and parents.

Bush Hill Elementary is proud to have received several nominations for the FCPS Outstanding Employee Award from both parents and teachers who have benefitted and experienced the professionalism, dedication and talent across our staff. A diverse award selection committee formed by volunteers, had the difficult task to review each nomination against specific criteria for each category and is thrilled to formally award Outstanding Professional to Bree Ouardi, Outstanding New Teacher to Hannah Franks, Outstanding Teacher to Lalin Courtney, and Outstanding Operational Employee to Mahwish Jabeen. These award winners not only represent the best of our shared values through their work but have been an inspiration to students, colleagues and families alike who have been greatly enriched by their many and exceptional contributions to our community.

“Thank you to everyone who took time to recognize some of our amazing employees by nominating them for one of FCPS Outstanding Employee Award categories! We were excited to recognize many of our staff members for the work that they do every day. Congratulations to our Bush Hill Outstanding Employees,” said Mrs. Duffy, Bush Hill Elementary’s Principal.


Freedom Fighter Joan Trumpauer Mulholland -- Join Us!

In last week's News You Can Choose, the Bush Hill PTA announced that Joan Trumpauer Mulholland will share her story with students during two student assemblies in the morning of February 15, one at 9:30 am and the other at 10:45 am.

We hope you can join us! We have 30 spots available for parents/guardians to come hear Joan share her experiences as an "ordinary hero" on the front lines of the Civil Rights movement. We will also learn more about her ongoing work as an advocate for justice and equity, especially for Black Americans.

Please use this sign up genius link to sign up for this upcoming event: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70A0D4CA5A82EA6F85-speaker



Black History Month

In February, people all over the United States celebrate Black History Month. Students deserve meaningful, sustained opportunities to learn about the experiences and contributions of Black and African American people year-round, and Black History Month is one opportunity to honor these important stories and contributions. Students will engage in a variety of learning experiences throughout the month. Joan Trumpauer Mulholland will also be visiting Bush Hill on February 15th. She is a civil rights icon who has received many awards and recognition for her work in the Civil Rights Movement. We learn about her experiences and important activism

African American Read-In

The National African American Read-In is a groundbreaking effort to encourage communities to read together, centering African American books and authors. It was established in 1990 by the Black Caucus of the National Council of Teachers of English to make literacy a significant part of Black History Month. 

More information is coming soon about details for this event at Bush Hill. 

Recognize A Caring Panther Staff Member

The FCPS CARES Program is an opportunity for parents, staff, and community members to recognize FCPS employees for going above and beyond to help others and show they care. We invite you to submit your story below, so we can all acknowledge the good work of FCPS employees.

Please take note of the following before submitting an FCPS CARES

  • All submissions are posted to the public FCPS CARES webpage and could be shared via other FCPS news outlets.
  • Submissions containing personal or sensitive information may be edited.
  • A notification email, with the submission text included, will be sent to the recipient and copied to his or her supervisor(s).

For more information, please visit


Kindergarten Registration Now Open

We look forward to welcoming our newest Panthers to Bush Hill ES for the 2023-2024 school year.   Registration packets are available in the Bush Hill ES Main Office or you may download the forms using the link below.

The registration requirements are as follows:

For incoming Kindergarten students – please visit https://www.fcps.edu/registration/kindergarten-registration

It is important that you have filled out all of the paperwork, and bring with you the following:

  1. Photo ID
  2. Original Birth Certificate
  3. Proof of Residency (Deed or Lease to your home)
  4. Virginia Physical and Immunization Record (due prior to school starting in August)

When you are ready, and have gathered most of your documentation, please contact me to set up your registration appointment.  All registrations are done by appointment only.

For further information, the Fairfax County Public Schools website is www.fcps.edu and the Bush Hill Elementary website is https://bushhilles.fcps.edu/ 

To keep in touch with our Bush Hill ES Panther Community, please consider signing up for News You Choose – our e-newsletter  https://bushhilles.fcps.edu/announcements/news-you-choose-bush-hill

I look forward to meeting with you!  Please feel free to contact me @ 703-924-5600 with any questions. 

Ms. Elizabeth F. DePalma, SIA/Registrar

Dual Language Immersion Program Registration Is Open

Registration for the countywide lottery for Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programs is now open. Programs are available in French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. Get more information on DLI programs and registration.

Parent Resource Center

February Webinars and Events for Parents

FCPS’ Parent Resource Center (PRC) is dedicated to helping adults support the success of all students. The PRC will present the following webinars in February. Click on the title to register: 

Cats take a playful look at the world of autism, and these fun feline friends will strike a chord with all who are familiar with children on the Autism Spectrum. Join Kathy Hoopmann as she celebrates the diversity within this neurodiverse community by reading from her book and answering audience questions.

How can families partner with schools? Kristen Haynor, FCPS neurodiversity specialist, will discuss strategies to set your child up for success, how to advocate for your child, and tools for collaborating with your child's school.

Join Career and Transition Services (CTS) to learn about planning for life in and after high school. Parents will be able to meet and ask questions of representatives from CTS programs about services for students with disabilities. A student/parent panel is also part of the event.

This webinar is a two-part interactive session designed for parents, caregivers, and educators to discover how to incorporate more unstructured play and sensory foundational activities to support all young children’s development, including children with special needs and mental health concerns.




What's New on

The FCPS Parent Resource Center

YouTube Channel

Social Emotional Milestones in Early Childhood

The first five years of life are a period of incredible growth in all areas of a child’s development. Social and emotional development includes the child’s experience, expression and management of their emotions, and the ability to establish positive and rewarding relationships with others. Join us for this important webinar to learn about the social emotional developmental milestones in early childhood.

Neurodiversity: What Do You Mean We are all Neurodiverse?

All human beings are neurodiverse. There is infinite variation of thinking and experiencing the world due to our identities, experiences, and brain wiring that is a valuable form of human diversity (Büdy, 2021; Singer, 2019).

This webinar, presented by FCPS Neurodiversity Specialist, Kristen Haynor, examines the brilliance and advantages of neurodiversity and the different ways brains may function as it relates to neurodivergence or neurotypicality.

Where to Start: Supporting Children When Someone They Love Has Cancer

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer, this presentation will provide information and guidance on how to support your children throughout the cancer journey.

إﺳﺗراﺗﯾﺟﯾﺎت ووﺳﺎﺋل ﻟدﻋم اﻷﺳرة ﻟﻠﺗﻌﺎﻣل ﻣﻊ اﻟﺿﻐوطﺎت اﻟﻧﻔﺳﯾﺔ

اﻟﻌﻮاﻣﻞ اﻟﻨﻔﺴﯿﺔ واﻷﺟﺘﻤﺎﻋﯿﺔ اﻟﺘﻲ ﺗﺆدي اﻟﻰ اﻟﻀﻐﻂ اﻟﻨﻔﺴﻲ. أﺛﺮ اﻟﻀﻐﻂ اﻟﻨﻔﺴﻲ ﻋﻠﻰ طﺮﯾﻘﺔ اﻟﺘﻔﺎﻋﻞ ﺑﯿﻦ أﻓﺮاد اﻟﻌﺎﺋﻠﺔ ﻣﮭﺎرات اﻟﺘﻜﯿّﻒ واﻟﺘﺄﻗﻠﻢ اﻟﺘﻲ ﺗﺴﺎﻋﺪ اﻟﻌﺎﺋﻠﺔ ﻋﻠﻰ اﻟﺘﻌﺎﻣﻞ ﻣﻊ اﻟﻀﻐﻮطﺎت اﻟﻨﻔﺴﯿﺔ اﻟﺠﺰء 2: أﺛﺮ اﻟﻀﻐﻮطﺎت اﻟﻨﻔﺴﯿﺔ ﻋﻠﻰ اﻷطﻔﺎل

Meet the Autor Series: The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers

Socially, mentally, and spiritually, teenagers face a variety of pressures and stressors each day. Despite these pressures, it is still families who can influence teens the most, and The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers equips parents to make the most of that opportunity.

Join Dr. Chapman as he shares his insights and thoughts about loving our teens.

Bullying and Harassment Intervention and Prevention Webinar

FCPS is deeply committed to creating a safe and positive school environment where all students can learn. Through school-wide positive behavior approaches and participation in K-12 health and guidance lessons students are taught to behave respectfully and to resolve conflicts in positive ways.

Everything you Need to Know about Opioids

Join us for this important webinar designed to inform and raise awareness about the dangers of children and adolescents using and overdosing on opioids.

Modern Families: Fostering Resilience and Inclusivity while Welcoming and Affirming All Families

Highlights from this webinar include identifying unique strengths and challenges faced by modern families raising children and youth, including those with special needs. Additionally, participants will practice effective communication strategies between families and school partners to increase comfort and inclusivity for students and families.

Manejar los momentos estresantes de las vida - Parte 1

Manejando el estrés - Parte 2

Si está interesado en aprender sobre el estrés y cómo manejarlo, está invitado a este seminario web gratuito .

Meet the Author Series - Paige Saves the Day

Paige is a happy kid with a unique fashion sense and creative imagination. Despite being bullied because of the things that make her different, she enjoys using her creativity to entertain her family and friends with stories in which she and her dog, Peppermint, are Super Heroes who always save the day!

Join us as the authors, Nalani Butler and Leila Butler, read Paige Saves the Day and share their experiences with families.

Dads: Stop the Power Struggles and Get the Respect You Want

As dads, we want to be respected so our kids don't make the same mistakes we made. But how do you discipline and motivate kids who don't respond to consequences?

Celebrate Calm Founder, Kirk Martin, will give dads practical strategies to de-escalate situations and stop common power struggles.