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Terra Centre Families, 

It is SO nice to have our classrooms filled with students again! We hope everyone had a relaxing winter break and that your children are excited to be back, as we are excited to have them!  Our students are settling back into routines and setting resolutions for a strong finish to the second quarter. 

The New Year may mean new technology at home, and as a reminder, at school, technology has a time, place, and purpose. We have provided some reminders below to support families with technology. 

Schools and offices will be closed on Monday, January 16th for the Martin Luther King holiday. 

Please see below for reminders, updates, and special events. 

Rebecca Gidoni, Principal

Teresa Lewis, Assistant Principal

Calendar Events


January 06: Three Kings Day/Epiphany (O-Day)

January 16: MLK Day-School and Office Closed

January 17: Parent Presentation on Bullying, 7:00 PM

January 19: Orthodox Epiphany (O-Day)

January 25: 2nd quarter ends

January 25: 2 hour early release, 1:25 PM dismissal

January 26: Student holiday (Staff Development Day)

January 27: Student holiday (Teacher Work Day) 

January 31: SCA Spirit Day-Lumberjack Day-see below

FCPS 2022-2023 Calendar

FCPS School Year 2022-2023

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  • This is the time of year when winter weather and children’s illnesses can take a toll on school attendance. But it’s important to get your children to school every day possible.
  • If you are unsure whether to send your children to school, consult your doctor or this website for guidance. Our school nurse is also a terrific resource for chronic health conditions.
  • Do what you can to keep your children healthy. Dress them warmly for the cold weather and make sure they’ve got hats and gloves. Encourage them to wash their hands regularly and send them to school with a bottle of hand sanitizer.
  • Help your child learn to persevere. Today, he learns to overcome a snowdrift. In the future, he will have the grit to triumph over even greater obstacles to his dreams.

Dual Language Immersion Program Registration  

Registration for the countywide lottery for Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programs will open on Monday, January 23. Current pre-k students may apply for the kindergarten immersion program, and current kindergarten students may apply for the first grade immersion programs for the 2023-24 school year. 

Programs are available in French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. Visit the DLI registration page for more information on where the programs are offered. 

Parents who are interested in the DLI programs in FCPS are encouraged to attend an informational meeting at their school site. Meetings will begin on January 11. Details regarding access to virtual meetings will be available on the Dual Language Immersion registration page by the meeting date. 

Get more information on DLI programs and registration.

Substance Use Presentations

FCPS is dedicated to providing parents and community members with the most accurate and up-to-date information on youth substance use, prevention, addiction, interventions and available supports. Please join us and our partners from the Fairfax County Police Department and Community Services Board as we discuss these topics as well as the ongoing opioid crisis. There will be an adults only presentation on Thursday, February 2 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at Robinson SS in the Recital Hall.  Attendees will walk away with an understanding of:

  • Alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, and opioid.
  • List what you can do as a caregiver.
  • How to identify and connect with community resources.


Resources for Families of Students with Disabilities

SEPTA, the Fairfax County Special Education Parent Teacher Association, was created to empower and connect families, students, and educators to ensure students with disabilities develop their full potential as individuals and community members. Learn more or become a member on the SEPTA website

The Advisory Committee for Students with Disabilities (ACSD) is a state mandated Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC). Parents/guardians, students, teachers, administrators, staff, and others interested in special education at FCPS are welcome and encouraged to share their thoughts, ideas, and/or public comment related to the unmet needs of students with disabilities.

FCPS’ Office of Special Education Procedural Support provides guidance to staff, families, and students in areas related to the implementation of and compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, as amended. 

Families of students in special education programs can find more resources in the Special Education Handbook for Parents. (Translations are available from the Parent Resource Center (PRC).) 

The PRC offers free webinars, consultations, a lending library, and resources to help adults support the success of all students, including those with learning challenges, special needs, and disabilities. Their YouTube channel includes videos of workshops and webinars for families and educators to support student success. Sign up for their newsletter to receive information on upcoming webinars and other resources. Please contact the PRC with any questions at or call 703-204-2941.

Kathy Murphy, the assistant ombuds for special education, provides information and support to parents/caregivers and students regarding special education and Section 504 services. Staff in the Office of the Ombuds believe that by being transparent and connecting families with available supports and services, children with special needs can equitably access public education.

Contact the ombuds by submitting a question, calling 571-423-4014, or emailing 

Four kids in front of a mural of kids holding hearts. "FCPS Our Voices, Our Future. Strategic Planning"

Strategic Planning Community Forums Scheduled

Beginning January 30, FCPS will host a series of community forums as part of our Strategic Plan development process. The completed schedule and locations for the sessions are posted on FCPS' Strategic Planning webpage

Planning teams, which include a diverse range of voices from the FCPS community, are continuing to review student achievement, access, and survey data;and crafting a collective vision for the school division. Key communicators will soon receive strategic planning materials to share with their groups and networks. Preparations for divisionwide student focus groups are underway, and there will be opportunities for employees to engage in a survey and “reality check” sessions in the upcoming months. For the latest information, please visit the Strategic Planning web page and check it often.  


Technology Reminders

  • Per FCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities, “Phones must be silenced and in backpacks for the duration of the school day. Smart watches that serve a dual purpose may be worn, but the phone features (texting, Internet viewing, and calls) are to be off when phone use is prohibited. Students are prohibited from using phones, tablets, and other mobile devices in restrooms and locker rooms, unless there is a medical necessity or emergency. Teachers may allow usage of cell phones for instructional activities when appropriate. Cell phones may be used on campus before and after school only” (FCPS, 2022).

Please know that during state testing (SOLs), Smart watches should be stored in student backpacks to avoid testing irregularities. 

  • After a few weeks off of our network, it's likely that student laptops will need some updates. Restart to start the day-- this does not mean shut down and turn back on! Make sure that it's connected to the Fairfax network. Wait a few minutes, and restart again. As you're able without disrupting your instruction, restart a few more times during the day. You may get updates, you might not. You will want to try and do this for the next few days to make sure the computer is up to date.
  • Technology, as a tool, is an important part of our students’ futures. We are also aware that tools can create unintended challenges if not used properly. Students will be reminded of safe use for their computers, including resources like Google Education Fundamentals (Google tools like Drive, Docs, Forms, etc.), and how to avoid compromising scenarios. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to review at home:


  • Respect yourself and be yourself.
  • Use privacy settings, strong passwords, and turn off location services unless needed.
  • Pay attention to red flag feelings. If something makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable, stop and consult with a trusted adult.
  • Block unfriendly connections and treat people the way you would want to be treated and consider different perspectives.
  • Slow down and reflect before posting. Posts are permanent and shareable.
  • Consider the consequences. Imagine what could happen before you decide to post.
  • Immediately tell your parents, teacher, or principal if you see cyberbullying, know of a student in crisis, or if someone threatens to harm themselves or others.


  • Don’t post obscene, harassing, discriminatory, violent, vulgar, or hateful content. 
  • Don’t add people you don’t know to your social media accounts.
  • Don’t overshare (including your password- Keep It SECURE!!!).
  • Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t say in person.
  • Don’t engage in shared documents that talk poorly of others.

Here are some additional Digital Citizenship resources, compiled by FCPS:

As always, feel free to reach out to us at Terra Centre for any additional support!


The FCPS CARES Program is an opportunity for families, staff, and community members to recognize FCPS employees for going above and beyond to help others and show they care. We invite you to submit your story, so we can all acknowledge the good work of FCPS employees at Terra Centre.  We love our staff members; let's tell them how we feel!

SCA Spirit Day-January 31st

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January Updates

  • Robinson Pyramid Parent Presentation on Bullying flier
  • Substance Use Education: New Year's Resolutions flier
  • PTA fliers
    • Winter After School Club fliers

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  • In case you missed it in FCPS This Week, the school division shared updates on the following topics:
    • FCPS Building and Renovation Plans
    • Upcoming Webinars for Parents/Caregivers
    • Dual Language Immersion Program Registration
    • Academy Open Houses
    • Resources for Families of Students with Disabilities

Read FCPS This Week to learn more about these topics. If you are not already receiving the weekly newsletter, sign up today.  

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