Arrival Change Reminder

Morning Arrival Change for Spring Musical

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, November 9th - we will be making a slight adjustment to our arrival procedures. In order to accommodate practice time and space for our spring musical, all students, regardless of grade-level, will be reporting to the gym in the morning upon arrival. Our musical participants will be using the cafeteria for play practice.

This change to arrival procedures will be in place for a while and when it is time for Kinder-2nd grade students to report back to the cafeteria in the morning, we will communciate that out to our staff and parent community.

Students can continue to come to school by bus, as a walker through Door #11, or through Kiss n Ride. Starting on Wednesday, November 9th - all students upon arrival, will report to the gym until it is time to go to their classrooms to start the school day. 

Please help communicate this change to your child and we will have staff ready to remind students of the change tomorrow morning.