Peace Valley Lane

Mason District Community,

My October newsletter, published last Wednesday, included notice about a public hearing and Board action on an item that has generated several inquiries from the community.

Acquisition of a 25-foot strip of land adjacent to Justice HS is on the Board consent agenda this Thursday, November 3 and is also one of the two topics for the public hearing this same evening.

Please sign up ASAP for this public hearing to share your comments.

To offer additional clarity, FCPS leadership and outside counsel have provided the details below about the agenda item.

  • The agenda item does not make any changes with respect to the plans approved by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors on August 2, 2022.
  • The purpose of the agenda item is to remove possible claims to an old outlet road right-of-way that appears in certain documents of record for the Justice High School property.
  • With that question removed, FCPS will be able to grant a sidewalk easement to Fairfax County so the County can construct a five (5) foot wide sidewalk on the south (Justice Park) side of Peace Valley Lane.
  • The sidewalk had been identified as a County-project for a number of years in response to requests from the community to improve access to both the high school and the park.
  • The possible 25-foot outlet road was identified on the original rezoning plans FCPS filed for Justice High School a year ago in November 2021.

The sidewalks on both sides of Peace Valley Lane were shown on the revised plans FCPS submitted to the County last May.

FCPS added the sidewalk on the north (Justice High School) side of Peace Valley Lane in response to input from the community and the County Staff.

The upcoming agenda item is needed to facilitate the possible construction of the sidewalk on the south side of Peace Valley Lane. No changes are proposed to what was presented to and approved by the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors last summer.

The images below, from the plans the Board of Supervisors approved in August, identify the possible outlet road and the location of the proposed sidewalks.

Please reach out to me with any outstanding questions you may have.  




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