Katherine Johnson MS - October 28, 2022

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in this issue:

Important Dates

  • Monday, October 31 - Teacher Workday (Student Holiday)
  • November 6 - 2:00 AM - Daylight Savings Time
    • Don’t forget to move your clocks back one hour
  • Wednesday, November 8 - Election Day (Student Holiday)
  • Thursday, November 9 - Career Day
  • Thursday, November 10 - Make-Up Picture Day
  • Friday, November 11 - Veterans Day (Student Holiday)
  • Tuesday, November 15 - Fairfax Choral Pyramid Concert
    • 7:00 PM at Fairfax HS. 
  • Wednesday, November 16 - World Language Credit Exam
  • Wednesday, November 23-25 - Thanksgiving Break
  • Monday, December 19 through Monday, January 2nd - Winter Break


  • Classes Resume on January 3 (EVEN Day)

Principal's Message


Happy Friday, Eagle Community,

What a busy week we had at KJMS! Last night, we had dozens of families for our English as a Second Language Family Potluck. The cooking talents of our families is quite a delicious way to share our cultural strengths! Today, we had much fun with students dressed as movie or book characters. Next week, there is an Anti-”Boo”lying Spirit Week, Also, in the coming week, we want to honor those who celebrate Día de los Muertos and All Saints Day. 

At KJMS, we are very proud that our Eagles continue to complete and compete in various eco actions each year. KJMS is a proud USDOE Green Ribbon School and an Eco School with Permanent Green Flag status. For the 9th year this year, we have received the Virginia Naturally School Recognition Program by the Virginia Dept. of Wildlife Resources. Way to go, Eagles!


The KJMS-PTA is hosting a “Thank You Gram” fundraising on November 9 and 10 (with a delivery date of November 17).  We need parent volunteers and donations (sign-up genius) to make this special event possible.  All proceeds will cover the upcoming Teacher and Staff Appreciation Breakfast.  We appreciate your support, time, and donations.  

Enjoy the cool weather,

Tammy Silipigni,


Next Week is Spirit Week - Anti-”Boo”lying


KJMS Recognized...


Katherine Johnson MS once again for the 9th year, was recognized by the Virginia Naturally School Recognition Program by the Virginia Dept. of Wildlife Resources.

Read about our journey:  Our Green Journey

Family Life Education (FLE) Preview Night

FLE and Emotional & Social Health will be included in the 7th and 8th grade PE curriculum this school year.  There will be a VIRTUAL preview night for both programs on November 14, 6:30 PM-7:30 PM.

Please let us know if you will be able to attend by clicking on this link.  A Zoom link will be sent to you prior to the meeting date. 

Thank you

KJMS Looking for AVID Tutors


Attention families - looking for a flexible and part-time position at Johnson MS? FCPS is hiring AVID tutors for the 2022-2023 school year.  AVID tutors work with small groups of approximately 5-7 students during the school day in an academic elective class called Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID). These groups use questioning strategies to help students develop a variety of college preparatory skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. Tutors earn $18.42 per hour and should either be a college graduate or currently enrolled in college. If interested, please email your resume to Lisa Shields at LBShields@fcps.edu. Thank you.

Nominations are now open for the Outstanding Employee Awards!


We need your help in letting us know about your child's favorite teacher/staff member. 

Please consider nominating them.

To submit a nomination for a Katherine Johnson MS (KJMS) Outstanding Employee in one of the categories below, please complete the nomination through this Google form links below.

You may nominate one employee at our school or multiple employees (one individual may only nominate one employee per category.)

All that is required for a preliminary nomination is a paragraph or two about how this employee demonstrates exceptional work in the criteria for that category. The google form link has more information regarding the criteria for each of these awards and the eligibility requirements are below.

Outstanding Teacher

Outstanding New Teacher

Outstanding Leader 

Outstanding Professional Employee 

Outstanding Operational Employee

The deadline to submit a nomination is

Friday, November 4, 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact Emily Gardiner at eegardiner@fcps.edu  

Family Life Education Changes

Feedback Welcome on Proposed Family Life Education Changes

The Fairfax County School Board is reviewing recommended changes to the Family Life Education (FLE) curriculum and invites public feedback as part of the review process. In May 2022, the Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee (FLECAC) presented recommended curriculum changes, to go into effect for the 2023-24 school year. Those changes include adopting gender-combined instruction, and exploring instruction of gender identity, recommended media, and other instructional changes. 

The recommendations reflect leading education and child development research and expert advice. According to research cited in the recommendations, these changes will create a more inclusive learning environment, result in higher academic achievement for students, and improve school climate.

Public feedback will be shared with FLECAC and the School Board. FCPS staff and the School Board will consider all feedback but are unable to reply to individuals. 

Learn more about the recommended changes on our website. The public feedback form will be available on our website and will be open October 31 through December 1

Student-Parent Survey for Federal Impact Aid


Returning this form is important because information from this survey results in an additional $3 million in grants each year from the U.S. Department of Education. These funds are used to support all Fairfax County public schools and centers.

For each school-aged child in your household, please complete, sign, date, and return the survey to your child's school. If sections 1 and 2 of the survey do not apply to you, just check the box in Section 3. All forms must be signed, dated, and returned by November 4. All results are confidential. 

Please let us know if your child's form has been misplaced. If this is the case, please contact Ms. Mendoza at gmendoza@fcps.edu for a duplicate form.

Don't Let Your Food Waste Haunt You...


Community Cleanup Event


Fall Community Cleanup

We need your help! Join the Fall Community Cleanup on November 6th to help keep the city parks, forests, and stream clean and clear from harmful debris. Individuals and groups — family, friends, civic associations, clubs, scout and school groups, book clubs, sports teams, everyone — can join in the fun. Swing by the ‘pit stop’ at Van Dyck Park anytime between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. to pick up snacks and supplies: gloves, reflective vests, picker tools, and trash bags. Earn volunteer hours and Stormwater utility credits, register today and help make a difference in your community: www.fairfaxva.gov/communitycleanup

Make-Up/Retake Picture Day

Barksdale Photo website


News from our Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist (SAP)


What You Can Do to Prevent Substance Misuse

It’s true- youth are more inclined to listen to their peers than their parents. This is part of the way the brain develops. When a baby is born, their brain’s sole responsibility is keeping them alive. As they grow into adolescence, finding their tribe becomes important. Think of your top three happiest memories. What were you doing? How did you feel? Who was there? Each of these memories was likely a shared experience. You were laughing and smiling with loved ones, maybe food was even involved. Now think of your three worst memories. What was going on? How did you feel? Who was there? In each of these memories, you likely were alone or felt alone. 

Substance use becomes a problem for some because they either are alone or felt alone. Connection has been shown to be important in our everyday lives- again think of your happiest memories. Fairfax County’s “Three to Succeed” describes protective factors that youth need to achieve their higher selves. If a child has at least three of these protective factors, they are more likely to succeed in life: having high personal integrity, having community adults to talk to, performing community service, participating in extracurricular activities, having teachers recognize good work, and having parents available for help. What you notice is five of the six protective factors involve connection with someone else, while the first protective factor describes connection with oneself. 


Here’s Some Helpful Resources:

Knowing the Signs: Substance Abuse & Today’s Youth

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Substance Use Prevention & Encouraging Healthy Brain Development

REVIVE Training for Opioid Overdoses                                                      

FCPS Substance Abuse Prevention Program

For general questions about the FCPS Substance Abuse Prevention Program, please contact the Office of Student Safety & Wellness at: (571) 423-4270 and be sure to follow us on Twitter at @FCPSSAPS. 

For further Information & support:

De’Ja Ruffin (McNeil), MSW

Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist


Fairfax County Youth Survey- 8th Graders Only

The Fairfax County School Board and the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors work together to administer the Fairfax County Youth Survey. The results of this survey are used by school officials, youth leadership classes, youth-serving county agencies, and local non-profits to determine the effectiveness of prevention and intervention programs offered in schools and communities. It is also used to identify changing trends and areas of need. The survey is anonymous and no individual information is reported. This survey is only for 8th grade students.

The survey will be administered between November 7 and November 22, 2022, during a time of day determined by your child's school administration. A copy of the survey will be available to parents and/or guardians on line at https://www.fcps.edu/resources/student-safety-and-wellness/youth-survey and in the school counseling office of your child's school beginning October 7, 2022. If you do not wish for your child to take part in the survey, click on the FCPS webpage to access the opt out form.  

Please turn in the opt out form to your child's school counselor no later than November 7, 2022.

KJMS Library News...


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Amazon Wish List

Bookings Calendar.

Battle of the Books

Lost and Found Items

We have accumulated many misplaced items. Please encourage your student to check for their lost items in the lost and found area in the cafeteria. At the end of the school day on Friday, November 4, any remaining items will be donated to a local charitable organization.

KJMS Family Liaisons

If you need to contact one of our parent liaisons, Ana Maxey (Mon.,Thur., Fri.) or Jennie Choi (Tues. & Wed.), please call 703-934-2454 and leave a message with your name, your student's name and phone number. You may also contact them via email: Ana Maxey at ajmaxey@fcps.edu  or Jennie Choi at jchoi4@fcps.edu

Counselor Information

Who is your school counselor for SY 22-23?

7th Grade Teams

8th Grade Team

Captains –Tyisha Williamson

Highlanders – Tyisha Williamson

Hokies – Dayle Ranallo

Panthers – Dayle Ranallo

Patriots – Friday Oeur

Nighthawks – Friday Oeur

Spartans – Curtiss Barnes

Cavaliers – Curtiss Barnes

FCPS Weekly News

In case you missed it in FCPS This Week, the school division shared updates on the following topics:

    • Strategic Plan Student Survey (Opt out due October 28)
    • Early Online College Information Sessions
    • Feedback Welcome on Proposed Family Life Education Changes
    • November Parent Resource Webinars
    • ESSER Funding Information and Feedback
    • TJHSST Application Deadline, November 18
    • Guidelines on Religious Accommodations for Students

Read FCPS This Week to learn more about these topics. If you are not already receiving the weekly newsletter, sign up today.  

Parent Resource Center

The Parent Resource Center (PRC) offers free workshops (webinars), consultations, a lending library, and resources to help adults support the success of all students, including those with learning challenges, special needs, and disabilities.

FCPS Cares

FCPS Cares

Do you want to celebrate a Katherine Johnson employee who does ordinary things in an extraordinary way, or goes beyond what is expected? If so, then click here to share with everyone.

Stay in Touch with Us

Parents who speak Amharic, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Korean, Spanish, Urdu, or Vietnamese can call a telephone information line for general information about FCPS and to receive support if they are having difficulty communicating with their children's schools due to a language barrier.