Bush Hill Updates - Monday, November 7, 2022

A Note From Mrs. Duffy

A huge thank you to the PTA Board and all of our volunteers who made our Fall Festival such a success! We had beautiful weather and a fabulous time. It was great to see so many families come out to spend time together and celebrate the fall season.

Calendar Reminder - No School For Students Tuesday & Friday

School Is Closed on Tuesday, November 8th & on Friday, Veterans Day

As a reminder, Friday, November 11, is a student holiday/school planning day for the Veterans Day holiday. Veterans Day is a time to pause, reflect, and recognize the extraordinary sacrifices our veterans and their families have made on our behalf. We thank them for their service. Learn about the history of Veterans Day

See the 2022-23 School Year Calendar.

Red, White & Blue Work Out Wednesday

To Coincide with our Veteran’s Day Breakfast the November’s Workout Wednesday ( November 9th) is to Honor our Veteran’s.

Staff and students are encouraged to wear workout gear to promote physical activity. You can wear clothing that represents the different military branches or Red, White and Blue!!!

Let’s Honor Our Veteran’s this Workout Wednesday!!!

FCPS Employee Awards

Nominate an Outstanding Employee at Bush Hill!

Can you think of Bush Hill staff members who are awesome at their job? Then nominate them for the Outstanding Employee Awards! To submit a nomination, please complete the nomination through the Bush Hill Outstanding Employee Nomination Form. All that is required for a preliminary nomination is a paragraph or two about how this employee demonstrates exceptional work in the criteria for that category. 

For information about each category and the list of Bush Hill staff, check out the Bush Hill Outstanding Employee Awards Information slide deck. Below are the different award categories:

Outstanding Teacher - Outstanding New Teacher - Outstanding Principal

Outstanding Professional Employee - Outstanding Operational Employee

The deadline to submit a nomination is Tuesday, November 22nd. If you have any questions, please contact Lina Kortsha at lkortsha@fcps.edu.

Last Days To Order Your Inclusion Week T-Shirt


Hey everyone!

Just a reminder to order your t-shirt for Inclusion Week! Today is the LAST day to place your order.  They’re only $13! Order some for your kids, your partner, your grandma, whoever! It would be great if we could have close to everyone wear their shirt on that Friday, December 9th to really show our school spirit!


Celebrating Ruby Bridges Day


Strategic Plan Student Survey Is Open

We are excited to begin the process of developing FCPS’ new Strategic Plan! Starting today through Friday, November 18, students in grades 3-12 will have an opportunity to be a part of this work by taking the Strategic Plan Student Survey. The survey will allow students to share their thoughts about school and what's important to them. If you opted your child out of taking the survey, they will not be asked to participate. 

Schools will be showing a short video to help familiarize students with the concept of a Strategic Plan prior to administering the survey. Students in grades 3-6 will watch this video, and those in grades 7-12 will be shown this version. Visit the Strategic Plan Student Survey webpage for more information. 

Why Do We Need a Strategic Plan?

FCPS’ last strategic plan was developed in 2015. Since then, we experienced a pandemic that changed the way we think, a shift in technology that has seen eight new versions of the iPhone, and plans developed for the first manned mission to Mars. 

Our students are preparing for careers that don’t exist today. In order to keep pace with these needs, we need to rethink our plans for the future—and how we will best serve our students for this new era. Employees, parents/caregivers, students, and our FCPS community must share the same purpose in order to recognize how we can move forward together. 

We are all much more motivated, and successful, when we share clear end goals. Learn more on our Strategic Plan webpage

Parent Report From Lightspeed

FCPS Lightspeed Reports


There is a new online service that is free to FCPS parents who are interested in knowing more about their child’s internet activity on an FCPS device. Parents can sign up to receive a weekly Parent Report from Lightspeed, our internet content filtering service, which will provide a list of the top sites the child visited that week. 

Additionally, if parents wish to get more detailed information, the weekly Parent Report offers parents the ability to self-sign-up to the free Internet Use Parent Portal. Parents who sign up for the Internet Use Parent Portal can log-in any time to see a little more detail about their child’s internet browsing. The portal also offers the parent added ability to “pause” access to the internet during non-school hours on the FCPS device.