Weekly Newsletter 10/19/22

Impact Aid Survey

Federal Impact Aid Forms

Check your student’s backpack for your form!

On Wednesday October 19th, your student will receive the Federal Impact Aid Form. 

This is a mandatory form that gets filled each year to help the county collect additional tax monies due to military presence in our area.   For each school-aged child in your household, please complete, sign, date, and return the survey to your child's school by October 28th. 

If sections 1 and 2 of the survey do not apply to you, just check the box in Section 3 and sign/date at the bottom of the form.  Please return the form in your child’s backpack. All results are confidential.

Returning this form is important because information from this survey results in an additional $3 million in grants each year from the U.S. Department of Education. These funds are used to support all Fairfax County public schools and centers.


Fall Homecoming Spirit Week


check your student’s backpack for the flier

We are so excited to announce that Homecoming Spirit Week is back this school year! 

Monday (10/24) – Student Holiday

Tuesday: Theme Day!! Wear plaid for the fall theme

Wednesday: PEP RALLY!! Fall Hall Colors

A Hall wear your Orange gear   B Hall wear your Brown gear

C Hall wear your Black gear  D Hall wear your Purple gear 

Teachers will circle your student’s hall!

Thursday: Homecoming Dance!! Dress to impress for the dance

Friday: FALL PARADE!! Dress for the fall parade through the hallways! 


Digital Citizenship Week

Digital Citizenship Week 2022 is October 17-21. Ten years ago, Common Sense Education started Digital Citizenship Week to highlight the importance of helping kids, families, and teachers navigate our 24/7 digital world. FCPS has been celebrating for the past decade with student learning opportunities, spirit weeks, and community engagement events. To celebrate Digital Citizenship Week at Key Center, students are participating in classroom lessons with the School Based Technology Specialist, Beth Curtis. Students are learning about being a good digital citizen and good friend, using the book Nerdy Birdy Tweets by Aaron Reynolds.

Citizenship week

Staff Spotlight


This week’s Key Center Staff Spotlight is on Colleen Rose.  Colleen has worked at Key Center for 5 years.  She is an Occupation Therapist, working on our team of related service providers.  Learn more about Colleen on our school’s website.

Special Education Review- Final Report

FCPS is committed to providing excellence for all students, and continues to seek ways to improve and ensure the highest quality of special education and related services for students and families. At the request of the School Board, the FCPS Office of Auditor General engaged a consultant to conduct an independent, third-party review of FCPS’ special education program in October 2020. 

American Institutes for Research® (AIR) presented their final report during the School Board’s October 4 work session. Watch the video of AIR’s presentation and visit FCPS’ Office of Auditor General webpage for more information.

The School Board will hold a second session to discuss a framework for the Special Education Enhancement Plan at their Tuesday, November 15 work session.

FCPS Office of Ombuds

Did you know that FCPS has an Office of the Ombuds that is available to support you? An ombuds is someone who helps resolve conflict by facilitating communications and sharing available resources. The Office of the Ombuds works as an independent confidential resource to help students, families, community members, and employees get questions answered, resolve concerns, and voice complaints regarding FCPS matters.  The ombuds is available to: 

  • Share strategies for parents to improve communication with, and between, school and home.
  • Help to resolve disagreements between parents and schools or disagreements involving employees in the workplace.
  • Provide ideas to foster parent participation in Individual Education Plan (IEP) and 504 Plan meetings.

They do not change or make decisions, policies, or regulations; take sides; or provide legal advice.

If you have concerns, questions, or complaints to share with the Office of the Ombuds, please call 571-423-4014, email ombuds@fcps.edu, or visit their webpage, You may also submit a question

Affordable Connectivity

Low-Cost Internet for Free and Reduced-Price Eligible Students 

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a new FCC program to lower internet costs for families with children who have been eligible for free or reduced-price meals within the last 12 months. A qualifying household will receive $30 per month toward internet services and a one-time discount of up to $100 for a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet. Families can check their eligibility and register at AffordableConnectivity.gov or by calling 877-384-2575.

Visit our Free and Reduced-Price Meals website for more information on the criteria to be eligible and how to apply.

Trick or Trash

Trick or Trash

You don’t have to trash those candy wrappers and doom them for an eternity in a landfill- or, even worse, our oceans.  By putting your wrappers in a custom candy wrapper recycling box, you can keep our planet clean and contribute to the circular economy. 

Key Center is participating in the Trick or Trash recycling program. Staff and families are invited to send in candy wrappers to school.  Students from our vocational program will collect the wrappers from classrooms and add them to the collection box for recycling.  Please check your student’s backpack for a collection bag.  Simply add candy wrappers over the next couple of weeks and return the bag to school. Wrappers returned to Key Center by November 9, 2022 will be sent to Trick or Trash for recycling.  Thank you for helping to make Halloween sweet and sustainable! 

Learn more about this program on the Trick or Trash website.


Upcoming Dates

October 20  Yoga classes start - 5 classroom sessions

October 24- Diwali (No School)

October 27 - Week 2 -Yoga classes- 5 more sessions

                     Homecoming Dance

October 28 - End of 1st Quarter - 2 hour Early Release

October 31- Student Holiday, Teacher Workday

November 8 - Election Day (No School)

November 11 - Student Holiday, Teacher Workday

2022-23 FCPS School Calendar