Bulldog Breakdown 9/25 - 10/1

Good Evening Bulldog Families–

I hope that everybody is doing well and enjoying a fantastic weekend! Additionally, Shana Tova to all who celebrate!

There is a variety of information in the Breakdown this week, so please be sure to take some time and check it out. Some things involve Westfield specific items, while others are generalized to high school age students and your FCPS experience. There are some great resources and I hope that you give them some time. 

Also, remember that tomorrow is a Teacher Workday which becomes a student holiday.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me with observations, suggestions, questions and celebrations. You can do that through e-mail, call, or  through the form located here: https://forms.gle/4eW9rgPRVBF2a5gd8. Please remember that if you do not include your information on the form, I will not be able to follow-up. 

I wish your family a great week! Go Bulldogs!

Tony DiBari 

Proud Principal


Meet our Staff Videos!  

Meet our staff through videos posted on our webpage!  These videos will provide you with an introduction to each teacher, expectations for their course, how to contact them and where to find more information! 


PTSA Fundraiser

Our Fall Fundraiser is underway and we are off to a great start. This year we are raising money to fund programs that will benefit all of our students.

Your participation & support are greatly appreciated! Hurry, orders close on Oct 18th, 2022. All items will be shipped to the school in November. We will share the distribution details once orders are finalized.

Don’t forget to register your student(s) at http://secure-web.cisco.com/1rJUC5IQSxT_29WM3yCTHvDDa_CzFzErJ1uMbAI3M8VW9td1fCfqt7EXvbUvRc1o1t6HvtH--vjg1OEy86sxDaMZtndDUxT1ScwDHKBdhqHJF9WFSXuO-qw8bz4lCbmZUxJY7G8TZLXagqvFgyuYOuGY6CVC3z-b5I1HE5tyohOB17YMbXnkzHF2p5YfWhSeSqjeYR9rv4rjcfRSB2OhTiDMMmXetOhPMbr3MjWAFM3VHoVpmn470szkMVwry9KcNVF7XkcAXonLio51D21Uh1PkMOaGsMsZlqRl0PIfgHHQydTLoF4P5A3dWWr3ybfVncu1D0sOx4FmYBP9BQWHZw21nwa9STqQa0neO-wCc0pNV4z-_y21gFADtSwINKmRrlif6KRsoY4mZmXOL280y_0S6BTsdQtjSaa4LYt30E9AMzUl6wh6iYujkI86F_tyHLYRy56vejG9ZCb5eALWPrA/http%3A%2F%2Fwww.Shopfund.com and share the fundraiser with family & friends to get 10+ online supporters!

Thank you for your support!

P.S. We will hit our goal if every family sells a minimum of 10 items.



  1. Click on the link https://secure-web.cisco.com/17fuxsQNZFyvT0b9SnEa0IpsfnRoKIBjKeEF8eAP5OJBQaugHIRL1rowvK2nhLHjjh-BrqvBtO-dm84XhjYqi_Wnp05dlILO12Hsq7tcr5o3TYbmRnQKsHedX4efHZ8Fi2FLWpVldfhBYIRszenHLaJZsN9zoUXBTB1KqnNSpdmumJn4rXnFwZt0xQiMzqUZaVzg8ZKf7VLAh0KKiyvGIl_ZS0o97DEo2vGKBUAF1slAtY-n83c5Fdb1PdKBcTGJSzwN9tc4RAhJG6YzV6xXw6wRH6riTfLmklWeISbmuEAUL1pKgTQrgflQ4_CPN-Y00dGYZTBce1J7mUtmp5GJHvI7qAzFNbHc4yvp5l17GFNE5fyQy_pQ3C232Di4hcWQmEizlu1oKq7u0Sy6H2CdOCoLkEpI9eAI1CU16XaoSnwvUXTScGg8Oz9H41_oktkDHedpf-3NVQuLHl2KTXdVp0Q/https%3A%2F%2Fwww.shopfund.com%2F
  2. Click on Parents and Sellers button
  3. Click on Parents and Sellers Register button
  4. Enter email and set password, click on the Register button.
  5. Fill out the form

-Select State as Virginia

-Enter school as Westfield HS PTSA - Chantilly 20151 -Enter the homeroom teacher's last name or enter NA -Please enter your cell number -Click on Add student -Click on  Shop Now button

 You are ready to place your orders!


Class of 2023 Senior Pictures

We at Victor O’Neill Studios, your school’s official school photographer, are excited to see you on the following date(s) for your senior portraits at the school:

October 31 & November 1 for Senior Formal Yearbook Portraits Final Session C

**This is the last opportunity for senior portraits at the school**

The attire for the school’s yearbook pose will be in the traditional Tuxedos and Drapes. We will provide the Tuxedo and Drapes. In addition to the yearbook session we also offer sessions that include casual/personality portraits and cap and gown portraits. Please follow the link below to choose your session type and appointment time.


If you have any questions please email seniors@vosphoto.com 


Seeking Speech and Debate judges

Did you participate in Speech or Debate in high school or college?  Or would you like to learn more about how this activity operates?  The WHS team is seeking adult judges willing to volunteer one Saturday to judge at a tournament in the Northern Virginia area.  This is an extremely rewarding activity, watching talented students use their persuasive and analytical skills.  Mr. Deaton, the WHS debate team coach will train you on everything you need to know.  If you are interested, please email Mr. Deaton at mdeaton@fcps.edu.


Advisory Committee For Students with Disabilities (ACSD)

The Department of Special Services is in need of parent representatives to serve as members of the Advisory Committee for Students with Disabilities (ACSD) for the 2022-2023 school year.  Each region is asked to nominate a parent from to serve on the committee.  The Governance Manual indicates that:

“The School Board shall appoint 33 members to the committee; a majority shall be parents of students with disabilities or persons with disabilities” It also states that the committee will consist of  “One parent of a student with disabilities representing each of the five FCPS Regions”.

This year, to assist in identifying potential nominees, the ACSD is providing the attached Public Interest Form on their webpage.  DSS will send to our region leadership team any interest forms that they receive from a parent in our region.  In addition, we wanted to reach out to you to see what names you might offer.  We are looking for parents who are collaborative and invested in examining our current supports and services for students with disabilities, and making recommendations to the School Board around areas of improvement. 

The School Board approves ACSD nominations on September 1st, so DSS would like to have Region nominations back before that date.


Rainbow Fentanyl

The DEA has issued a public warning educating the community about rainbow fentanyl. These particular pills are targeted to youth and young adults by its colorful candy-like appearance making them look harmless. Rainbow Fentanyl resembles playground chalk before it is pressed into pills and has been found in 18 states including West Virginia and New York and are sold as low as $17 (Hawaii) per pill making them affordable. In August of 2022 47,000 pills were confiscated at the Arizona border  as well as 186,000 “Perc 30’s” or “Blues”, another popular synthetic opioid found in our county.  

The trend, as reported by users, is to crush the pills, smoke it off of a piece of aluminum foil, with the theory that it is “safer” than snorting. When burned, it often gives off a distinct odor of burned rubber. While we have not seen Rainbow Fentynal yet, Perc 30’s or Blues are popular among adolescents and young adults in Fairfax County and the surrounding areas. Fentanyl is also found in counterfeit prescription pills, cocaine, Xanax, and other licit and illicit drugs.

The Medical Examiner from the Virginia Department of Health recently released its 1st quarter data for 2022 stating 483 people have died from fatal fentanyl overdoses in the state. For Fairfax County data and additional information on youth substance use, please see the Fairfax County Youth Substance Trends webinar linked below. 

Substance Abuse Prevention Specialists (SAPS) provide Tier 1 support throughout FCPS. Each high school pyramid is assigned a SAPS who conducts brief interventions, psychoeducation, and presentations to students, staff, families, and community members. Topics of discussion include alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD) as well as current trends on substances. For general questions about the FCPS Substance Abuse Prevention Program, please contact the Office of Student Safety & Wellness at: (571) 423-4270. 

For further Information & support:

Stacey King, MSW, M.Ed

Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist


Sources & Resources:

DEA Rainbow Fentanyl Press Release

DEA Fentanyl Gallery

Narcan Training (English & Spanish)

Fairfax County Youth Substance Use Trends


WHS Food Pantry

PTA FOOD PANTRY is looking for donations to help kids in need.  We have seen a huge increase in snack requests since last year.  Please consider checking out our wish list and adding an item to your cart.  It will ship directly to the school.  We are also accepting similar items (individually wrapped snacks, new sweatpants, book bags and water bottles) at the bin on my front porch if you would rather not purchase online.  Please reach out to me with any questions about donating.  

Wishlist: https://tinyurl.com/wfhsfoodpantry

Donation Bin: 5445 Tree Line Dr, Centreville VA

Questions: jenmcnerney@hotmail.com


Thank you!


Staff Recognition

FCPS Cares is an opportunity for parents, staff, and community members to recognize FCPS employees for going above and beyond to help others and show they care. Please visit the following link to recognize staff members who have done impactful things: FCPS Cares


Volunteer Call-out

We are still looking for your help! We value you as community partners and want to invite you to become more involved at Westfield. One way to do this is to volunteer and substitute teach. If you’re interested, the first step is following the links below. Thank you for your willingness to help!

FCPS Volunteers:  https://www.fcps.edu/get-involved/volunteer-fcps 

Substitute Teachers:   https://www.fcps.edu/careers/career-opportunities/substitute-teaching-opportunities/new-applicants

Westfield Volunteer Interest Form:  https://forms.gle/go7B58zdT1cz5Km9A


Tech Updates

Need Tech Support? CLICK HERE



A comprehensive schedule of events can also be found at www.westfieldathletics.org

Monday, 9/26

Teacher Workday

Student Holiday

Tuesday, 9/27

Girls Volleyball, All Levels vs. South Lakes (Home)

Freshman & 

JV Start 5:45p m

Varsity start 7:15p

@ Westfield HS

Superintendents Community Conversation


@ Westfield HS

Wednesday, 9/28

Varsity Golf

Regional Championship 

9:00 am

@ Algonkian CC

Girls Field Hockey

All Levels 

vs. Centreville (Away)

JV @ 6:15 pm

Varsity @ 7:30pm


Thursday, 9/29

Varsity Golf

Regional Championship 

9:00 am

@ Algonkian CC

Girls Volleyball

All Levels

Vs. Chantilly (Away)

Freshman @ 5:00pm

JV @ 6:00pm

Varsity at 7:15pm




ESSER III Funding Supports Student Success: Your Voice Matters

In the fall of 2021, FCPS received $188.8 million in Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER III) funding to support the safe operation of schools and address the impacts of COVID-19 on students. 

ESSER III focus areas have included resources for prevention and mitigation of COVID, academic services, multilingual engagement, support for students’ social emotional needs, and professional development. 

Your Voice Matters!

A feedback form will be live on the ESSER III webpage Friday, September 23. Your input will inform the School Board and FCPS staff on the community’s view of our work. Watch this video to see the impact ESSER III funds are having in our schools. Learn more on FCPS’ website