Back to School Night 9/7

Back to School Night

Wednesday, September 7th from 6 to 8pm using Schoology and Zoom only.  To prepare for our virtual Back to School Night you will need to:

    1. Confirm that you have a SIS ParentVue account and make sure you can log into SIS ParetVue successfully.  If you need a SIS ParentVue account, please complete the Parent Support Request
    2. Using your SIS ParentVue credentials make sure that you can log into Schoology at and that you can see your student's courses. (It is an overnight process once you create your SIS ParentVue account before you can access Schoology. **This step must be completed September 6th in order to attend Open House)
    3. Download and install Zoom on your computer.
  • Please make sure to watch this video to familiarize yourself with how you will access your student's classes in Schoology and locate the Zoom links on Wednesday.

Navigating Schoology to Access the Zoom Links:

  1. Once you are logged into with your SIS Parent credentials you will need to toggle from your parent account to your student's view in Schoology.

    2. Once you are viewing Schoology as your student you will click on the   COURSES link in the teal menu bar.  Find the block or class by looking at the course name and the number in the parenthesis. Courses might not be organized in numeric order.  You will click into each course at the correct time.


   3. Once in the course, you will identify a RED BTSN Link and Materials folder at the top of the list.  Click on the folder to access the Zoom link and any other posted materials for Back to School Night.


   4. Click on the BTSN Zoom Link to access the Zoom session for the class.


     5. Repeat this process for each class as we move through the schedule below.

The detailed schedule for our virtual Back to School Night is as follows:

  • Block 1 6:00 - 6:20 (Includes a message from Principal Barrow and Elaine Tholen, the Dranseville District Representative*)
  • Block 2 6:23 - 6:33
  • Block 3 6:36 - 6:46
  • Block 4 6:49 - 6:59 (Includes a message from our Assistant Principal, Maureen McLoughlin)
  • Block 5 7:02 - 7:12
  • Block 6 7:15 - 7:25
  • Block 7 7:28 - 7:38
  • Block 8 7:41 - 7:51

Cooper staff will be available to help troubleshoot in the Back to School Night Zoom Help Desk linked here starting at 5:30 PM.

*You can find the videos from Karl Frisch, the Providence District Representative, and Melanie K. Meren, the Hunter Mill District Representative in the Parents/Guardians Schoology course in the School Board Videos Folder (