First Day Important Information

School bus



  • Plan for potential delays and monitor your child’s bus arrival using the Here Comes the Bus Mobile App (your best resource for monitoring bus arrival times)
  • Bus ridership is encouraged each day to ease congestion within our Kiss and Ride loop and ensure a timely arrival to school.
  • Bus riders will enter Door 1 each morning

Kiss & Ride

  • Vehicles should use West Ox Rd. to form a car line once the Kiss and Ride loop becomes full. 
  • Please do not block the Fairfax Fire Department driveway on W. Ox Rd. with your vehicle.
  • Cutting into the car line off of Centreville Rd. and passing other vehicles in the Kiss & Ride loop are unsafe acts that put other families at risk.
  • Do not drop your child off until 9 AM.
  • After 9 AM, children within the “drop-off zone” may exit their vehicle
  • Adults should remain in their vehicles to prevent traffic backup within the loop
  • Staff and student patrols will guide students to Door 7 to enter the building

Walkers and Bicyclists

  • Walkers and bicyclists will enter either Door 7 or Door 1 at 9 AM each morning (no longer Door 4)
  • Students entering school grounds from Mustang Drive will collect at the basketball court outside Door 6 until 9 AM and then enter the building using Door 7.
  • Students are expected to dismount from bikes and scooters as soon as they step onto school property.

Students Walking to Class 

We are excited to welcome students into the building on the first day of school and ask you say your goodbyes at the bus stop, school entrance, or from the car at Kiss & Ride. Many staff members including our counselors, administrators, and specialists will be on hand to make sure students get to their classroom safely on the first day. We will not have parents walking students to class in order to help build student independence and reinforce routines during arrival. Families had the opportunity to see the classroom and connect with the classroom teacher at Open House, and parents will also be able to connect with the teachers and see the rooms at Back to School Nights.

Breakfast and Lunch

  • School breakfasts and lunches are provided at the following costs:
  • Breakfast will be a paid Grab and Go inside the Door 1 front lobby each morning.
  • Please ensure your child has enough money added to their MySchoolBucks account to pay for breakfast and lunch each day.
  • Students will be provided with their PIN numbers and adults will assist your student as needed.



  • Door 1 will be used for bus pick-up only.
  • All early dismissals or pick-ups should occur at Door 1 before 3:30 PM each day.
  • Please ensure that you are using the Here Comes the Bus Mobile App to meet your child at their PM bus stop. 
  • Kindergarten students must have a parent or guardian at the bus stop to receive them.

Kiss & Ride 

  • Kiss and Ride families should observe the same traffic procedures as listed above for arrival.
  • Kiss & Ride numbers should be displayed on the dashboard of your vehicle to ensure your child is ready for pickup before arriving in the “pick-up zone."
  • Adults should remain in their vehicles.
  • Once in the pick-up zone, your child will exit Door 6 from the cafeteria and arrive at your vehicle with staff and student patrol guidance.
  • Please DO NOT park in the parking lot and approach Door 6 to retrieve your child.

Walkers and Bicyclists

  • Walkers and bicyclists will be dismissed from cafeteria Door 6 (no longer Door 4)
  • It is expected that bicycles and scooters are to be mounted off school grounds.