Floris Kiss & Ride Procedures

What families need to know about Floris Kiss & Ride

General guidelines for entering the Kiss & Ride loop safely and respectfully:

  • Vehicles entering from Centreville Rd. entrance should remain to the RIGHT of the main entrance. 
    • Buses and staff will enter to the left.
    • The bus loop is designated only for buses and staff during arrival and dismissal times.
  • At the stop light, vehicles coming north on Centreville RD (U-TURN), south on Centreville RD (STRAIGHT), and LEFT off of West Ox are expected to JOIN THE CAR LINE ON WEST OX RD once the Kiss & Ride loop and entrance become full (see the map below). 
    • Cutting in the car line presents safety risks to our families and travelers along Centreville Rd.
  • While in the West Ox car line, DO NOT block the Fairfax Fire Department driveway.
Kiss and Ride Map

General guidelines for dropping off and picking up students safely and respectfully:

  • Never pass another vehicle in the Kiss & Ride loop (unless directed to do so by a staff member)
  • Drop-offs and pick-ups will occur within a designated “ZONE” (about 8 car lengths long)
  • Students enter and exit from the passenger side of the vehicle
  • Students should enter and exit the vehicle as quickly and safely as possible
  • A line of cones will be present to designate a “buffer zone” between vehicles and the sidewalk (3 feet from curb). 
    • Please do not position your vehicle in the zone.
  • Adults should remain in their vehicle
  • Parking is not permitted within the Kiss & Ride lane of travel
  • To be considerate of others, always move your vehicle forward when directed to do so by a staff member.
  • Seek resolution to concerns by involving the adult staff members at an appropriate time.

Good Morning

AM Arrival-specific:

  • Plan to enter the Kiss & Ride loop and West Ox continuation between 8:45 and 9:05 AM.
  • Students must remain in the vehicle until drop-off begins at 9:00 AM.
  • Say your morning goodbye in advance of your passenger side drop-off.

Upon exiting the vehicle, staff and student patrols will assist Kiss & Ride students with movement along the sidewalk to the Door 7 entrance.

Good Afternoon


PM Dismissal-specific:

  • (Kiss & Ride NUMBER ON DASHBOARD):
  • All early-dismissal student pick-ups should occur before 3:30 PM each day at Door 1.
  • Plan to enter the Kiss & Ride loop and West Ox continuation no sooner than 3:30 PM
  • Ensure your assigned Kiss & Ride number is on your vehicle dashboard.

Once in the “Pick-up Zone”, staff and student patrols will assist your children to your vehicle.

Thank you for your daily contributions towards:

  • Safety for all members of our Floris family
  • Patience towards our staff and student patrols
  • Understanding for the unexpected