CES Weekly Update 8.20.22

We Are Ready and Excited for a Great Year! 

It was nice to see so many of our families at the open house on Friday. If you were not able to join us, do not worry, teachers will be sending out information each week to keep you informed and help our students settle in on the first day. As a school, we also work to communicate this weekly schoolwide newsletter with pertinent upcoming information. Newsletters will typically be sent at the beginning of each week but may vary. 

Teams will also be sending weekly instructional information to provide updates on the weekly instruction and timely information to help parents keep up with their child's education. 

Wishing everyone a great weekend and fabulous first week of school!

Upcoming Dates

Monday, August 22nd - 1st Day of School

Monday, August 29th - CES Community Cookout - Join us for our 1st Annual Chesterbrook Community Cookout. We hope this will be a wonderful way to connect and welcome in our new school year with dinner, conversation and play space for our chidlren. The event will be held 5 - 6:30 PM on the playground and blacktop. The PTA will provide hotdogs. Please RSVP to let us know your coming and sign up to bring a dish to share.

September 8th - Back to School Night  5:30 Admin and PTA General Session Classroom Sessions 6:00, 6:30 & 7:00PM *Any scouting groups that would like a table for BTSN are welcome to reach out to Holley Remer to ask for a table in our pod area.

FCPS 2022-23 school year calendar

Last Call! CES Grade Level Contact Directory Opt-Out

Each year teachers are asked by many families to provide parent contact information, which can be very helpful in planning playdates or parties outside of school. Room parents will also use contact information to coordinate class activities and parties coordinated with the grade level teachers. If you would like to opt out of sharing contact information with your grade level parents, please complete this google form. Grade level contact information will be shared with parents through schoology once it is ready.

Drop off Procedures

The first day of school all staff are ready to assist and guide your children to their classrooms.  For the safety and security of our staff and students, parents are not allowed to escort children to class but we welcome you to take those special photos outside.  Please keep our entrances open for students entering the building. If you are walking children to school we ask you to release them at either the flag pole or area at the bottom of the kiss n ride/bus loop or area by the gym, so we can keep our entrances open.

Pickup Procedures

Parents that are walking to pick up children afterschool should wait by the trailers or the flag pole.  We will have staff there ready to assist you. Students will remain in the gym until parents are checked in. Please have a piece of paper with your last name written in large letters with the names of your children below. This will help us quickly identify your family and reconnect you with your children.

Children may not be picked up between 3 - 3:35 as we are wrapping up the day and getting set for dismissal. If there is an emergency, please contact our front office.


Breakfast and Lunch $ Account

Have you deposited money in your child's meal account? Add money to your child's account using www.MySchoolBucks.com Once the account is open, parents can check the fund account at anytime. 

School Volunteers and Visitors

Volunteers in the building will be prescheduled and, as needed cleared through HR with a background check. Any volunteer that has the possibility of working with students directly without direct supervision of a staff member is required to complete a background check. 

Visitors must enter door 1 and share the reason for their visit before entering the building. Upon ringing our front doorbell, you will be asked to identify the reason for your visit before the door is opened. All school visitors will need to check into the visitor system prior to entering the school. 

Outside visitors are not permitted to visit the playground or to observe students from the parking lot or other areas on campus. Please know we take the safety and security of our students and staff very seriously and while you may want to peek in on your child during the day and drive your car to the top lot above the playground, this is alarming to our staff and we are vigilant with outside visitors on campus. Parents are welcome to check in with their child's teacher via email during the first week if you are anxious on how your child is transitioning.

parent handbook

CES Parent Handbook


Our handbook is a guide to help parents navigate the basics of the school year and our school operating procedures. Our procedures are in place to create a safe, organized and structured environment that maximizes learning and social interactions throughout the school day. Please be aware of the handbook to help us support all children.


Walker / Bike Parent Permission Form

Chesterbrook is a bus only school due to the fact Kirby road can be difficult to navigate with heavy traffic. We do not have a crossing guard as all areas have bus service.

This form is ONLY needed if you request that your older child (typically 4th - 6th grade) walk or bike alone to school. Students should live close to the school and have travelled this path alone prior, so they are comfortable walking/biking the route.  Parents walking their children do not need to request permission. Students traveling alone are required to go directly to their home afterschool. Travel to Starbucks or the shopping center afterschool is not allowed. 

Students that had permission in 21-22 will be granted permission automatically once the updated parent form is received for this school year.  A new parent permission form is required each year.


Please email forms to Mrs. Remer or provide a hard copy to the front office.

Kiss N Ride Procedures

Students may not be dropped off on Kirby road, in front of the school or side streets. Parents are welcome to park and walk their child to the sidewalk.

Kiss N Ride entrance and exit is a right turn only to keep traffic moving smoothly along Kirby road. Exit is also a right turn only.

During our  KISS AND RIDE times, 8:30 - 8:50 and 3:35 - 3:50, we ask that parents either use the pool parking lot to or a legal and safe U turn on Kirby road. U Turns are legal in areas where you can safely see oncoming traffic and usually at openings of other roads.  It is suggested you can make a Uturn most safely at our bus entrance area. Please do not UTurn on top of the cross walk area to keep this area safe for walkers.

During our opening, please make a family name tag with your last name written in large letters with the names and grades of your children below. This will help us quickly match up families walking to pick up or driving through Kiss N Ride.



Kaitlyn (3rd)

Connor (K)

Reminders from FCPS and Chesterbrook Covid Mitigations

The health and safety of staff and students continues to be a priority. As we continue to navigate this year we will return to a pre pandemic setting with cafeteria seating for social interaction and collaborative settings within the instructional environment. It is important for parents to monitor the wellness of their children and keep them home when they are exhibiting signs of illness.

Staying Home When Sick

FCPS continues to require families to review the Daily Health Screening before sending students to school. The 5 Day Isolation Period will also continue for COVID positive students and staff.

When students return on days 6-10 they will eat in the pod area spaced out from other students or our pond courtyard so we can maintain supervision while promoting a safe eating environment for all.

Supports for Students in Isolation (StreamIn/CheckIn)

Chesterbrook teams will share information with families on support of students that are home during periods of isolation. We want students to continue to learn if they are able to complete work and engage in instruction. We also want to encourage students that do feel very sick to rest and teachers will be sure to catch students up upon their return. Please know we are here to support either situation for our students and will work together once again as a community.

COVID Case Notifications

FCPS will no longer send a daily or weekly COVID case update. Parents/Guardians will only receive an email from their child’s school when several cases of COVID-19 occur in a single classroom. Individual case reports will be available on the FCPS COVID-19 Dashboard on our website.