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News and Notes

Buddy the Bronco Welcomes Brookfield's New Teachers!

Buddy meets Brookfield's new teachers

2022 Student Rights & Responsibilities Includes Cell Phone Usage Update

Cell phone

The Student Rights and Responsibilities document (SR&R) explains expectations for student behavior and adult responses to enhance school safety and to create a fair, equitable, and supportive school environment. Read the Letter from the Superintendent on the 2022-23 Student Rights and Responsibilities: A Guide for Families.Key changes to the document for the 2022-23 school year include: 

  • Adding rights to protect citizenship and immigration status from unauthorized sharing.
  • Changes to FCPS’ Acceptable Use Policy Regulation for Technology.
  • A new section on cell phones.

The new section on cell phones prohibits cell phone use in classrooms. We recognize that this new policy will be a shift for many students and families this year, but research shows that managing phone use during class time will support students’ attention and ability to fully engage in their learning. Schools are partnering with parents to have students understand the importance of putting their phones away to minimize distractions during class.

  • Students in K-6 must keep phones silenced and in backpacks for the duration of the school day unless there is a medical need or emergency, or teachers have allowed the usage of cell phones for instructional activities where they are the most appropriate tool. Cell phones may only be used on campus before and after school.

If a parent or guardian believes their child requires access to a personally owned device(s) as an accommodation, they should contact their child’s school team to schedule a meeting to have their request considered. 

Parents should talk to their child(ren) before the start of the school year about these expectations for this upcoming school year.

More information about the SR&R is available online.

Safety at Kiss and Ride

Please be aware of the following rules and traffic laws when dropping off and picking up your student.

Dropping Off Students

  • No Taking In or Discharging of Passengers on a Highway: This violation occurs when parents drop off/pick-up their students by pulling to the curb/shoulder of a travel lane to drop off/pick up their student. Vehicles can only take in or discharge passengers when vehicles are pulled to the curb/shoulder in a legal parking lane.


  • No parking within 20’ of an intersection.
  • No Stopping on a Highway.
  • No Parking within 10’ of a Driveway
  • No Parking within 30’ of a Stop Sign
  • No Parking in or within 20’ of a Crosswalk


  • Virginia Code places limitations on U-turns. The driver of a vehicle shall not turn their vehicle so as to proceed in the opposite direction except at an intersection.

Kiss and Ride provides a safer alternative to dropping off or picking up your student along Lees Corner Road. Once the drop-off/pick–up periods begin, the process usually takes no more than five minutes. Please use care as we have a large volume of walkers utilizing the crosswalks in the area.


To ensure the safe dismissal of students, it is important that you contact the school at 703-814-8700 if there's a change to your child's normal dismissal process. Change must be made before 2:30 pm to make sure the information gets to your child and their teacher.

Although sending an email to your child's teacher is good practice, teachers are not always able to check their emails during the day, and may not be aware of a change. Calling the front office ensures that both the teacher and your child will get your message in a timely manner and avoid confusion at dismissal.

Also important; if your child goes to daycare after school, PLEASE remember it is your responsibility to call the daycare directly with any changes to your child's schedule.

Any person, other than the parent/ guardian, picking up your child MUST be listed on the emergency care form. You may add additional persons to the form at any time during the school year by coming into the front office.

New Trust Policy

Trust Policy

You may have heard that the Fairfax County School Board approved a Trust Policy that solidifies our commitment to foster a caring culture and strives to provide a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space for all students and families. 

This policy aligns with Fairfax County’s Public Trust and Confidentiality Policy to ensure that FCPS students and families can access FCPS benefits and services without fear that information will be disclosed, directly or indirectly, to federal immigration officials.

The school division is already performing much of the work referenced in the Trust Policy. The policy, along with the upcoming regulation, will serve to solidify our efforts, so all FCPS staff, students, and families have a common understanding of the policy.

Additional information is available in multiple languages on FCPS’ Trust Policy webpage. Please email FCPS’ Office of Professional Learning and Equity, OPLFE@fcps.edu, with questions about the policy. 

Support our Students While You Shop Online!

Did you know a contribution of your purchases on Amazon can benefit Brookfield?  If you plan to do online shopping, please consider designating Brookfield Elementary School as your Amazon Smile recipient.  With just a few clicks, 0.5% of your purchase will benefit our students, staff and programs – at no additional cost to you.

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Superintendent Community Conversation

Please join us for a Superintendent Community Conversation at Chantilly High School on Wednesday, August 31 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Learn more about Dr. Michelle Reid, FCPS superintendent, and help her get to know our school community. Language interpretation will be provided, as available, as well as child care and light refreshments.

Please register for this event here

Emergency Care Updates in SIS ParentVUE

Fairfax County Public Schools is committed to ensuring that the climate in all FCPS facilities is safe and secure. In support of this goal, FCPS provides weCare@school (weCare), an emergency care information system, available to FCPS parents and guardians who have registered for their own Parent account. 

weCare helps manage emergency medical information by enabling parents to go online to enter and update their children’s medical data at their convenience. Contact information provided automatically enrolls you to receive eNotify communications from the district and your child’s school. eNotify is the communications tool for FCPS emergency, transportation, attendance, weather closings and delays, and essential outreach messages. Messages are sent via email, text and occasional phone messages.

Get more information about updating your emergency care information.

Bus Loop Safety

From 7:40-8:15 and from 2:30-3:15 cars will need to park on the street and not enter the bus loop.   Please use sidewalks and crosswalks to arrive at the front doors safely.  Parents and students should not be walking through the bus loop or walking on the grass down the hill in front of the bus loop.


Bell Schedule

Starting Monday, August 22nd, Brookfield's bell schedule will be 8:10- 2:55. Students can begin entering the building at 7:55 a.m.

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