Important School Expectations

Clarifying Expectations

As we look forward to the start of the school year, we want to clarify important information about a few expectations to help ensure a smooth start to the school year for everyone.  The areas below were particularly challenging last school year, so we want to remind everyone of these key expectations.  We appreciate you talking with your students about these rules and partnering with us for a productive and exciting start to the year.  We too will be reviewing and reminding students of these expectations.

Cell Phone Use

In alignment with FCPS Student Rights & Responsibilities (SR&R), we will be implementing our updated schoolwide cell phone policy beginning the 2022-2023 school year.  This policy will be a shift for many students and families, but research shows that managing phone use during class time will support students’ attention and ability to fully engage in their learning. 

Students are no longer permitted to use their cell phones during class time.  Phones must be away.  Phones or headphones are not allowed to be used during instructional time, including ROARwith the following exceptions:

  • Students who need to use the phone to monitor a medical need (glucose levels, for example)
  • Students with a prescribed need as outlined in their IEP or 504 Plan. 
  • Specific teacher-directed academic use, such as using the camera feature in photography class (Note: Listening to music while working is NOT an approved use). Teacher directed use will be limited given that the majority of class assignments can be completed using the student laptop.

Phones may be used by students during their lunch time and during passing times between classes. Once class begins, however, all phones will need to be silenced and put away. 

Teachers may provide students a 5-minute phone break in the classroom one time per block.  These breaks will be offered at the teacher’s discretion. 

The following are not approved exceptions for phone use:

  • Not having a working or charged laptop
  • Listening to music while working in class

If a student has difficulty adhering to this school-wide policy, the following steps will be followed: 

  1. Teacher will remind student of the policy (warning)
  2. Teacher will privately converse with the student about the rule (in the hallway or after class, for example) and communicate with the parent.
  3. Teacher will refer the student to their assigned administrator for further action if the behavior continues.

Back to School Clothing

FCPS describes appropriate school clothing as neat and clean and conforming to standards of safety, good taste, and decency for a K-12 setting. Think of what might be worn to a work setting.  This is different from what is worn on vacation, or when out with friends. This applies to all students. Things to consider when choosing what to wear to school:

  • Does my clothing include any inappropriate language, images, or references to weapons, alcohol, drugs, or illegal activity?
  • Am I sure to avoid any clothing that exposes undergarments, underwear, or private parts?
  • Does the clothing allow excessive skin to show?  For example, does the waistband of the pants/shorts and the shirt meet and touch when arms are down, or is my naval area showing?

Thank you for helping us ensure that students are dressed appropriately for the educational environment.

Food Deliveries

Ordering from a food delivery service during school is not allowed.  If the student forgot their lunch, parents or guardians can bring lunch and drop it off in the main office. Students may also purchase lunch in the cafeteria.  Students are not allowed to leave campus during lunch.  When ordering food, students will often have a delivery driver come to an entrance other than Door 1, which compromises the safety of the entire school. Our office staff does not have the time to accept and manage food deliveries and will not open the doors for Uber Eats, GrubHub or any other service. 


Attendance concerns have significantly increased following the pandemic, and we want to make sure all of our students are successful.  Attendance and punctuality are critical to student success in the classroom, and absences add up over the course of the year.  Being present in school for all classes is of utmost importance, unless the student is sick or out for another excused reason.  Missed days and late arrival can lead to stress on students who must make up the coursework on their own. Tips for encouraging school attendance can be found here.

Students should be in school by 8:00am with the first class starting promptly at 8:10.  Traffic is heavy on school mornings, and students must plan ahead for the extra time.

Please seek to avoid vacations during school days when possible. Time is set aside during the school year for travel including winter break, spring break, and several student holidays scattered throughout the year. 

CVHS attendance expectations and reporting procedures can be found on our school website here.