July News: Welcome Dr. Reid and new Principals, new Board Leadership, and more!

Hello, Springfield District Families!

Happy Summer! I hope each of you has had an opportunity to relax and unwind a bit. I can’t believe we’re less than a month away from the start of the 2022-2023 school year. We will have a SENIOR in our house this year! It feels like just yesterday that we had kindergarten orientation and now we’re busy talking about life after graduation. My mom always says “long days, but short years” to describe this journey, and I’m definitely feeling it lately.

This last month has been one of big changes in FCPS! We were very excited to welcome Dr. Michelle Reid as she begins her tenure as our new superintendent. We also elected Rachna Sizemore Heizer as our new Board Chair and Tammy Derenak Kaufax as our new Vice Chair. I’m beyond grateful to Stella Pekarsky and Rachna Sizemore Heizer for their work this year as our Chair and Vice Chair. They did an amazing job leading us through a superintendent search and a difficult school year.

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to go tour our newest FATE house. It was gorgeous, and I had the opportunity to meet several of the students who worked on the house. Each one proudly showed off the projects they worked on, and I was blown away by the skill they demonstrated. As we gear up for the upcoming school year, it was such a timely reminder of what I love about FCPS. Students working to find what makes them feel successful, FCPS offering opportunities to turn their passions into majors or careers, and those successes coming together to build our community. 

I can’t wait to see what this year brings all of us. I so look forward to seeing your first-day pictures and can’t wait to visit our students at our Springfield District schools. In the meantime, please let me know how I can be helpful to your family so that your students will be ready to go on day 1!

As always I am so grateful for the opportunity to represent you and your family.

All my very best-

Laura Jane 

Photo collage of passing the gavel from Ms. Pekarsky to Ms. Sizemore Heizer and Ms. Cohen and Ms. Corbett Sanders at the FATE house


This newsletter includes information on the following issues:

Welcome, Dr. Reid!

Picture of Dr. Reid taking the oath of office.

Superintendent Dr. Michelle Reid taking the oath of office.

On Thursday, June 30, at Luther Jackson Middle School, Michelle Reid, Ed.D., was sworn in as the superintendent of Fairfax County Public Schools. Her term begins Friday, July 1. 

“It’s important for me to remember that learning happens best in community, and this is an amazing community,” said Dr. Reid. “It’s a community that drew me because of the strength of the partnerships, the spirit, the passion, the resources of time and talent, and for the importance that this community places on education.”

Dr. Reid is known regionally and nationally for strong instructional leadership. She was named AASA National Superintendent of the Year in 2021 for exemplary communications, her work in closing achievement gaps, and leading her previous school system in uncharted territory at the start of the pandemic. 

Dr. Reid has served as superintendent for Northshore School District, Washington, since 2016. She previously served as superintendent of South Kitsap School District in Port Orchard, Washington. She also served as deputy superintendent, district athletic director, and high school principal in Port Angeles (Washington) School District. 

Dr. Reid received her doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Washington, master’s degree in Educational Administration from the University of Washington, and her bachelor’s degree in Natural Science/Chemistry from the University of Puget Sound.


View Oath of Office

View Dr. Reid’s Oath of Office Remarks

Watch this short video to get to know Dr. Reid. [video with Spanish captions]

View her interview with student journalists. 

Read Dr. Reid's bio.

Learn more about the superintendent's office.

February 10, 2022 Picture of FCPS Board

Upcoming School Board Meetings

  • August 30 at 10:00 a.m. - Forum: Topic to be determined
  • August 30 at 11:00 a.m. - Work Session: Goal 4 Report and Strategic Plan Initial Discussion
  • September 1 at 7:00 p.m. - FY22 Year End Budget Review, School Board Liaison and Committee Assignments, Advisory Committee Appointments, Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee Appointments, etc.

Please note, that times and topics are subject to change.

The work sessions and regular meetings will be broadcast live on Channel 99 (Verizon channel 11) and the FCPS website. Both will be recorded for future viewing and posted to the FCPS School Board YouTube channel.

For Spanish speakers, watch recorded School Board meetings or to watch live during the Regular Meetings on YouTube, you may visit the FCPS en Espanol YouTube channel or scan the below QR code.

QR Code for Spanish speakers

Visit the community participation webpage to sign up to speak at a regular meeting. Visit BoardDocs for more meeting logistics, agendas, and handouts.

Interested in School Board action items? Sign up to get an update on School Board votes the morning after the School Board meeting.

School Board Work

New Leadership

Pictures of Chair and Member-at-Large, Rachna Sizemore Heizer and Franconia District Representative, Tamara Derenak Kaufax

At the July 14 regular meeting, the Fairfax County School Board elected Rachna Sizemore Heizer (Member-at-Large) as chair and Tamara Derenak Kaufax (Franconia District Representative) as vice chair for a one-year term. Read more on our website.


FY23 OAG Risk Assessment and Audit Plan

The School Board approved the FY23 OAG Audit Plan.


Advisory Committee Charges

The School Board approved the Charges for 2022-2023 for the following School Board Citizen Advisory Committees: Adult and Community Education, Advanced Academic Programs, Career and Technical Education, Facilities Planning Advisory Council, Human Resources, Minority Student Achievement Oversight, School Health, and Students with Disabilities.

The vote for Advisory Committee Appointments has been delayed until the September 1st regular meeting.


Bias-Related Incident Reporting

The School Board has directed the superintendent to develop, as part of the work in preparation for strategic plan development, bias-related incident accountability infrastructure for the division, and to present this to the School Board no later than December 2022.

FCPS and Community News

Job Fair graphic

School Bus Driver Job Fair

Your welcoming smile can make a difference in a student’s day!

Join us for our school bus driver job fair, and be part of our team! We will be hosting a school bus driver job fair from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. on August 2 at Pimmit Hills Center.

$3000 Signing Bonus for School Bus Drivers*


  • Competitive pay 
  • Paid training program 
  • 6 paid non-working days 
  • Excellent retirement, health, and dental plans 
  • Life and disability insurance 
  • Infant and preschool-age children and grandchildren  may ride with you 
  • Advancement opportunities 
  • Summer hours available 
  • Savings for Staff Program 

Additional Information

Learn more and apply! Or contact 571-423-3000 or driveforfcps@fcps.edu with questions.

*Bonus paid for school bus drivers who begin training on or after July 1, 2021, and meet the established criteria.


FCPS Seeking Outstanding Substitutes

Are you or somebody you know interested in working as a substitute with FCPS? FCPS is seeking individuals to serve as substitute teachers, instructional assistants, public health training assistants, and public health attendants! Find information about the application process. You may also attend one of our Wednesday information sessions to learn more about the application and hiring process. To sign up for an information session, please visit our substitute information page. Please feel free to share information about this opportunity with anyone else you think may be interested.

Upcoming Sessions:

August 10, 17, 24, and 31


Update on Students’ Spring Assessment Results

Individual students’ score reports are now available for most assessments that students took this spring.

  • Look in the Documents section of SIS ParentVUE to find a final score report for spring Standards of Learning (SOL), Math Inventory/Reading Inventory (middle and high), and iReady (elementary) tests.
  • Other spring score reports are being sent by mail. Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Screener and Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Program (VKRP) reports are both mailed in July.

Additional student reports, such as Virginia Alternate Assessment Program (VAAP) and WIDA annual English language proficiency assessments, will be mailed in August and September. Other scores are shared by the school or testing organization, such as Advanced Placement (AP) scores from the College Board.

Parents and guardians can view students’ past test scores in the Test History section of SIS ParentVUE. Please note that SOL scaled scores range from 0 to 600. A value of 900-999 means the student did not take the SOL test; this value is a code to indicate why the student did not test.  

Go online or contact your student's school for additional information about FCPS assessments. You can also learn how to activate a SIS ParentVUE account to access scores. Schools will mail SIS reports to families who do not have ParentVUE accounts.


Third Quarter Contracts  

The School Board report of contract activity from January 1, 2022, through March 31, 2022, where (a) the total contract value is over $250K and (b) all sole source contract activity (excluding fundraising), may be found in the June 30, 2022 Brabrand Briefing.   This report is organized to separate Sole Source contracts and Consultant Service contracts from all other contracts.  

FCPS Policy 5011, Authority to Contract, requires a quarterly report of all contracts to the School Board when (a) the total contract value is over $250K and (b) all sole source contract activity. The report includes both new contract awards and contract amendments with potential cumulative spending over the length of the contract exceeding $250,000.  The columns of the report provide:

  1. Contract # - Contract number. This number can be used to view the contract register:  http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/cregister/  
  2. Supplier Name – vendor to which the contract was awarded.
  3. Contract Title – descriptive title of goods and services purchased
  4. Contract Type – method of procurement
  5. Category – indicates if the item purchased was goods or services
  6. Contract Valid From Date – start date
  7. Contract Valid To Date – expiration date
  8. Procurement Action Taken
    1. New Contract – a newly-awarded contract (shaded on the report)
    2. Amendment – an agreed addition to, deletion from, correction, or modification of an existing contract 
  9. Description of Amendment/Changes – description of goods and services purchased, or description of amendment/changes
  10. Contract Target Value –  all contracts with projected spending of $250,000 and higher over the length of the contract are included in the report
  11. Effective Date – date of contract award or date of contract amendment with the report being sorted by effective date
  12. FCPS/County Joint Contract - contract award comprising joint effort between FCPS and County 


2021-22 Restraint and Seclusion Report

The report on Restraint and Seclusion in Fairfax County Public Schools for the 2021-2022 school year may be viewed in the June 30, 2022 Brabrand Briefing in Board Docs.


Superintendent Appoints New Chief Experience and Engagement Officer

Superintendent Dr. Michelle Reid has named Lisa Youngblood Hall to the role of Chief Experience and Engagement Officer. 

Youngblood Hall brings 29 years of experience to Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) in communications and community engagement work, including 14 years working in K-12 and higher education. Most recently, she served as the Chief Communications and Experience Officer for the Northshore School District in the state of Washington with Dr. Reid.

Throughout her career, she has had a measurable impact on improving the experiences of students, staff, families, and community stakeholders. She led a bond and levy campaign for her division that resulted in historic community investments to modernize school buildings, increase student and staff technology resources, and investments in the student education experience. She initiated the development of an online student enrollment process that resulted in increased early student enrollment which led to better-informed staffing decisions. She created an inclusive graduation website with digital ceremony programs translated into multiple languages.

Youngblood Hall is a champion for equity and works tirelessly to ensure families have access to the resources they need to support their children’s success. She will provide leadership and guidance for systemwide initiatives and facilitate positive and equitable experiences for students, families, employees, and community members.

Read the full news release.


New Monthly Newsletter for Military Families

Brand new! There is now a FCPS newsletter for Military Families. Military families are encouraged to update their selections on News You Choose. To subscribe:

  • Visit News You Choose and enter your email address. 
  • Under Subscription Topics, scroll down to “PROFESSIONAL LEARNING & FAMILY ENGAGEMENT
  • Select “MILITARY FAMILIES” from the menu.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “SUBMIT” to update your subscription preferences. 


Thomas Jefferson High School Continues to Increase Access for All

Two years after Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) initially took steps to improve equitable access to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST), data confirms that the school is on a good path to becoming an accessible school to students from all backgrounds. 

TJHSST is a Governor’s school within FCPS that regularly ranks as one of the top public schools in the country. Admission was offered to 550 students from the class of 2026 from more than 2,500 qualified applicants. 

The prospective class of 2026 is diverse by every measure including geography, socioeconomic status, gender, English learners, and race/ethnicity. 

Components considered during the admission process are outlined on the FCPS website

Every FCPS middle school is represented among the students offered admission to TJHSST. The students accepted for the newest class continue to demonstrate they are well prepared for the rigorous academic requirements of the school. The class’s average GPA is 3.96. 

Established in 1985, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology is a Governor’s School, emphasizing the sciences, mathematics, and technology. The school’s mission is to provide students with a challenging learning environment focused on math, science, and technology; to inspire joy at the prospect of discovery; and to foster a culture of innovation based on ethical behavior and the shared interests of humanity.

TJHSST Admissions Data, Class of 2026

TJ Admissions received applications from 2,544 qualified students for enrollment in the 2022-23 school year. 

High Caliber Students

  • The average GPA for applicants was 3.8462. 
  • The average GPA for students offered admission to the Class of ‘26 is 3.9558
  • All students offered admission met the accelerated (honors) coursework requirement for applicants.

Diverse by Every Measure

  • All FCPS middle schools are represented in the Class of ‘26.
    • Carson Middle School (50)
    • Cooper Middle School (16)
    • Frost Middle School (24)
    • Glasgow Middle School (13)
    • Kilmer Middle School (12)
    • Lake Braddock Middle School (16)
    • Longfellow Middle School (37)
    • Rocky Run Middle School (24)
    • Sandburg Middle School (12)
    • Twain Middle School (16)
    • All other middle schools had 10 or fewer offers.
  • Economically disadvantaged students comprise 20.73% of the class of ‘26. 
  • 5.09% of offered students are English Language Learners.    
  • Female students represent 55.45% of all offers. 
  • Black students received 5.82% of offers. 
  • Hispanic students received 8.18% of offers.
  • White students received 21.27% of offers.
  • Asian students received 59.82% of offers. 
  • 97.09% of offered students come from public schools. 


Educate Fairfax logo

"Collect for Kids" Helps Students Start Strong

Educate Fairfax is proud to work alongside local non-profits, businesses and faith-based organizations to provide school supplies and backpacks to students in need in FCPS. These supplies prepare them to start school in the fall with a smile.  

Educate Fairfax raises funds to purchase school supply kits that are delivered directly to schools. Your $10 donation will provide a kit with 10 items in it for a student in need. 

Please make a donation today to help students start the year strong!

Donate Here!


Next Round of Teacher Grants - Applications Open in August

Are you a teacher or do you know an FCPS teacher? Educate Fairfax will open its next round of teacher grant funding in August. Read about some of our past grants on our website


Foundation for Applied Technical Education, Inc. (FATE)

Picture of Foundation for Applied Technical Education 2022 house and sign

The SY21-22 Carer and Technical Education and Foundation for Applied Technical Education house.

FATE, a non-profit organization specializes in sponsoring a wide selection of career and technical education courses (CTE) for technical skill development among students throughout Fairfax County, Virginia.

Its holistic education model fosters a comprehensive platform for students to participate in active learning of numerous industry trades, thus paving the way for employment opportunities and a bright future.

This program offers all-inclusive training courses across various industry trades to help students. Here is a brief overview of the technical education courses offered:

  • Residential Construction Program – Offering hands-on working experience to students in several aspects of construction management like framing, estimating, foundations, trim, masonry, plumbing, electrical work, drywalling, inspections, and finishing.
  • Student Auto Sales Program – Students are trained to refurbish used vehicles donated by the community, providing them with experience in both automotive technology and automotive collision service programs.
  • Entrepreneurship Program – Interactive curriculum designed to empower students with small business ownership skills, developing the basic concepts of financing, and marketing products and services.

Find more information on FATE.


Registration Open for FCPS Pre-K & Early Head Start

PreK and Early Head Start picture of two students
PreK and Early Head Start flyer containing QR code

Read more information about FCPS Pre-K and Early Head Start.


Kindergarten Registration

Children turning 5 on or before September 30 should be registered for kindergarten for the 2022-23 school year. 

Now is the time for students to be registered. Schools are planning playdates, screenings, teacher visits, and other gatherings for kindergarten students to get to know their teachers and each other over the summer. Register soon to make sure you don’t miss out! 

Students should be registered at the school they will be attending. A boundary locator is available online, along with a list of required documents, and additional help for military families, families who need language assistance, and other forms of support. 

If you have not already, be sure to sign up for your school’s newsletter to learn more about school events, celebrations, and deadlines. Find the sign up link on each school’s website, or view the full list online.


Student Immunization Requirements

Be Wise, Immunize! graphic with QR code

All students are required to be immunized against certain communicable diseases to attend school in the state of Virginia. It is important for all students to receive the required immunizations. 

Please talk with your family health care provider about whether or not your children are up to date on their vaccines before the new school year begins. Submit updated immunization records to your school as soon as possible. 

More information on immunization requirements and the necessary documentation is available online.


FCPS Students Get a View of the Universe

Wonder and awe swept over students at the FCPS Career and Technical Education (CTE) Summer Academy as they took in the first images from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. The dazzling photos of far off galaxies, glittering stars, and colorful nebulae were revealed in a live NASA broadcast watched by space enthusiasts around the world. As part of the big reveal, the CTE Summer Academy brought in a NASA Solar System Ambassador to speak to students about this exciting advancement in the study of the universe.

The NASA visit was part of ‘Flight School’ at the week-long CTE Summer Academy at Lake Braddock Secondary School. Throughout the week students learn all things aerospace, even designing and building their own rockets to launch.  

Down the hall at Lake Braddock SS, elementary school-aged students from across the county were getting their own taste of space-related summer education. All week long, youngsters enrolled in the Tech Adventure Camp learned about aspects of our solar system in a series of STEAM-related activities to coincide with NASA’s big announcement. From designing and testing rockets, to coding robots, to making astronaut pudding, the children had an out-of-this world experience. 

Read the full article.


Picture of student during an orientation flight

Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is the official auxiliary of the US Air Force. It is an all-volunteer organization with three missions: Emergency Services, Aerospace Education, and Cadet Programs. 

The Cadet program transforms youth into dynamic Americans and aerospace leaders through a curriculum that focuses on leadership, aerospace, fitness, and character. 

Recent activities of the local Burke Composite Squadron, included a visit by Fairfax One to Irving Middle School, a Pentagon tour, orientation flights in the CAP single-engine airplane and glider airplane, competing in the CyberPatriot and StellarXplorers competitions, winning the region cadet competition, and search and rescue exercises. 

To join, prospective cadet members (ages 12-18 years old) must attend a minimum of three meetings to ensure that the program is a good fit for their interests and time commitments. 

The CAP organization has opportunities for adults, ages 18 years old and older. This includes working with the cadets, search and rescue, and community outreach for aerospace education. 

Civil Air Patrol has a program geared towards educators.  For a one-time $35 membership fee, educators may become an Aerospace Education Member that provides K-12 aerospace curriculum materials and STEM kits.  More information on this program may be found at: www.gocivilairpatrol.com/programs/aerospace-education/join-as-an-aem 

Local Civil Air Patrol Squadrons 

To locate the squadron nearest you go to the CAP Unit Locator at www.gocivilairpatrol.com/cap-unit-locator 

Burke Composite Squadron – Meets Thursdays 1830-2100 at Irving Middle School, Springfield. Email: Va-130informationgroup@vawg.cap.gov 

Knight Composite Squadron – Meets Thursdays 1900-2100 at Compass Classes, Herndon, VA. Email: lester.flores@vawg.cap.gov 

Mount Vernon Composite Squadron – Meets Thursdays 1900-2100 at Davison Army Airfield, Fort Belvoir. Email: dc045@natcapwg.cap.gov

Fairfax Composite Squadron – Meets Mondays 1900-2100 at the American Legion, Fairfax. Email: dc053@natcapwg.cap.gov 

Challenger Cadet Squadron – Meets Wednesdays 183-2100 at Alexandria City High School, Alexandria.  Email: dc060@natcapwg.cap.gov


Tax Free Weekend graphic

Tax-Free Weekend

August 5-7, 2022 will be a three-day sales tax holiday in the state of Virginia. For more information, visit Virginia’s Sales Tax Holiday webpage


9-8-8 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Now Available

A new 9-8-8 crisis and support hotline is now active across the United States, including here in Fairfax County.

Dialing either 9-8-8 or the existing NSPL number, 1-800-273-TALK (8255), will connect you to behavioral health care and support 24 hours a day.  Please note, if you call from an out-of-area cell phone number, your phone's area code determines the locality for services and your call would then be routed to Northern Virginia services.

Virginia continues to invest in building capacity to enhance community-based crisis services. Further updates will be provided in the upcoming months. County services include emergency services (open 24/7) at the Sharon Bulova Center for Community Health, operated by the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board. 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is now: 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline graphic

Springfield District Scene

Chantilly High School logo

Chantilly High School was recognized by National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-Schools USA program for exceptional achievement in educating for sustainability, and improving the environmental footprint of the school grounds, facility, and curriculum. Chantilly is only the second high school in Fairfax County that has earned the Green Flag. Chantilly High School is one of 308 Eco-Schools in Virginia, and the 35th to receive the prestigious Green Flag, the Eco-Schools highest honor. 

The Eco-Schools USA program is based on the commitment and work of student-driven teams dedicated to issues such as reducing waste and consumption, climate resiliency, and environmental justice using audits, action plans, and other educational resources. The Chantilly Green Flag Award concentrated on the Biodiversity, Energy, and School-Yard Habitat pathways.

To receive the Green Flag, Chantilly’s students and faculty tackled a host of sustainability initiatives that began with forming an Eco-Action team; auditing environmental focus areas; and engaging and building community. These steps led to the creation of a pollinator garden, an outdoor classroom, planting over a dozen native trees, and conducted an energy audit with student-formulated recommendations to reduce energy use, all designed to raise environmental awareness, connect students to the natural world, improve the school’s environmental footprint, and increase student engagement while saving money for the school. Great job!

Fairfax High School logo


Congratulations to Fairfax High School’s Amir Green for placing first in the 200-meter dash at the VHSL State Track Championships! Amir was also the runner up in the 100 and 400-meter dash!


Lake Braddock Bruins logo

Hooray to Lake Braddock Secondary School’s Reina Westhoff! Reina won a gold medal in the 50-yard freestyle and a silver medal in both the 25-yard freestyle and backstroke at the Special Olympics Virginia Summer Games! She also achieved personal best times in each of the swimming events.

Read more in this Burke Patch article.

Oakton High School logo


Kudos to Oakton High School’s Iyasu Yemane for finishing as the runner up in the 800-meter run at the VHSL State Track Championships!

Robinson Secondary School logo


Congratulations to the Robinson Secondary School Girls 4 x 400 Meter Relay Team for placing second at the VHSL State Championships!

South County High School logo


South County High School’s Girls 4 x 400-meter relay team won the VHSL State Championship! Additionally, they were the runners-up in the 4 x 100-meter relay. Way to go ladies!

West Springfield High School logo


Congratulations to West Springfield High School’s Victoria Higgins for placing first in the 200 and 400-meter dash at the VHSL State Track Championships!

Additionally, West Springfield’s Boys 4 x 400 Meter Relay Team placed second!


Picture of Principal Leslie Malkowski

Canterbury Woods Elementary new Principal

The Region 5 Leadership Team and I are pleased to announce that Ms. Leslie Malkowski has been named the new principal of Canterbury Woods Elementary School effective July 1, 2022. 

Ms. Malkowski holds a Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation and Master of Science in Special Education from Old Dominion University, and an Administration and Supervision Endorsement from the University of Virginia. Ms. Malkowski has over 17 years of experience in elementary and middle school education. She started her career with Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) as a Special Education Teacher in 2005 serving at Marshall Road Elementary School, Lake Braddock Secondary School, and as Special Education Department Chair at Holmes Middle School.  Ms. Malkowski brings 10 years of school administration experience having served as an assistant principal at Holmes Middle School and most recently, as assistant principal at North Springfield Elementary School. 

Ms. Malkowski brings a wealth of experiences as an instructional leader and a deep passion of meeting each student by name and by need.  Her teaching and leadership experiences tightly match the wonderfully diverse community of learners at Canterbury Woods and makes her poised to work alongside teachers and staff to continue to improve instruction and academic outcomes for students.  

Ms. Malkowski firmly believes that relationships and building trust with students, staff, parents, and community members is an important component of leading a school.  She is passionate about providing an equitable, rigorous, and inclusive education for all students.  Ms. Malkowski believes in the importance of a welcoming and culturally responsive school environment for students, staff, and families.  She is a transparent, visible, and highly communicative leader who looks forward to collaborating with staff and parents to nurture the academic and social-emotional well-being of students.  

Ms. Malkowski is honored to serve as the principal of Canterbury Woods Elementary School.  She looks forward to meeting and working with the school faculty and staff this summer to prepare for a strong start to the 2022-23 school year.  In her free time, Ms. Malkowski enjoys spending time outdoors, especially at the beach, with her husband and two daughters. 

Please join me in welcoming Ms. Leslie Malkowski as the new principal of Canterbury Woods Elementary School.


Picture of Principal Kyung-Joo An

Eagle View Elementary School new Principal

The Region 5 Leadership Team and I are pleased to announce that Ms. Kyung-Joo An has been named the new principal of Eagle View Elementary School! 

Ms. Kyung-Joo An holds a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Foreign Language with a concentration in Spanish and Early Childhood Education from James Madison University, a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction: Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning (ASTL) from George Mason University, and an Administration and Supervision Endorsement from the University of Virginia. Ms. An has over 21 years of experience in elementary school education. She started her career with Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) as a Kindergarten Teacher in 2001. Ms. An has 6 years of school administration experience having served as an assistant principal at Fairfax Villa ES from 2016-2021 and Oak Hill Elementary School for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Ms. An is a “charter member” of the Eagle View Elementary School teaching staff, having served as a kindergarten, first grade, and third grade teacher at Eagle View from its grand opening in 2006 until she was named assistant principal at Fairfax Villa ES in 2016! She still has the “charter member brick” she was given as a parting gift. During her time as a classroom teacher at Eagle View ES, Ms. An was named a National Board Certified Teacher (this honor was renewed in 2017). During her tenure at Fairfax Villa and Oak Hill, Ms. An has led her School Improvement and Innovation Plan (SIIP) efforts, identifying targeted areas of need, and ensuring that strong Access and Opportunity goals are developed based on available data. Ms. An restructured schoolwide behavior systems, merging PBIS, Positivity Project, and Responsive Classroom practices to create a positive learning environment for all students. She led the MTSS Core Team, managed all Tier 3 interventions, and collaborated with staff and the Region 5 OSS Team appropriately based on student achievement data. Additionally, Ms. An is MANDT certified. 

Ms. An has demonstrated throughout her career that she is highly skilled in building strong relationships and communicating with all stakeholders. Ms. An is bilingual, being fluent in both Korean and English (and she is conversant in Spanish). Ms. An understands the challenges that many of our ELL students and families face as she herself moved from Korea to the United States as a child. Therefore, while serving as the AP at Fairfax Villa ES, Ms. An initiated and spearheaded the planning/implementation of the Edu Futuro Program. This program is an educational opportunity for Hispanic families to actively participate in their children’s education, and it was met with great appreciation and success. During the pandemic, Ms. An collaborated with the PTA to launch a Family Partnership program that paired a donor family with a family-in-need to assist with groceries and other essential items. 

Ms. An is an experienced, dedicated, and talented school leader. In addition to serving as the assistant principal of Oak Hill, Ms. An is a valued leader among her peers, serving on the Region 5 AP Plus planning committee. Ms. An has delivered numerous professional development workshops over the years on topics such as Young Scholars, Academic Conversations, Culturally Responsive Teaching, and High Yield Instructional Strategies. Ms. An is a leader who is reflective, collaborative, enthusiastic, and empathetic. She has a strong belief in the power of relationships and the importance of ensuring that ALL students and families feel seen, heard, and connected to their school community. 

In her spare time, Ms. An loves to spend time with her family and friends. She also loves to travel! Please join me in welcoming Ms. Kyung-Joo An as the new principal of Eagle View Elementary School. She will begin the position on July 8, 2022. 


Picture of Principal Meishe Thirus

Waples Mill Elementary new Principal

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Meishe Thirus, current principal of College Park ES in Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS), has been selected as the new principal of Waples Mill ES.

Ms. Thirus is a caring, communicative, accomplished leader and life-long learner who brings 28 years of teaching, counseling, and school-based administration experience to the Waples Mill school community. She has taught grades 3 through 7 and has 11 years of counseling experience. For the past 3 years, she has led a fully accredited elementary school. 

Ms. Thirus was born, raised, and spent her formative years in Omaha, Nebraska living in a community and attending schools much like the Waples Mill community. Ms. Thirus started her career in education as an elementary school teacher in Nebraska. Over the next 17 years, she successfully taught in New Mexico, Mississippi, and Tennessee before moving to Virginia and working as a counselor in VBCPS. 

In 2014, Ms. Thirus was hired as an assistant principal at Bettie Williams ES. Ms. Thirus co-designed and implemented a program that enabled the school to move from “School in Improvement” to accreditation. As a result of her collaborative work with teachers, students, and families the school achieved math and reading pass rates of 85% and 80%, respectively. She also used PBIS to mitigate discipline offenses in the school. This work resulted in a 45% decrease in school-related discipline and behavior incidents. Ms. Thirus also started an accountability system for instructional coaches to increase support to teachers. 

In 2019, Ms. Thirus was appointed principal of College Park ES. As principal, Ms. Thirus led the staff and students to achieve an 86% pass rate in math and an 89% pass rate in reading on the Standards of Learning exams. Ms. Thirus also oversaw improvements in students' performance on the Scholastic Reading Inventory. As a result of her collaborative work with staff, there was a 12% increase in students who performed advanced and proficient in reading and a 10% increase in students who demonstrated proficiency on the math assessment. To stimulate students’ interests, Ms. Thirus also sponsored several curricular activities at her school including Girls Who Code, STEM Club, Rites of Passage, and Literacy Scholars. Ms. Thirus has extensive experience with the Science of Reading which will prove very beneficial to the Waples Mill community as FCPS navigates towards adopting these practices. 

Ms. Thirus is a caring and communicative leader. As principal, she initiated professional development for her staff to promote student engagement and connections in classrooms. This effort led to increased student achievement, a more engaged school culture, and a decrease in student referrals to the office. Ms. Thirus started programs to support staff emotional wellness. Among those programs was a quarterly meeting called “Tea with T”. This program provided support and resources for mental and emotional health based on individual needs. The results were a 97% staff retention rate and 7 staff members earning promotions. Ms. Thirus also increased parental involvement at her school with the Reading Time with Mom and Dad Program and Family Standards of Learning Nights. 

Ms. Thirus received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and her Master of Science in Counseling from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She also earned an Educational Specialist Degree from George Washington University. 

Please join me in welcoming Meishe Thirus as the new principal of Waples Mill ES. 

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