Mustang Message - March 27, 2022

We are a community of learners thriving in a diverse world!

We are a family.

We are capable.

We are caring.

We all belong!


BMP Staff and Students

We are Bren Mar Park!


SY 22-23 Kindergarten Orientation

We invite families of rising Kindergarten students to join us for Kindergarten Orientation to learn more about Bren Mar Park and a typical school day.


Kindergarten Orientation

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

4:30 - 5:30 p.m.

In-Person and Virtual Participation Options


Lunch Meal Information

Ms. Lee, our cafeteria manager, reminds families that one lunch meal per child continues to be free for every student in our building.  Students are to take the full meal and not just one item.  Should a child want an extra serving, those items will be charged to the child’s lunch account at the following prices:

Extra Meal                                        $4.50

One Side Dish (like fries)                 $2.75

Milk                                                   $0.60

Families can pay 3 ways:  MySchoolBucks, check or cash.  Families may also choose to apply for free- or reduced-meals through the online application here.   Free- or reduced-meal qualifications may also allow families to access reduced fees for other programs, including some summer programs.


Middle School Configuration

In February 2021, the Fairfax County School Board agreed to evaluate the grade level arrangement, including grade 6, of middle schools in the Mason District.  Please visit the website for more information.  This impacts students who would go to Glasgow, Holmes, and Poe.

The survey is live from March 25 - April 15. It will be available in Arabic, Chinese, English, Farsi, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Please contact our Family Liaison, Sandra Chetelat, for assistance.


Specialist Spotlight: Music

In Music class, our younger Mustangs have been working to become Tuneful, Beatful, and Artful. They are singing folk songs, keeping the beat to music from around the world, and moving to music artistically. We are focusing on students accessing their singing voices and participating musically. Our older Mustangs are getting back into using classroom instruments and creating music as an ensemble. They are also progressing into new topics in music literacy, including new rhythms and pitches.

We are also excited to support our Chorus, Band, and Orchestra students as they prepare for their first concert! These students will be performing on Wednesday, April 20th. Please be on the lookout for communication from your child’s music teacher (if your child is in a performing ensemble) for more details such as arrival time and attire expectations.

Ways to Help Your Child at Home

Knowledge of vocabulary is a high indicator of reading comprehension.  However, the importance of vocabulary doesn’t just stop at reading.  Vocabulary is needed in all content areas such as math and science to learn new concepts.  It’s not just important to students to know individual words, but also how to take apart words.  For example, reread is made up of the prefix re - which means again or repeat and the root word read. Understanding parts of words will help students to figure out the meaning of new and more complex words.  Teachers teach new vocabulary and vocabulary strategies at school.  Here are a few tips for how you can help support vocabulary learning at home. 

1. First, tell them a simple, kid-friendly definition for the new word.

Enormous means that something is really, really, big.

2. Second, give some examples of the word that would make sense in their daily life.  You can also take the time to teach any parts of the word or explain if it is a word with more than one meaning (ex. Spring, light, check, etc.).

Remember that really big watermelon we got at the grocery store?  That was an enormous watermelon!

3. Third, encourage your child to develop their own definition or examples.

What enormous thing can you think of?  Can you think of something really big that you saw today?  That’s right! The bulldozer near the park was enormous!  Those tires were huge.

4. Lastly, keep your new words active within your house by using them in conversation.


Family Engagement Survey

Family Engagement Survey

Our Family Engagement Survey is coming to your email this afternoon Sunday, March 13. Please participate—your feedback is critical in helping to inform and improve FCPS’ practices to best support our students.

Taking this survey will also help strengthen the partnership between your family and our school. When that partnership is strong, students can experience a range of benefits including improved school readiness, higher student achievement, and better social skills and behavior.

FCPS is partnering with independent firm K12 Insight to administer the survey, and it will be available in eight languages. For more information, please watch this short video from Superintendent Brabrand and visit the Family Engagement Survey webpage. Your voice matters!


Important Upcoming Dates/Events

March 31              Two hour Early Release

April 1                   No School:  Teacher Workday

April 4 - 8              No School:  Spring Break Holidays

April 14                 Family Market 5:00 p.m.

April 20                 PTA-Sponsored Restaurant Night:  Chipotle, Springfield Mall

April 21                 Family Literacy Night, 6:30 p.m. (In-Person); pizza at 6:00

April 27                 Kindergarten Orientation

April 28                 PTA General Body Meeting 6:00 pm

May 2 - 6              Teacher Appreciation Week

May 2 - June 3      SOL Testing for students in grades 3-5     

June 10                 Last Day of School

August 22              First Day of the 2022-23 School Year, Grades K-5