Franconia Elementary

The Penguin Performers Introduce

The First School Musical:

The Music Man

The Penguin Performers proudly announce the cast list for our very first musical, The Music Man- KidsDue to the high demand of stagehand sign-ups, we chose them by lottery.  We really appreciate everyone who auditioned, participated in the call backs, and signed up for stagehand interest.  Our Penguin Performers are so talented and we wish we could have cast everyone!!

Performances will be the first week of June.  Stay tuned for exact dates!

I hope you all are as excited as I am!!  On with the show!!

-Ms. Lucius


Harold: Gabe Ramos

Marian: Molly Lucius

Charlie: Talia Migliore-McCall

Marcellus: Cohen Roach

Mayor Shinn: Ian Lopez

Eulalie Shinn: Lily Fasano

Zaneeta Shinn: Kylie Chan

Gracie Shinn: Hadley Stump

Momma Paroo: Sophia Lewis

Winthrop Paroo: Cooper Lucius

Amaryllis: Basma Idris

Tommy Djilas: Elijah Bloyd

Conductor: Christian Turner

Constable Locke: Peyton Lawson

Pick-a-little Ladies/Townspeople:

  1. Ethel/Woman #3: Olivia McGhee
  2. Alma: Lily Marzoni
  3. Maud/Woman #1: Addisyn White
  4. Mrs. Squires/Woman#2: Isabella Nguyen 

Traveling Salesmen/Townspeople:

  1. Riley Davis
  2. Lorenzo Watson
  3. Ashton Garlington
  4. Mia Smith

Wan Tan Ye Girls/Townspeople:

  1. (& Newspaper Reader #1):Salimata Doramodou
  2. (& Newspaper Reader #2):Sydney Cunningham
  3. Arpita Dahal


  1. Saadiya Said
  2. Omnia Ali
  3. Peyton Clemmons
  4. Analise Pisconte
  5. Iman Hussain

Stage Hands

  1. Sentaro Hiragi
  2. Thomas Booth
  3. Anelise Gonzalez
  4. Ariana Gonzalez
  5. Stella Herda
  6. Kyley Dupré
  7. Serenity Marchlewski


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