CES Weekly Update 2.16.22

spelling bee winners

2022 Chesterbrook Spelling Bee Champion

Congratulations to all our students who competed in our CES Spelling Bee.

It was an honor to watch the level of talent emerge during our competition and once again have an person audience to cheer on our students.

Congratulations to our winner, Alison S, and runner up, Lucy E. Alison will compete in the Fairfax County Spelling Bee in March.

Congratulations to
Ms. Sara Eichmeier

McLean Pyramid Outstanding New Elementary Teacher

NT Eichmeier

Ms. Eichmeier joined our Chesterbrook staff during the 2020-21 school year and has been a tremendous addition to our sixth grade team. She works alongside her team to create engaging lessons and includes opportunities for all students to share their voice during learning. Ms. Eichmeier consistently goes above and beyond for her students and builds strong relationships as she works to understand their needs.

Ms. Eichmeier has also supported Chesterbrook students beyond the school day, working our summer quest program and helping coach our students in their Spelling Bee preparation this school year. Ms. Eichmeier, we are so happy to honor you with this recognition!

Rising Kindergarten Orientation - March 4th

Save the date - Friday, March 4th at 10:30 AM

RSVP/Registration is Required for our in-person Orientation: RSVP using this link to let us know you are attending and a little about your child.

Please share this information with families in our community with rising kindergarten students.

Families are welcome to begin arriving at 10:10 to check in and meet staff prior to the presentation. We look forward to having a safe in-person orientation this school year. Everyone will need to wear masks to attend the event.

We look forward to meeting the class of 2035! During orientation, parents and students will meet our kindergarten team, specialists and administrators as well as many of their new classmates. Students will walk in the day of kindergarten student, visiting classrooms and getting a chance to experience the school bus. The event is scheduled to run from 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM. 

Registration Paperwork (see link below for registration) - We encourage parents to complete registration paperwork prior to the event and bring it with them to drop off.  You are welcome to contact our registrar, Mr. Dave Troskey, with any questions prior to the event. You may also reach our wonderful front office staff at 703-714-8200.

2022-2023 New Student Registration

We look forward to welcoming our new families and students in the coming school year. It is time to begin planning to welcome your children by completing their school registration and saving the date for our new kindergarten orientation.

New Student Registration Info & Form

Use the link above for more information on registration and to complete the registration forms. You will need to scroll down to the registration paperwork. After you complete the paperwork, bring the signed paperwork and the following items to the school:

  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Enrolling Parent Photo ID
  • Proof of Residency (deed or lease)

Contact our registrar, Mr. Troskey, DATroskey@fcps.edu, with registration questions.

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is an excellent resource for families looking to reinforce digital citizenship at home. Not only does this resource provide tv show, movie, and game reviews, it also provides families with resources to have conversations with their children regarding their online presence and behavior. As we continue to navigate our digital world, it is of the utmost importance to build our digital citizenship skills right from the start. Teachers use Common Sense Education to teach students about media balance, privacy & security, digital footprints, and relationships & communication. Common Sense Media has created some helpful media tips as we strive to find a balance in our digital lives and reinforce many skills that are taught within class. In addition, they have provided a Family Media Agreement for families who are looking to establish some expectations and norms around media in their home. Finally, Common Sense Media invites you to join Tech Balance – a free program that provides tips about how to practice healthy media habits at home with your family. If you are interested in signing up, please visit https://www.commonsensemedia.org/techbalance. If you have any questions about how Chesterbrook and FCPS encourages digital citizenship, contact Megan Brown at mebrown@fcps.edu.

Media Tips and Family Agreement

Student Covid Screening 

FCPS will move to a dynamic testing plan.  Screening testing will be available during moderate, substantial and high community transmission to the greatest extent practicable in alignment with CDC guidance. Screening testing for students will not be offered during low transmission.

At this time, we will still have student testing until notified that transmission rates are consistently lower. Chesterbrook has been scheduled for diagnostic testing on Monday of each week. Currently, we have 68 consented for testing in the portal and will test about 50 weekly.

One-time parent/legal guardian consent is required to begin COVID screening testing for a student to be tested at school. You may withdraw your consent for testing at any time. If you want your child to begin participating in COVID-19 screening testing, you must pre-register your child(ren) and provide consent using the LTS secure online portal. If you do not want your child to participate in COVID-19 screening testing, no action is required. You will have the option each week to update your child’s vaccination and consent for testing.  

For all the details about optional COVID-19 screening testing, visit the FCPS website and review the FCPS COVID-19 Screening Testing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.  Screening testing is a recommended layered prevention strategy.

Upcoming Dates

Monday, February 21: President's Day Holiday- School Closed

Thursday, March 3: 2-Hour Early Release 1:35 PM

Friday, March 4: No School for Students
10:30 -12:30 PM Rising Kinder Orientation RSVP HERE

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