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South County Chorus Department


The South County Singers under direction of Choral Director AJ Rodriguez, gave an outstanding performance on November 19, 2021, at the Virginia Music Educator’s Conference in Norfolk, Virginia.  Congratulations to A.J. and the Singers Choir for excellent work at this prestigious event.  See the full concert performance video, photos, and the concert program at:

The Choral Department has a new website.  Check regularly to stay up to date on concert performances and special Chorus events. 

Support Chorus this weekend at Glory Days Grill Lorton.  10% of your check will go towards the Choral Boosters.  See below flyer.  Receipts can be left in the Chorus Room in a box for receipts.


 The Chorus Department had a fantastic showing at District Chorus in October 2021.  52 choir students and 5 alternates earned a spot.  See the full list of students below and on the Chorus website:

2021-2022 District Chorus Students and Alternates

Congratulations to all 52 South County High School Choir Students and 5 alternates who earned a spot in District 10 Chorus.

Treble Choir (9th & 10th Grade) Soprano 1s

Caelan Wommack (highest score in the District)

Natalie Beasley

Lea Ahrens

Cassandra DellaVedova

Lina Gebril

Kristin Gyamfi

Sophia O’Grady Marcelina Abenes


Treble Choir (9th & 10th Grade) Soprano 2s

Sarah Peckham (highest score in the District)

Aeryn Dahm

Zoe Patterson

Madelyn Mericle

Danielle Edwards

Sienna Mersinger

Mia Mason


Treble Choir (9th & 10th Grade) Alto 1s

Abby Sparks

Lilly VanDyke

Meklit Samuel

Alternate 2: Yenifer Alvarenga-Mejia


Treble Choir (9th & 10th Grade) Alto 2s

Caprice Aspland (highest score in the District)

Kaitlyn Beasley (highest score in the District)

Olivia Marlowe (highest score in the District)

Maureen Oppong

Aannali De Franco

Amana Haque

Samantha Stephan

Leo Powell

Alternate 1: Leila Slye


Mixed Choir (11th & 12th Grade) Soprano 1s

Olivia Smith

Josie Springer

Breona Brogan


Mixed Choir (11th & 12th Grade) Soprano 2s

Emily Lehrer


Mixed Choir (11th & 12th Grade) Alto 1s

Eva Jaghori (highest score in the District)

Alexis Borbidge

Marjon Jaghory

Hannah Doyal

Alexa Smith

Hannah Griffin

Sonya Lee


Mixed Choir (11th & 12th Grade) Alto 2s

Jordyn Packer

Laurie Evans

Cortney Alvarado

Michaela O’Neal


Mixed Choir (9th-12th Grade) Tenor 1s

Gavin Flynn

David Ransom

Alternate 1: Adrian Licona


Mixed Choir (9th-12th Grade) Tenor 2s

Ranen Larsen


Mixed Choir (9th-12th Grade) Bass 1s/Baritones

Robert Powell

Samuel Hanrahan


Mixed Choir (9th-12th Grade) Bass 2s

Eric Bach

Connor Walsh

Trey Jones

Landon Leavette

Nathan Bach

Beau Bornmann

Alternate 1: Joseph Thibodeau

Alternate 2: Christopher Ramirez