Harvest Parade Moved to November 3

Harvest Parade - Moving to Rain Date 

Sadly the weather forecast is not looking good for tomorrow, so we are moving the Harvest Parade to the rain date - November 3rd.

All details remain the same for next Wednesday. 

When: November 3, 9:30am-10:30am  

Where: Floris Field

How: Students and parents will be outside, and students will parade by grade level. Please see map below. The blue smiley faces are the students, and the yellow are the parents. The arrows show the parade direction. Kindergarten will start the parade. 

Parking: Please be respectful of our community members and their private property when parking. Frying Pan Park has shared that you can park in the main area of the parking lot and walk over that morning. Please do NOT park by or block the carousel. 


Important Details: 


  • If students are planning to dress up, they should wear their costume to school. 
  • Please make sure there are no weapons (even toy items) or hand held accessories with the costume. 
  • All students are required to have on their face covering in school. The rule regarding no full face costume masks for safety and visibility remains the same as previous years. 
  • Please also avoid any costume that might scare our younger students.  


  • So we are not mixing people together for contact tracing possibilities, all parents/visitors will be on one side of the field to remain six feet away from students at all times. 
  • Visitors must complete the Health Screening Questionnaire prior to arriving at school. The screening is done on a honor system and is not collected by the school. 
Harvest Parade