CES Kiss N Ride 10.18.21

Kiss N Ride Updates

First of all, a huge thank you for your collaboration and efforts to help us with getting kids to and from school safely. We all know safety is our collective priority.

Our student patrols have been instrumental in helping us expedite drop off in the morning. Adding students around the loop has allowed us to have more help unloading students quickly and safely. 

The request not to turn left into the lot from the opposite side of Kirby is simply a principal's request to keep traffic flowing down Kirby and not block the roadway as cars are hanging out into oncoming traffic. Mrs. Kirkpatrick has consistently been working with our Safety and Security specialist to provide the best guidance for our families with respect to efficiency and safety of our staff and students. While principals do not control traffic laws, we do make requests to help our community function better. If there are no cars that would block your ability to pull in, by all means make the left safely and enter the kiss and ride line. It's really all about making our kiss n ride work as best it possibly can and working together we can all make that happen.

Pickup of Students in the Afternoon

Cars are lining up WAY TOO EARLY!  There is no reason to line up 45 minutes to an hour early to pick up your child from school.  We are also then blocking Kirby Road and this creates a barrier to safe traffic flow for our community, which extends beyond Chesterbrook Elementary parents.

We ask cars to arrive no earlier than 3:30 for our 3:35 dismissal.  We have been able to load cars in no less than 15 minutes, which is a great record.

Using your last name car tag, helps us expedite pickup as we call names and get your kids cued in line and ready.

Please help our neighbors by not blocking Kirby to wait in line for dismissal.

Kiss N Ride Line Up Should Begin at 3:30PM. 

Thank you for working with this guidance.