Cooper News week of 10/13

2021 Impact Aid Form - Needed for each student

The 2021 Impact Aid Form will be sent home with your student this week. Please complete and return the form as soon as you can as it is time sensitive. 

The Impact Aid Program is a federal program designed to directly compensate local school districts that have been financially impacted by federal activities. The program’s mission is to reimburse local school districts for local revenues lost due to the presence of federally owned, and therefore tax exempt, property.

Volunteers Needed:

Vision and Hearing Screeners

We are very happy to be able to allow parent volunteers in school! The hearing and vision test is given to all 7th graders in FCPS. We are in need of volunteers to assist with administering the screenings through our PE classes on Thursday, Nov. 18, and Friday, Nov. 19.  If you are able to, please sign up for a time slot at the following link:

Book screeners

Cooper’s English department has 44 new book club books! These are new titles that will appeal to students, that are relatable to our times, are written by diverse authors, and fit within the FCPS Grade 7 and 8 English curriculum. The books need to be approved at the school level.  FCPS policy 3005.9 – Program and Supplemental Instructional Print Materials identification, Evaluation, and Approval – states that schools may approve supplemental material for local use through an Instructional Materials Review Committee (IMRC).  The IMRC consists of one administrator, two teachers, and two parents. In this case, this is a small number of people dealing with a large number of books. The committee must read the books and the teacher’s rationale in order to be approved.  Instead of asking two parents to read all 44 titles, we are suggesting an ADOPT-A-BOOK program to spread out the workload. The books will be used this winter, and with so many books, we need to get started.  Here is how it will work:

  • Open the SIGN-UP GENIUS link HERE.
  • Select the book(s) you are interested in reading and evaluating
  • You may select a title if you have read it in the past
  • We will loan you a copy of the book  and a copy of the rationale form for you to approve
  • After you read the book, sign to approve
  • Return the completed form back to Leslie Psaltis, Cooper Head Librarian 
  • The deadline for returning the forms (and loaned books) is December 10, 2021

 Thank you for your assistance with this task!

Lost and Found

At the end of every quarter, we will donate lost and found items that are not claimed. If your student misplaced a water bottle, sweatshirt, or other items, please ensure your child claims their belongings from the lost and found located in the school cafeteria before October 29th. 

Parent Resources provided by FCPS:

Rewriting Your Parenting Story: A Webinar for Families

No one's parenting journey goes the way they expect. But do you feel like your story has gotten away from you? Take back the narrative of your parenting.​

After this webinar, you will have the script for a new, hope-filled story.

Webinar Highlights:

  • The importance of curiosity and ‘hearing’ our children.
  • The strength of the repair.
  •  The ‘Reset’. When we find ourselves in a rut, this is a great place to start.

Presented by Mary Smith, a local Parenting Coach

Friday October 15, 2021, 10-11:30 a.m.

Register for Rewriting Your Parenting Story: A Webinar for Families

Moving onto Life in the Community Virtual Resource Fair

This resource fair assists parents, guardians, and caretakers with future planning for students with intellectual disabilities who may require ongoing supports after graduating from high school. Participants include representatives from vocational, residential, leisure, recreational, independent living, and advocacy programs.  

Tuesday, October 19, 2021, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Register for Moving onto Life in the Community Virtual Resource Fair

Considerations for Students with Disabilities in the College Search and Beyond

Career and Transition Services is offering a workshop highlighting issues to consider in the college search, application, and preparation process for students with disabilities on October 19, 2021, from 7-8 p.m.  (Part of the FCPS Virtual College Week)

Registration coming soon: