Welcome to Kilmer MS Afterschool Program


We are so excited to get to know students and support them in getting to know one another (and themselves) a bit more through activities we hope they enjoy! The purpose of the Afterschool Program is to provide quality programming in the areas of academic support and enrichment, social skills and youth development, physical health and wellness, and family and community engagement. We offer a diverse range of clubs and activities including Art, Science Olympiad, Yearbook, Drama, Quiz Bowl, Flag Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Social Justice Book Club, Knitting and more. Afterschool hours are 2:15-4:45PM, Tuesday – Thursday. Attached to this email are a schedule, activity description, and the bus stops.


Afterschool activities begin on Wednesday, September 22nd.


Afterschool Program Registration

Students need a completed  Afterschool Registration Form to stay after 2:15PM to participate in any activity, club, or with a teacher. This is a general acknowledgement and permission from Caregivers/Guardians/Parents for students to stay after – it is not a club or specific activity registration.


Join the Afterschool Schoology Group (not Course) – This is where updates are posted.


Schoology > Groups > School Groups > Join Group >> Enter Access Code: 2W54-ZSDS-BKJMV


Club & Activities Sign-Up

Most activities are drop in (no-commitment) and your child’s participation may vary, depending upon activity capacities and sponsorship. Students can pre-register for the afterschool offerings through the Afterschool Activity Sign-Up. This supports our planning for activities, snacks, and opportunities for participation. The Sign-Up form is only accessible when already logged into a student FCPS Google account. The sign-up form prompts selections of date specific choices from a drop-down menu. If an activity is not listed, it will not meet on that day. Students are encouraged to only stay on days where activities they are interested in or curious about are offered.


Link to Afterschool Activities Sign-Up Form: https://forms.gle/Z6bnPfqGHyF8o4mU8


How to Get Home

Late Bus Transportation is provided on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday following Afterschool dismissal at 4:45pm. Students may be picked up by caregivers/designees any time before 4:45pm and may be asked to sign out if leaving early. All students are expected to be picked on time or access transportation provided. Students are permitted to use their phones only to communicate with caregivers directly after school during attendance/break/snack. Students are not permitted to leave school grounds and return for or during Afterschool. Once 1st Block begins “Away for the Day” resumes, should a student need to answer a call/text from a caregiver during an activity they are able to check in with the Teacher/Sponsor to step out briefly. We also have phones in the Main Office 703.846.8800 and classrooms if needed. The number to the Transportation Office is for Kilmer is 703.249.7100


How to Start a New Club

Kilmer’s Afterschool Program is Student-Centered! We need your Voice and Participation!! We are open to club suggestions and feedback. IF a club is permissible, there is multiple student interest, a sponsor is available, and we can provide necessary materials/supplies the Afterschool Program

is happy to coordinate, and make it happen.


Link to Club/Activity Student Petition Form: https://forms.gle/kiQhGuFLXBpq8w8c8




Email Kimberly Kardelis at kckardelis@fcps.edu or call 703.846.8820.


Afterschool Club and Activity Description


Afterschool Program Schedule


Afterschool Late Bus