RRMS - Important Message

Recent TikTok Trend

Rocky Run Families:

You may be aware that there is a current trend that has emerged on the social media platform TikTok calling for students to vandalize schools in several ways and promote the acts under the tag, "Devious Licks."

We have experienced some suspected vandalism at Rocky Run MS over the past 24 hours and ask for your support in helping make sure our students are not engaging in this unacceptable behavior. We are especially concerned because students are damaging paper towel dispensers and stealing soap dispensers from our bathrooms which presents a challenge to maintaining a healthy and safe school environment.  Our staff will be reminding our students that damaging school property is a violation of the FCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities and will carry disciplinary consequences.  Rocky Run MS is equipped with indoor security cameras that cover hallways and the entrances to bathrooms.  We will continue to monitor these areas closely and may have to close bathrooms during transitions if the behavior continues.

Please remind your child not to engage in this type of behavior and to share information with a staff member if they witness an event. 

Thank you for your continued support!

Amy T. Goodloe, Ed.D.

Principal, Rocky Run MS