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A Note from Principal Eck

Dear Spring Hill Families,     

Thank you all for your continued support. We are off and running. To ensure all of our students are safe, it’s important that everyone understands their responsibilities as well as what to expect in the event a member of our school community tests positive for COVID. 

What can parents do to help slow the spread of COVID?

Keep your child home from school with any symptoms that are COVID-like.

The most important way you can help as a parent is to keep your child(ren) home if they present with any illness or symptoms that are associated with COVID, i.e., runny nose, coughing, headache. If you keep your child home, and they are feeling better the next day, then they do not need documentation from a medical provider to return. However, if your child comes to school and presents with symptoms, they will be placed in the Care Room and will be sent home. Your child must then be seen by a medical provider to return to school. 

Parents, caregivers or guardians, are strongly encouraged to monitor their children for symptoms of infectious illness every day through a home-based symptom screening, and students who are sick should not attend in-person instruction. Please consider the questions in the Health Screening Questionnaire each morning before sending your child to school. If you answer “YES” to any of the questions, please keep your child home. 

Keep your child home if you suspect your child may have come in contact with someone who has COVID.

We need you to be overly cautious and keep your child home, especially if you are awaiting COVID test results. 

Communicate quickly with us.

As soon as you have information that your child has COVID or likely has it, please let us know. We only reveal the name of a student to the health department. The sooner we have information, the sooner we can alert the health department to begin the contact tracing.

Send your child to school with a properly fitted mask.

Aligned with guidance provided by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) has established procedures for the use of face coverings/masks (cloth or disposable) for students, staff, and visitors designed to mitigate the spread of COVID. This document highlights the types of masks that are appropriate for students to wear to school. 

What will happen if there is a student/staff member who tests positive for COVID in my child’s class?

If a student, staff member, worker or visitor tests positive and was at school during the infectious period (within 48 hours of onset of symptoms or 48 hours prior to a positive test if asymptomatic), we will alert the entire school community.  

If the individual is a student or teacher, the school reviews seating assignments throughout the school day and identifies potential close contacts to the person who has tested positive for COVID. If your child is considered a potential close contact, we will notify you immediately. If your child is at school when identified, we will ask you to come pick your child up from school.  Staff members are sent home.

What determines if a student is a possible close contact to a known positive case? 

The following individuals would be considered a possible close contact by FCPS staff: 

  • Students wearing masks who were less than 3 feet of a Student case for a cumulative amount of 15 minutes or more in a school day
  • Students who were less than 6 feet of a Staff case for a cumulative amount of 15 minutes or more in a school day
  • Staff who were within 6 feet or less of a Staff case for a cumulative amount of 15 minutes or more in a school day
  • Staff who were within 6 feet or less of a Student case for a cumulative amount of 15 minutes or more in a school day

What happens if my child is determined to be a “close contact”? Can they come to school? 

Out of an abundance of caution, any student who is identified as a possible close contact will have to stay home from school until the health department completes its contact tracing and closes the investigation. We have been told that this could be 24-48 hours. Your child’s teachers will post assignments in Schoology to access. If your child does not have their computer at home, we will work with you to pick it up at school. Only the Health Department can determine if your child needs to quarantine through their contact tracing investigation. See flowchart below.

Case Information We cannot disclose details of the positive case to include the staff member’s name or work assignment, a child’s grade, class, or any additional information. The health department will contact you directly and will direct the appropriate students to quarantine. The school will notify the entire community when the contact tracing is complete.

Mitigation Strategies As we have shared with you prior to the start of the school year, we are following the Health and Safety Guidance practices found here. As any good educator does on a regular basis, we are reflecting on our practices from the first few days of school and looking for ways to refine and enhance them.

This upcoming week we are implementing a few more changes. We are creating additional space between students in classrooms by reworking open spaces. In addition, we currently have two cafeteria spaces. This allows us to space students from each other. We have purchased plexiglass that will be placed to divide cafeteria tables.  Our goal is to ensure the health and safety of all of our students and staff so that our students can focus on learning. 

We recognize that the idea of your child being considered a possible close contact or having a classmate who tests positive for COVID can be upsetting. We also recognize that the current FCPS protocols will mean that parents who work outside the home may be impacted unexpectedly because they have to be home with their child. My hope in sharing information about what the process is will help alleviate some of the stress that is inherent in this current situation. We also hope that if we all work together we can minimize the number of positive cases at school, which will reduce the spread and minimize the number of students who must remain at home. 

Again, thank you for your support, flexibility and patience. We appreciate your partnership to help stop the spread of COVID. Please feel free to reach out to me or any member of our adminstrative team. 

flow chart

FCPS COVID Notifcation Flowchart

Back to School Night

As we make changes to further ensure the health and safety of our staff and students, our Back-to-School night format will now be virtual. The time, date and number of sessions are the same; September 14th @ 6PM and 7PM. More information will be communicated next week. 

AAP Information


Spring Hill offers a continuum of advanced academic services for all students in Grades K-6. Learning experiences are designed to develop higher-level thinking through enrichment, acceleration, and extension of the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs). Teachers, administrators, and our Advanced Academics Resource Teacher (AART) work together to provide different levels of AAP services.  We will be offering a virtual Parent Information Meeting (Grades K-6)  and a virtual Screening and Identification Session (Grades 2-6) to discuss the continuum of AAP services and help parents navigate through the level III and IV screening process.

Our Parent Information Zoom Session will be held on September 27th at 4:30. During this time, we will provide information about the levels of AAP services at Spring Hill.  (Grades K-6)

Our Screening and Identification Zoom Session will be held on September 30th at 4:30. During this time, we will explain and answer questions about the screening processes for part-time school-based and full-time Level IV services. (Grades 2-6).

You must register in advance for this meeting. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Registration Link - Parent Information Zoom Session (September 27th)

Registration Link- Screening and Identification Zoom Session (September 30th)

Cafeteria Volunteers (1st - 6th Grade Parents)

If you would like to volunteer during lunch, please use this link to sign up. We have 2 slots per lunch session. 

Health and Safety Overview

Health and Safety Guidance Webpage

Our Health and Safety Guidance Webpage has the most current information about our layered prevention strategies, what happens if your child becomes ill at school, and the process when there is a pause in instruction or activities after a positive COVID case.

COVID Dashboard

All FCPS COVID-19 cases are reported via a dashboard posted to the FCPS website and updated daily. Click FCPS Covid-19 Dashboard for more information. 

Safety Drills During the School Year

Our first lockdown drill of the school year will be on September 9, 2021. 

Your child may come home and talk about their experience during the drill. We encourage you to talk with your child about the importance of being prepared for emergencies. Here are some helpful tips for families to use to support their students before and after school lockdown drills.

Working together, we create a safe, secure environment for students to learn and grow in our schools.

Testing Updates

Social Emotional Screener

The School Board has approved a screener to review students’ skills and experiences in these areas.
FCPS staff will use the screener to identify strengths and needs for students in grades K-12

Students in grades K-2 will be screened in the winter and spring. In these grade levels, teachers will complete a survey on their observations of students' skills and experiences. Students in grades 3-12 will be screened in the fall, winter, and spring. In these grade levels, students will reflect and report on their own skills and experiences.

Parents have the right to opt their children out of taking this screener. For more information regarding this screener and access to the Opt-out form, click here: SEL Parent Notification Letter

Student Rights & Responsibilities (SR&R) Family Signature Due October 29

FCPS’ updated Student Rights & Responsibility booklet is now available online and in the ParentVue section of the Student Information System (SIS). The SR&R booklet explains expectations for student behavior and adult responses to enhance school safety and to create a fair, equitable, and supportive school environment. 

Each year, parents/guardians must review, sign, and return the SR&R to their child’s school. In ParentVue, you may now download and digitally sign the SR&R. Every parent/guardian with a ParentVUE account will see the SR&R upon login to ParentVUE until the SR&R acknowledgement has been completed.

Your name in the digital signature box must match the parent/guardian’s first and last name in SIS exactly before the signature will be accepted.

Please take a moment to log into ParentVue in your child’s SIS account to access the SR&R. Signatures are due by October 29, 2021.

Please contact the school office if you are having difficulty accessing the booklet. 

2021-22 Cultural Observances and Religious Holidays

The Fairfax County School Board approved a calendar for the 2021-22 school year that is designed to recognize, respect, and honor the plurality of religious and cultural observances in Fairfax County. The calendar ensures students will not have to make choices between honoring their cultural or religious beliefs and missing a test or school activity. 

On the 15 observance days listed below, schools will not schedule tests or quizzes. Tests and quizzes will be given before any of these days, so students are not expected to study on the observance day. 

In addition, schools will not schedule events including field trips, graduation, homecoming, or FCPS-scheduled athletic events on any of the 15 observance days. 

The calendar recognizes 15 diverse religious and cultural observances including:

  • Eid al-Adha.
  • Rosh Hashanah.
  • Yom Kippur.
  • Día de los Muertos.
  • Diwali.
  • Bodhi Day.
  • Three Kings Day/Epiphany.
  • Orthodox Christmas.
  • Orthodox Epiphany.
  • Lunar New Year.
  • Ramadan.
  • Good Friday.
  • Theravada.
  • Orthodox Good Friday/Last Night of Passover.
  • Eid al-Fitr. 

The 2021-22 calendar also separates spring break from any religious or cultural observances

A Message from PTO

Back-to-School Block Party returns!

We are pleased to announce that the annual Block Party is back! Mark your calendars for Friday, September 17th from 5:30-7:30 to kick off a great school year with an evening of food, music and fun. Tickets are on sale NOW and must be purchased in advance. Visit our website for more information and to buy your tickets today. 



How to Improve Your Child’s Executive Functioning Skills Without All the Arguments This School Year

September 9, 2021 6:30-8 p.m.

September 10, 2021 10-11:30 a.m.

Register for How to Improve Your Child’s Executive Functioning Skills Without All the Arguments This School Year


Military-Connected Students and School Transition: A Family Webinar

September 17, 2021 10-11:30 a.m.

Register for Military-Connected Students and School Transition: A Family Webinar


5 Ways to Stop Anxiety, Power Struggles, & Behavior Issues: A Webinar for Families

September 23, 2021 6:30-8 p.m.

September 24, 2021 10-11:30 a.m.

Register for 5 Ways to Stop Anxiety, Power Struggles, & Behavior Issues: A Webinar for Families

Important Dates

September 3 - 6 - Labor Day Break - Student Holiday

September 14 - Virtual Back to School Night (6 PM and 7 PM)

September 17-Block Party-5:30-7:30pm

October 11 – Student Holiday

October 29 – End of First Quarter – 2-hour Early Release

November 1 – Student Holiday

November 2 – Student Holiday