Returning Strong - Celebrating our First Day!

Celebrating Our First Day!

Superintendent Brabrand at Mount Vernon High School

Today was a great day to be in Fairfax County Public Schools! Almost 180,000 students returned to our buildings this morning, excited and ready to learn.

Enjoy some highlights from #FirstDayFairfax and #FCPSReturningStrong on social media, or visit our website for more photos.

Superintendent Brabrand in front of Mount Vernon

FCPS is Returning Strong this school year with 5 Days of in Person Instruction. 

Student in mask giving a thumbs up.

FCPS students are prepared for day one of in-person learning, including this student from Spring Hill Elementary School.

Outdoor dining at Robinson Secondary School.

Outdoor dining is one way FCPS students stay safe while enjoying lunch at Robinson Secondary School. View more of the unique ways schools are setting up lunch.

Outdoor classroom at Irving Middle School

Schools are making use of outdoor spaces as much as possible this year, like this outdoor classroom at Irving Middle School.

Water balloon relay at Kilmer Middle School.

Students participate in a water balloon relay at Kilmer Middle School.

Senior sunrise.

Seniors participated in Senior Sunrise at many schools this morning, including this group at Woodson High School.

Ribbon cutting at McNair Upper Elementary School.

McNair Upper Elementary School had two reasons to celebrate today—the first day of school and a ribbon cutting for their new school building.

Superintendent Brabrand in a classroom.

Superintendent Scott Brabrand spent his morning visiting students and teachers at schools in all five regions across the county to celebrate the first day of school.

Student grabbing breakfast

McNair Upper Elementary School students grab breakfast to fuel their first morning back in class.

Media at Annandale High School

… We also had a lot of fabulous media coverage.

For more first day of school photos, go to the FCPS website to check out a photo gallery, or visit Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and search for #FirstDayFairfax and #FCPSReturningStrong.

Welcome Back, From the School Board Chair

School Board Chair Stella Pekarsky

School Board Chair Stella Pekarsky has a welcome back message for the first day of school.

Thank You! 

Thank you, FCPS staff and families, for going above and beyond to prepare for a successful start to the 2021-22 school year. Today is possible because of the dedication of the more than 24,600 educators that make FCPS a great place to learn and work and the patience and resilience of our families.

Thank you signWelcome Back!

Have a great 2021-22 school year!