Frist Day of School

Good evening Cooper Families!  We are very excited to open our doors tomorrow and return to school five days strong!  Students will report to Block 1 and should have received an email with the teacher and room number.  Students will receive a copy of their schedule in their Block 1 classroom.  Please be reminded we anticipate a long Kiss/Ride line and ask that you plan accordingly for drop-off so that your student can be in our classrooms at 7:30 a.m. 

In this NYC:

  • Daily Health Screening Questionnaire at Home
  • Universal Mask Use
  • School Forms
  • Lunch
  • Transportation/Bus Reminder
  • Kiss/Ride Line

Screen for Illness Every Day

Stay Home When Sick

  • One of the most important prevention strategies guidelines is screening students daily for any signs of illness prior to leaving home for school. Any student who is ill or presents with COVID-like symptoms is to remain at home. The daily health screening questionnaire and all translated versions can be found on our Health and Safety Guidance document . This document provides the details of the policies and protocols related to COVID-19, and it is continually updated to align with public health guidance as it evolves during the school year. Daily completion of the health screening is done on an honor basis and does not need to be sent to the school.
  • Read more about checking for symptoms and how to prepare to return to school after illness.


As a reminder,  masks are required for everyone, regardless of vaccination status, inside FCPS buildings and on buses.  This infographic provides you with the recommended masks.

approved masks

School Forms

Thank you to the many parents who have already sent in their students’ forms. Forms can be delivered to the front office on the first day of school.

  • Parent Digital Tool Permission
    • Some of the digital resources your child may use this year require parental consent. You can complete the form here. 
  •  2021 - 2022 Parent and/or Guardian SR&R Acknowledgement
    • Required for ALL students annually
    • After reviewing the information, sign the SR&R Parent Acknowledgement Form using this link

Lunch Updates

  • Students will have the option to either eat in the newly renovated cafeteria or outside.
  • All students will be offered no cost breakfast and lunch for the entire school year. Menus are available online.
  • Masks will be worn while going through the serving line. 
  • Students will be required to wear masks in the cafeteria when not actively eating and drinking.
  • Students will put their mask back on when they finish their meal. 
  • Cafeteria spaces will be regularly and thoroughly cleaned with a sanitizing solution. 


As a reminder, FCPS will need to increase “double back” bus runs, meaning a bus is required to run two scheduled routes back to back that would normally have been covered by two separate buses. These “double backs” may impact delivery time to schools or bus stops and may have a domino effect throughout the day, affecting after-school drop-off times.

Currently, students on buses 3 and 21 will arrive at Cooper earlier than other buses due to the bus driver shortage.  These students will be greeted and welcomed into the cafeteria to wait until 7:10 a.m. when the doors open and students report to class.  After school, these same students will report to the cafeteria to wait for buses 3 and 21.

Here comes the bus app

We ask families and students to have patience and flexibility at the start of the school year while we work through the issue. You can be prepared by checking the Here Comes the Bus (HCtB) app or FCPS School Bus Delays website for potential delays. Route information and transportation intent for your child is always available and current in your SIS ParentVue account.

Cooper Kiss and Ride Procedures 

Cooper’s Kiss and Ride plan is designed to help keep students safe, as well as maintain traffic flow during arrival/dismissal times.  Due to FCPS Department of Facilities renovations, the back of our campus is occupied with temporary Learning Cottages, referred to as “South Manor”.  Again for this year, Kiss and Ride drop-off and pick-up will occur in the back parking lot (previous tennis courts).  Please reference the map below.

It will be important to understand, follow, and adhere to the following procedures:


  • Kiss and Ride drop-off is located at the back of the school beginning at 7:10AM 
  • Cars enter from Balls Hill Road, proceed straight, bear right around the building, and onto the Tennis Courts (behind the back parking lot). 
  • There is a designated drop off zone where students disembark, walk between the B and C quads, proceed up the stairs, and enter at door number 6 (**New this year).  
    • Note: After you have made the turn in the loop, please have students exit your vehicle on the right side (see map for the drop off location)
  • Cars exit the parking lot at the location that they entered.  
  • Access road (Dead Run) is closed during arrival and departures.
  • Cars are not permitted in front of the school from 6:45 am - 7:30 am. 


    • Cars will use the same Kiss and Ride traffic loop for pickup.   
    • Students will exit the school from door 5 and meet the vehicles at the car line
  • There will be no parking or driving in the front parking lot from 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm. 

We need to do everything we can to guarantee the safety of our students.  Therefore, no students should ever be dropped off at the following locations:

  • Dead Run
  • Balls Hill Rd
  • Georgetown Pike cross streets
  • Parking lots and intersections that lead into the school. 

Staff members will be available to answer questions in regards to the procedures above.

We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation as we work together to provide a safe and efficient system for dropping off and picking up students.