Athletic Guidelines 2021-2022

Athletic Guidelines, 2021-2022

Competitive sports do not lend themselves to social distancing or other common mitigation measures. Effective implementation of the processes, procedures, and policies is critical to ensuring our continued ability to offer competitive athletics. Everyone - students, coaches, administrators and athletic trainers, shares in the responsibility for implementing the procedures outlined below. Before the first day of try-outs, schools will review any and all expectations with all stakeholders - a successful season depends on everyone doing their part!

At this time, the COVID-specific protocols in place at the end of the spring athletic season are in place to start the fall athletic season; a summary is presented below. All of this information is subject to change and any updates will be provided as needed.


Ø Masks

o Outdoor activities – masks not required

o Indoor activities – masks required for coaches and all players who are not participating in the activity § This applies to all practices, games and outdoor sports coming indoors for practices

  • This applies to students and staff

o Masks are currently being worn while on a school bus; that practice will follow transportation guidelines.


Ø Water

o Students and coaches will provide their own water in individual containers. Each will need to have a minimum of 32 ounces; more is recommended based on individual need and the demands of the sport.


Ø Screening

o Pre-activity screening is required for students and coaches and will use the same Google screening mechanism in place for the fall and spring seasons last year.


Ø Equipment

o Cleaning and disinfection protocols will be the same as in the previous sports season.