May Newsletter

Dear Fairfax County Students, Families and Staff,

I hope you are doing well and enjoying the spring weather. As vaccinations increase and case numbers go down, we still need to be vigilant but I have hope we are coming out of this dark time into a world of, as my son would say, “sunshine and smiles.” I know the CDC recently updated their guidance regarding masks and distancing for vaccinated individuals and the Governor has also amended his executive order to reflect the new CDC guidance. The Governor’s amended executive guidance goes into effect on May 28, 2021. You can read the new CDC guidance here and the Governor's Executive Order here. FCPS Leadership met with state officials late on Friday and is reviewing these updated guidelines and will release more information soon regarding the impact on K-12, so keep an eye out for an email from FCPS. 



As we near the end of the year, I will be holding my last town hall meeting of this school year on Wednesday night. Please join me and Vice-Chair & Sully District School Board Member, Stella Pekarsky, for a virtual town hall to address your questions about our summer programming, ESL and recovery options, fall plans and more.

Submit Questions for the town hall through this form. This will help us best respond to as many questions as possible. We will only address questions that we receive through this form.  You may submit questions through the form in advance and during the town hall.

When: Wednesday, May 19th, 2021, 7 PM - 8 PM 

Where: Blackboard Collaborate - Use this link 

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for all of the hard work done by our principals, staff and Region leadership as they took on yet another daunting pivot and expanded in-person learning from two days to four days a week. The logistical challenges were enormous given the necessary continued compliance with CDC’s layered prevention strategies and the enormous pressure and expectations that were placed upon many of them. I am very impressed almost all of our in-person students were able to return to four days a week in the building. Planning is well underway for five days a week in the fall.  I look forward to the time when not only our students are re-connected  with each other, but our parents and staff, as well. Life under a global trauma has left many burnt out and tired - from teachers, to staff, to administrators to parents. I hope we can all emerge from this summer rested and with space for respectful dialogue, healing and unity moving forward. 

I am excited for the in-person formal events for seniors and for in-person graduations!! This is something I have been advocating for over many months so I am incredibly glad our health conditions have improved. But I am most grateful to our staff, administrators and central office leadership team who have been working overtime planning these events, pivoting and pivoting again with changing conditions. When the Governor’s orders were going to preclude the use of our stadiums, and the Eagle Bank Arena was being used as a mass vaccination site, they found alternatives so all schools could have a graduation with all seniors together and guests able to see their loved ones graduate. 

It has been a rough and unusual year for many seniors and while nothing we can plan now will make up for all they have lost, we look forward to celebrating the end of their senior year. As the parent of a ”Double Class of 2021” - high school and college - I know how agonizing this year has been for our students and their families navigating these, and other, seminal transitions, such as 5th/6th grade and more. I can’t wait to celebrate our seniors and their unprecedented grace and resilience at graduations across the county. 

Below you will find information on:

  • My Thoughts on some Frequently Asked Questions
  • Return to School
  • School Board News - Budget, Upcoming Meetings, New Student Rep
  • Summer Opportunities for Students
  • Other FCPS News
  • Community News 
  • Good News from around FCPS
  • Quick Links

My Thoughts on Some Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Option for the Fall: I know some have asked for a more robust virtual option for the fall, based on parent choice. FCPS is planning for a virtual option for students with documented medical needs, similar to our homebound program. While I know FCPS will use many of the lessons learned this year to improve education, I would like to dig deeper into what we can do to help students who are thriving virtually be similarly successful in our buildings, as well as explore how virtual learning can complement in-person learning. However, next year we need to focus on a strong in-person start, to get students reengaged and reconnected. School is our students’ world and there is much educating that goes on outside the classroom, in teaching students how to interact, work with, and exist with each other - that “hidden curriculum” and those informal “teachable moments” that comes from being and working together. I believe we will continue to evolve around virtual learning and the use of technology, but right now everyone is exhausted and the energy needs to be focused on starting strong in person and moving away from concurrent instruction, which has posed many challenges for teachers and students, alike.

Remediation: While our summer programming is ten times larger than previous summers, I know many are still concerned about remediation and learning loss - our teachers are ready to meet students where they are and work to get them where they need to be. We have federal funds that can be used through next year and beyond to help provide remediation where needed. We just need to get all our students back into school in our new normal, see where they all are, and work from there. In the meantime, schools are reaching out to students who have been identified as needing summer programming for this summer. This summer programming is not mandatory but also just the beginning of our work regarding addressing the impact of COVID on student learning. 

ESSER Funds: Many of the Board have asked for a briefing on FCPS’ use of ESSER and other COVID related funds. Here is a link to the most recent information. I look forward to an updated briefing soon. 

Anti-Bias Survey:   I have received many emails about FCPS anti-racism and anti-bias work and the recent survey. FCPS is committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment where all students and staff are respected and valued. 

While I think equity work is important to ensuring that safe environment, I did not see the survey in advance nor did I know this survey was going to be sent.  I do have some concerns about it and I am looking into it further. 

Virginia Math Pathways Initiative:  I continue to receive questions regarding the Virginia Department of Education's review of the math curriculum.  The Virginia Mathematics Pathways Initiative (VMPI) is a VDOE proposal that is under development to modernize and update Virginia’s mathematics curriculum in grades K-12 to align instruction with the essential knowledge and skills students need to succeed in the 21st-century economy.  The website includes information about the process, goals and plans that are currently under development and has a schedule of webinars that you can watch to learn more information.  The Washington Post recently had an article about the VMPI.  This is a state initiative, not an FCPS one, so please direct your feedback to and your State Senator and Delegate (you can find your state senator and delegate here).

I have reviewed the materials and had many conversations about the VMPI.  I still have questions.  The website and webinars have stated that the implementation of VMPI would still allow for student acceleration in mathematics content according to ability and achievement and that school divisions would still be able to tailor courses to meet student needs and provide opportunities for advanced sections and accelerations.  The website also states that advanced courses would not be eliminated. 

I strongly believe that we need to ensure there is access to robust mathematics education at all levels and paths that meets the needs of all learners, including advanced learners.  This is a work in progress and I will continue to monitor this issue.

Return to School

Vaccinations for Ages 12 and Up Now Available!

The COVID-19 vaccine is now available for people ages 12 and up. This means just about every middle and high school student in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) may now be vaccinated. Here is a link to schedule your free vaccine for yourself or your students age 12 and up

There are also walk in vaccinations available at certain CVS locations. Read more here

FCPS is encouraging student vaccinations because this is one more way to ensure the safest school environment for everyone and for students to avoid quarantine if they are exposed to someone with COVID-19. I know FCPS is working with the health department to try to make it as easy as possible for those who choose to get vaccinated to be vaccinated.

Teens at Justice High School are featured below in photos and videos. They share why they are getting vaccinated. (Note: In some photos, masks were briefly removed, but safety measures were in place.) Check them out here: Ask Me Why - Teen Vaccine 

vaccine one

“It’s about all of us; for me to be healthy and I do not want to be sick.” Lewis, 16


“Help my own health and my parents health as well.” Rickki, 18


vaccine 2

American Academy of Pediatrics Endorses FCPS’ Five Days of In-Person Learning

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has stated support of FCPS’ model of providing five days of in-person instruction for all children this fall. This endorsement by a highly respected group of pediatricians validates our belief that in-person learning is best for children. The AAP also believes that virtual instruction should be utilized only when necessary and in consultation with a child’s physician or medical team. 

Fairfax County’s School Age Child Care to Open for 2021-22 School Year

SACC will be open to provide before and after school services for the 2021-22 School Year.  The SACC program is currently assessing center capacities based on health and safety protocols. More information for the 2021-22 School Year program will be available by June 15 on the SACC website.  Families who were previously enrolled will be contacted to determine their need for services.

FCPS Shares Plans with Limited Virtual Instruction for 2021-22 School Year

Fairfax County Public Schools will offer all students five days of in-person learning in the fall while offering a limited, centralized Virtual Program Model for students with documented health/medical needs.

FCPS’ Virtual Program Model for SY 2021-22 is a response to the impacts of COVID-19. The school division does not plan to offer it beyond this coming school year. Families must apply for their student to continue receiving virtual instruction in the next school year.

More information on virtual instruction is available online.



2021-22 Kindergarten Registration

Will your child turn five years old by September 30? If so, contact your child’s school to make arrangements for kindergarten enrollment. Most schools begin getting information together now for parents of incoming kindergartners, and many host an orientation or open house. All kindergarten programs are full-day and located in FCPS elementary schools.

Check your school’s webpage or contact the school directly for specific enrollment information and dates of orientation.

Get more information about kindergarten registration

Video: How to Register Your Student in FCPS.

Welcoming Our Youngest Students for 2021-22

FCPS PreK and Early Head Start is now accepting applications for the 2021-22 school year. 

¡FCPS PreK y Early Head Start ya está aceptando aplicaciones para el año escolar 2021-22!  Por favor mire este video para ver si su hijo de 3 o 4 años puede calificar para PreK. Para aplicar en línea: busque: PreK Correo electrónico: Para más información llame a la línea de español: 703-208-7901.

Outdoor Learning Spaces Available for Schools

outdoor learning


FCPS is expanding outdoor classrooms to support student’s return to in-person learning.  Outdoor classrooms provide much needed relief for schools struggling to maintain social distancing requirements.  However, they’re not just being used for instruction.  These spaces provide schools the flexibility to adjust their daily activities as they see fit.  Whether it’s used for instruction, eating breakfast and lunch, or supporting graduations and promotional events… schools are taking full advantage of this new opportunity.

What started as a Get2Green pilot program with five schools last Fall has grown to more than fifteen schools this Spring.  A further fifty tents have already been purchased (with more on the way) and will be provided to schools as part of a planned roll-out this Summer.  FCPS has set aside $2 million in CARES funding to support outdoor learning spaces.  The goal is for all schools to have outdoor classrooms before the start of the school next year.  Facilities staff are working with school administrators to assess their campuses and determine the best use and location for each school.  If they so choose, schools will be provided one or more 20ft by 30ft mini marquee with detachable sides.  One tent is large enough to fit a class of socially distanced students and teacher.  See the Washington Post’s story about outdoor learning.

COVID-19 Data Reporting Changes 

To more accurately represent the burden of COVID-19 outbreaks to the public, VDH is expanding the criteria for publicly reporting outbreaks. 

Currently, VDH only reports outbreaks with at least two positive MAT tests, such as PCR laboratory tests. However, beginning Friday, May 7, 2021, VDH will report outbreaks dating back to January 2021 under a more broad definition that includes antigen tests. This will result in an increase in the number of K-12 outbreaks reported in the outbreak dashboard.

school board


School Board News


On May 4, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors adopted the county's FY 2022 Budget.  The county transfer will be an additional $29.3 million over the FY21 transfer, which is a 1.4% increase over the FY21 transfer.  This amount includes a 2% salary increase for FCPS employees. The current budget also includes additional funds for extra ESOL staffing, more funding for AARTs, instructional coaches at former Title I schools, 18 new psychologists and social workers and more nurses to meet state SOQs, a neurodiversity specialist, a trauma informed SEL specialist, and more.

On May 4, the School Board had another FY22 Budget Work Session and on May 11, the School Board held public hearings on the FY 2022 Budget.  

The next steps are:  

  • May 18 - School Board Budget Work Session
  • May 20 - School Board votes to adopt FY 2022 Approved Budget
  • July 1 - FY 2022 begins

See more details on the FCPS FY 2022 Budget and planning documents.

School Board Moves to Develop School Trust Policy 

The School Board agreed to develop a School Trust Policy, aligning the school division with Fairfax County’s Trust Policy. Adopted in January, the County policy prohibits voluntary cooperation by all Fairfax County agencies with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The policies are designed to help build trust and confidence with immigrant families. The Board’s governance committee will now work with school division staff to develop the policy for adoption by the full Board.

Meet the New Student School Board Representative


Meet the 2021-22 Student School Board Representative, Pranav Choudhary, a junior from Langley High School. He invites students to reach out and share their thoughts with him on how to improve the lives of all FCPS students. 

Upcoming School Board Meetings

  • Tuesday, May 18, 2021 at 3 p.m. Work Session:  Budget, Committee Reports
  • Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 7 p.m. Hybrid Regular School Board Meeting
  • Tuesday, May 25, 2021 at 6 p.m. Work Session:  Committee Reports

Accessing Board Meetings and Materials

summer school


Summer Opportunities for Students

2021 FCPS Summer Learning Information

This summer, FCPS will offer a variety of school-based opportunities. These include:

  • Credit Recovery: Each high and secondary school will host credit recovery opportunities for its students during two sessions.

  • School-Based Opportunities for Select Elementary School Students: Each elementary school has summer learning opportunities designed to support students as they develop executive functioning skills, mathematics skills, and language arts skills.

  • School-Based Opportunities for Select Middle School Students: Each middle school has summer learning opportunities designed to support students as they develop: mathematics, language arts, and problem-solving skills.

School staff will contact families of students who will be invited in the coming weeks. The total number of students that can attend school-based programs is based on the number of teachers at the school available to work this summer.

There are also a variety of summer enrichment programs open to all students. Information on how to register for these programs is available on the FCPS Summer Learning webpage.

COVID Recovery Services Available for Special Education Students

Special education COVID recovery services may be considered for any student with a disability whose Individualized Education Program (IEP) Team or Section 504 Committee determines there remains a significant educational impact due to the COVID-19 school closure and the virtual learning this school year. Recovery services are designed to address learning gaps and are determined by IEP Teams or 504 Committees.

Not all students with disabilities will require COVID recovery services. COVID recovery services are based on whether or not the student continued making progress in the general education curriculum, or alternative course of study specified in their IEP/504 plan or toward meeting their IEP goals, and/or if any significant regression occurred during the period of school closure.

IEP Teams and 504 Committees will use a variety of data sources including individual student progress data, teacher assessments, and parent input when considering COVID recovery services. If the IEP Team or 504 Committee decides a student requires recovery services, the team will determine the amount and type of recovery service that is required to address the individual student’s needs.

If you think that your child may require COVID recovery services, please contact your child’s IEP/504 case manager to further discuss and schedule a meeting for the IEP team or 504 committee to consider the need for recovery services.

Additional information regarding FCPS’ Summer Recovery Academy is available online

Community Use News Update: More Summer Opportunities Coming Soon

Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs); Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs); Parent, Teacher, and Student Associations (PTSAs); and Booster organizations can now submit requests to use our buildings and grounds for Summer Camp Programs (June 21-August 5). While there are limitations and all groups will be required to adhere to Fairfax County Health Department and Virginia Health Department COVID guidelines, this is definitely a step in the right direction. Read more about community use.

Rec-PAC Summer Camps (Grade 1-6)  


After COVID-19 prevented in-person programs last summer, the Fairfax County Park Authority’s Rec-PAC (Pretty Awesome Children) returns this summer at 30 elementary school locations across Fairfax County.

Rec-PAC is an affordable, structured six-week summer program for children in grades 1-6 featuring a different theme each week. Hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays through Fridays from June 28 through Aug. 5, 2021. Parents can sign up for one week at a time or all six weeks.

 Visit this site for more information and to register.

2021 Summer Camps for Students with Special Needs

summer camp

The FCPS Parent Resource Center has a helpful resource for finding summer activities for students with special needs. The list does not indicate recommendations or endorsements by Fairfax County Public Schools or the Parent Resource Center. Please contact the camps directly for fees and availability.

Summer Camp Programs

Fairfax County’s Neighborhood and Community Services offers several summer camp programs from June through August for students ranging from rising 1st graders to teens. Share the link below for registration and more information.

Registration Opens for 2021 NCS Summer Camps | Neighborhood and Community Services (

Other FCPS News

Coronavirus Devastating Cities Across India; Impact Felt by Indian-American Students and Families

As India experiences a most severe coronavirus crisis this week, the emotional turmoil of this situation is felt by Fairfax County Public Schools students, families, and employees with connections to the country. Many may be struggling to come to terms with the contrast of life in the U.S. where vaccination rates are increasing and virus rates are going down, with the reality of life for families in India where the coronavirus is surging. These articles from The Atlantic and the New York Times provide information on the crisis in India and how Indian Americans are coping. 

As an Indian American. I have spent time these last few weeks making calls and sending messages through WhatsApp trying to find out how my family is doing. I feel the worry of many of our families who may also have loved ones in India. My heart and thoughts are with my families and all the people in India.

As we all experience the ongoing global crisis, FCPS staff will continue to monitor the situation; providing supports and resources for anyone (students and staff) in need of them. 

Six School Counseling Programs Awarded 2021 RAMP Designation

Six Fairfax County Public Schools school counseling programs have been recognized by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) as model programs and were awarded the Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) designation for 2021 for successfully demonstrating how their comprehensive school counseling programs benefit all students. 

School counseling programs that received the RAMP designation are Fairfax High School, Glasgow Middle School, the middle school program at Lake Braddock Secondary School, Poe Middle School, Rocky Run Middle School, and Sandburg Middle School.

Learn more about the RAMP designation

FCPS Awarded for Outstanding Financial Reporting

Congratulations to Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), which received a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for its comprehensive annual financial report from the Association of School Business Officials International. FCPS was recognized for its financial reporting work for the fiscal year ending in June 2020.

The award reflects the school district’s commitment to transparency and high-quality financial reporting and affirms that its comprehensive annual financial report serves as a communications tool that helps build trust and engagement with the school community. 

Updates to Family Life Education Instructional Content Now Available for Public Review


Recommended Family Life Education (FLE) materials (media and lesson objectives) to support instruction are available for community review until Monday, June 7 at 4:30 pm.  Recommendations affect grades K, 1, 7, 8, 10, modified 1-6, and modified 7-12.

To comment on the recommendations, send comments to The comment period continues until 4:30 p.m. on Monday, June 7. All comments received during the comment period will be shared with Fairfax County School Board members prior to the vote on the recommendations scheduled to take place at the Board’s business meeting on Thursday, June 17.   

Details of the recommended materials are available online

Fairfax County Public Schools to Host Virtual Instructional Job Fair

Are you interested in becoming a teacher? Fairfax County Public Schools, the largest school system in Virginia, is searching for educators with a strong academic background and a passion to make a difference in the lives of students.  

Principals will meet and engage with candidates at the FCPS Virtual Instructional Job Fair on Monday, May 24, to fill vacancies for the 2021-22 school year. 

Community News

Emergency Broadband Benefit Available to Some Families


The Federal Communications Commission has launched a temporary program to help families and households struggling to afford Internet service during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Emergency Broadband Benefit provides a discount of up to $50 per month toward broadband service for eligible households. Eligible families can also receive a one-time discount of up to $100 to purchase a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet from participating providers. This is not an FCPS-funded program. It is a way for families to potentially access a more reliable hard-wired internet connection at a higher bandwidth than the “basic” packages provide.

Eligible households can enroll through a participating broadband provider or directly with the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) using an online or mail in application.

Learn about the benefit, including eligibility and enrollment information, by visiting, or by calling 833-511-0311.


League of Women Voters High School Voter Registration  

If you are born on or before November 2, 2003, and are a US citizen, you most likely can register now.  Find your high school’s link and learn more.

now hiring

Hiring for Summer Camps for Youths with Disabilities

Neighborhood & Community Services Therapeutic Recreation is now hiring to fill more than 100 positions for its six-week summer camp program for school aged youth with varying disabilities. Therapeutic Recreation is a virtual open hire & information session on May 18th for summer job seekers interested in working as a camp counselor or camp director.  Learn more.

parent resource center


ST Math: Help Children Love Math This Summer: A Webinar for K-6 Families

Every student has the potential to deeply understand, and truly love math. This belief helps ST Math become a powerful tool many students are using in FCPS. Students develop their math knowledge through challenging puzzles, non-routine problem solving, and informative feedback.

Join us for this important webinar to learn how families can use ST Math with their children to help them develop a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Discover how learning occurs in ST Math.
  • Support students working in the program from home.
  • Uncover how to view student progress.
  • Locate additional resources for ST Math use at home.

Presented by Jim deBerjeois, and Vivian Doughty, Professional Learning Specialists at MIND Research Unit.  *This webinar will NOT be recorded.

Monday, May 24, 2021, 10 - 10:45 a.m. & 6:30 - 7:15 p.m.

Monday June 7, 2021, 10 - 10:45 a.m. & 6:30 - 7:15 p.m.

Register for ST Math: Help Children Love Math This Summer: A Webinar for K-6 Families

summer concert

Fairfax County Summer Concert Series is BACK!!

Did you miss live music and outdoor entertainment?!? Fairfax County’s free summer concert series is back with free outdoor evening concerts, morning children’s shows and drive-in movies, starting July 7, 2021.

A complete listing of performances, dates and times will be posted by June 1.

Check out this link for more information

FCPS Students Work for Women’s Representation in FCPS Curriculum

WEAR Organization (Women for Education, Advocacy, & Rights) was founded in August of 2020 by FCPS student Prasidha Padmanabhan to fight for the rights, representation, and equality for women. Starting with a petition to increase the representation of women in FCPS curricula, Prasidha began WEAR’s student-led approach in the fight for gender equality in education, and the petition now has over 5000 signatures in support, and the organization is achieving real change! Prasidha Padmanabhan, and the rest of the current Executive Board members, Aashna Johri (sophomore), Becca Jeffries (sophomore), Vani Gupta (sophomore), Christal Wang (sophomore), Garv Jain (freshman), Sherry Yu (sophomore), and Shivani Kanjerla (freshman), are all FCPS students. WEAR collaborated with FCPS Social Studies staff to amend curriculums, and the executive board has created several lessons and learning experiences highlighting women in the civil war that will be used this year as a part of the 6th grade Civil War curriculum. Website: Contact:

Good News from around FCPS!

Each month, I will try to highlight some good news from each of FCPS’ five regions.

Region 1 - 47 Herndon High School Students Receive Buzzworthy Awards

Every April, Student Services solicits nominations for students who have demonstrated significant improvement this year in one or more aspects of the P.R.I.D.E. matrix – Participation, Respect, Integrity, Diligence, and Empathy.  This year, the students were recognized with a video presentation that includes special congratulatory messages from FCPS leadership and messages from the teachers or staff who nominated each student. 

Region 2 - Holmes Middle School National Junior Honor Society Students Cards for Hospitalized Kids

holmes ms

Holmes Middle School National Junior Honor Society students have created 83 kind and thoughtful cards for hospitalized kids! This is about half of them --they wouldn’t all fit on the table! Cards for Hospitalized Kids is an internationally recognized charity that spreads hope and joy through handmade cards. CFHK distributes in hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses across the nation. NJHS chapters across FCPS have been searching for pandemic-safe service learning projects such as this one. It’s a great way for students to demonstrate caring for others—an IB Learner profile trait. 

Region 3 - Whitman Middle School Science Teacher Selected as Outstanding Woman Educator by Delta Kappa Gamma


The Beta Delta chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma (DKG) has selected Jessica Fish, a 7th grade Science teacher at Whitman Middle School, as an Outstanding Woman Educator of 2020-2021. DKG is an international society of women educators that promotes excellence in education, and professional and personal growth among teachers. DKG seeks to reward teachers who are motivated, adaptable and responsive to bring out the best in others.  Ms. Fish’s work has impacted her students’ and colleagues’ lives in a positive way.  She is praised by her assistant principal, Danielle Villanueva, for her love and passion for teaching as an art form, and Ms. Villanueva highlights the warm, welcoming, yet rigorous environment Ms. Fish provides.

Ms. Fish has been awarded a scholarship which will help to enhance her work in the classroom and/or support professional growth.

Region 4 - Lake Braddock Rifle Team Competes in Junior Olympics


Congratulations to the four Lake Braddock Bruin Rifle team members who competed in USA Shooting's Junior Olympics. Senior McKenzie Shedd and Junior Ryan Kim qualified for air rifle and smallbore rifle. Junior Victoria Leppert and Sophomore Clara Tranchemontagne will compete in air rifle.

Region 5 - Fairfax High School French Honor Society Food Drive Collects 800 Pounds of Food 

The “La Société honoraire de français” (French Honor Society) at Fairfax High collected 800 pounds of food for ‘Friendly Dudes Give Food’ and Western Fairfax Christian Ministries (WFCM) during a food drive that recently ended . The food was donated to Western Fairfax Christian Ministries, a local non-profit food pantry that helps over 400 families every month.

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