Langley AP Exam Attendance Policy

Langley AP Exam Attendance Policy

2021 AP Exams begin on Tuesday, May 4 and conclude on Friday, May 28. Some exams will be administered as paper, in-person exams whereas others will be taken digitally at home. The Langley AP Exam Attendance Policy for both formats is as follows for students scheduled to take an AP Exam.


While Monday has no scheduled classes, all students taking Monday AP Exams will be excused from 3rd period since that is the only period students are accounted for per county/state attendance policies.

Students are expected to attend all classes/class periods and are accountable for any/all assignments and assessments in those classes for which they are not excused by the above policy.

If you have questions about a specific AP Exam, please contact your student’s AP teacher.

If you have general questions about AP Exams/AP Programs, please contact AP Testing Coordinator Katie Robinson or AP Academic Coordinator Ryan Jackson

If you have questions about the AP Exam attendance policy, please contact Assistant Principal Jim Robertson

If you need to contact the Attendance Office for student absences not addressed by the above policy, please contact Nancy Schultz or 703-287-2727.

For the full Langley AP Exam Schedule, please visit