CES Weekly Update 4/23 - Last Day for Yearbook Orders


Principal's Message

We have had an amazing first week back with our in-person kids. Thank you for your continued support, we couldn't do this without you.

This week I enjoyed celebrations of the work we have done to open this year.  This is also Administrative Professionals Appreciation week and I personally want to extend my gratitude to our office team. Where would we be without Pat, Dave and Holley!!! Their flexibility and perseverance to support the work needed throughout the year was always met with a smile on their face and a can do attitude. Pat, Holley and Dave have been in person since August and helped navigate each hurdle and supported the needs of administration, parents, students and staff. The positivity, humor and love they bring to our school is unmatched. I am truly grateful for them each and every day. My sincerest gratitude for all you do!

Our picnic tables have been ordered for the back playground area and we are thankful to our PTA for supporting this purchase. Thank you to Geoff Inget our PTA treasurer for the hard work to move forward with this purchase and to Tammy Mehta for leading the charge in getting the put together. We had one smaller order come in last week and they are already together.  We have another order coming in on Wednesday or next week.  Chesterbrook will be the place to be! Parents will have a place to hang out when your children are doing their evening events on the field or during your visit to the playground on the weekend. 

Wishing you all a wonderful and restful weekend!


Stacy Kirkpatrick 


Last Chance Yearbook Order

Deadline to order is TODAY, Friday, 4/23  

Order your yearbook NOW!   Use Yearbook ID code 14270021

Contact Geoff Inget by email if you have questions. 

Student Registration for 2021-2022

Please register your child as soon as possible.  If you know of anyone in your community that needs to register or is coming back to Chesterbrook, share the link below.

New Student Registration Info & Form

Staffing has already begun!  It is extremely important to have accurate numbers, so we can staff for the correct number of teachers.

SOL Testing

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Across Virginia, students will be taking Standards of Learning (SOL) tests this spring. Federal and state education departments have decided not to cancel this year’s assessments.

The table below shows which content areas are assessed at each grade level within elementary schools and the dates they will be given to students that are IN PERSON four days a week at Chesterbrook unless you have been communicated with by Farris Thomas, the school test coordinator.

5/18/2021 Tues

Gr 5 Science

5/19/2021 Wed

Gr 6 Reading

5/20/2021 Thurs

Gr 4/5 Reading

5/21/2021 Fri

Gr 3 Reading

5/25/2021 Tues

Gr 4 Math

5/26/2021 Wed

Gr 5 Math

5/27/2021 Thurs

Gr 3 Math

5/28/2021 Fri

Gr 6 Math


Students who are 100% virtual will be asked to come in on Mondays for testing. Students will be in smaller classrooms based on grade level.

5/10/2021 Mon

Gr 5 Science

5/17/2021 Mon

Gr 3-6 Reading

5/24/2021 Mon

Gr 3-6 Math


Students will test starting at 9:30. Once a classroom has completed their test, regular instruction will resume for the day. SOLs are untimed tests so each classroom may look different on that testing date; however, we will provide a quiet, secured testing environment for all students.

Summer Quest Updates


We have now increased our cap on Summer Quest Camps to 12 students. What does this mean? If you are currently on a waiting list you will automatically receive an email to enroll in the camp if there is space. If you checked before and a camp was either on  waitlist or full, be sure to check back. We encourage you to wait list for anything you are interested in as there has been continual movement.

  • Baking Fun Week 3 will now be offered as a Concurrent Class. You can choose to be in-person or virtual!
  • Fun with Friends Week 4 will now be offered as an In-Person Camp!
  • Expanded Grade Levels for many classes.

The waitlist is the best way for you to get a chance at a spot for your child.

Attention 6th Grade Parents

Your child will need a Tdap booster and at least one meningitis vaccine to enter 7th grade.  Please email an updated immunization record to Dave Troskey at datroskey@fcps.edu.