FHES Urgent Update - 11/16/20

Return to School Paused

Dear Freedom Hill Families,

Per Dr. Brabrand's message to the community today, current health metrics have caused FCPS to "pause" return to school for Group 5, which was scheduled to begin tomorrow. Because of this, Kindergarten, Head Start, and intensive needs students will continue with virtual instruction this week. The return date is TBD at this time. 

Here are a few additional, important pieces of information:

  • All grade levels will return to our original daily schedule. Our new schedule will be paused until Group 5 returns. 
  • Kindergarten students whose teacher changed will continue with their new teacher tomorrow, 11/17. 
  • Groups 1-4 students (Ms. Witt's class, Ms. Winkler's class, and Ms. Qian/Mrs. Sakkas's Monday classes) will continue to come to school.
  • Preparation days for Grades 1 and 2 teachers will remain unchanged. Students will participate asynchronously today, 11/16, 11/20, and 11/23. 

As our area continues to see an increase in COVID-19 diagnoses, we encourage our families to take all precautions and to make safety a priority. By working together we can make our school community a safer place. We are thinking of everyone and hope to see you soon!

Dr. Z. 


Debido a las métricas de salud y la preocupación, los niños de Kindergarten y Head Start que regresaban mañana, están EN PAUSA. Los estudiantes no regresaran en persona al edificio de la escuela mañana. Todos los estudiantes de Freedom Hill continuaran con nuestro horario original del comienzo del año. No hay cambios. Nos comunicaremos con más información en los días próximos sobre el regreso a la escuela en persona de los niños de Kindergarten y Head Start.


Dr. Z.